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Start selling
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MONQ is the pioneer of the personal aromatherapy industry and creator of the portable aromatherapy diffuser.

We combined the practice of ancient aromatherapy with modern technology and revolutionized the way our customers experience the benefits of aromatherapy. Now your customers can experience it too.

Join us on our mission to Make Healthy a Habit!

A Unique customer Offering

Are you the owner or manager of a shop, spa, boutique, or hotel? Are you the acquisition manager for a large distributor? Do your customers love incredible scents and aromatherapy? Then you need MONQ!

You Can Sell Retro Too
MONQ Retro

The first MONQ Inhaler is here! No Mist. No Batteries. No Buttons. Just awesome pocket aromatherapy.

Now found at travel and truck stops across the USA - just ask for it by name. Want to carry it at your retail store location? Apply below or call us direct at 629-200-9902.

Small Batch | Vegan | Cruelty-Free | Natural

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