Our Story, Mission & Vision

Can I start by saying thank you? Just by visiting the website and your interest in aromatherapy means we have something in common. My name is Dr. Eric Fishman and I started MONQ to bring you an easy way to enjoy your favorite essential oil blends. I have heard so many of your stories, which continue to inspire me every day… you love aromatherapy too, and want to take it with you.

Well, you can, with a specially designed, portable spill-proof diffuser, that gives you all the benefits without any mess. Fits easily into your purse, pocket, car, can be worn as an accessory, I could go on and on, but you get it, simple and fun to use! We call it a Desktop Diffuser that you Hold In Your Hand.

Photograph of MONQ founder and CEO, Dr. Fishman

I am a retired Orthopedic Surgeon who spent years helping people feel better. I wanted my next phase of life to be more relaxed and to do something fun that could help others. I know that stress can take a toll on you and wanted to do something about it. So MONQ was born and aromatherapy became portable simplified!

As a physician, I also want to make sure to guide you in the best way to experience MONQ. If you prefer a diffuser, I have shown many users how to gently take the mist into your mouth and directly out the nose (the diffuser does not touch your face directly) which allows for the blend to be experienced as a retro-nasal breath, without inhaling to the lungs. But what does that mean?

MONQ users do not inhale. Why? It works better that way! The air can directly stimulate your olfactory receptors using this method, allowing you to more quickly experience your chosen blend.

Here is an easy example to follow…

Instructions for how to use MONQ personal aromatherapy diffusers with the AirTip method

You do not have to place the diffuser in your mouth to receive the immediate benefits, allowing you to choose how to enjoy it best. Just two to three uses per day of experiencing your favorite blend can make all the difference!

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to live a better life. I hope that by choosing to experience MONQ I can help you do exactly that. Let me know about your thoughts, experiences, and feedback. I am here to help guide you on this journey and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Again, thank you!
Let’s enjoy aromatherapy together.

Eric Fishman, MD
Founder and CEO,

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