Support a Friend of MONQ on American Idol!

American Idol

Who’s excited about American Idol? As a MONQ fan, we’ll give you another reason to watch—EDDIE ISLAND! Eddie, an Idol contestant, served as MONQ’s Community Manager before pursuing other adventures. In that role, he helped spread the word about MONQ’s amazing aromatherapy blends.

Eddie is not only an incredible musical talent, but he’s a happy and infectious person! We’re stoked you get to catch a glimpse of the presence that graced our office. Around the office, Eddie always had two drinks in hand, a fanny pack full of MONQ diffusers, and sported his eccentric wardrobe of brightly-colored Hawaiian and pizza shirts.

eddie with a monq

Eddie joined the team after meeting MONQ founder and CEO Eric Fishman, M.D. at a juice bar in his hometown of Nashville, where MONQ is headquartered. Fueling up after his bicycle ride, Eric noticed Eddie and was impressed by Eddie’s enthusiasm and spirit!

“I felt that his cheerfulness and upbeat energy would fit right into our MONQ environment, encouraging others to Feel The Way You Want with unique essential oil blends,” Eric said.

Check out Eddie’s Instagram, where he declares himself the “Unofficial Nashville Mayor” and join us in showing him some support as we follow his journey through American Idol!

By Meagan Imawaller

Megan is an advocate for the outdoors and loves finding natural solutions to any problem. She enjoys sharing the science behind essential oils and how they can improve the lives of those who use them.

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