Options for International Customers

MONQ loves all our customers whether Domestic or International! 

If you wish to purchase our products outside of the US, we encourage you to contact one of the following companies that distribute MONQ. They will be happy to assist you in obtaining our products.


Company Name: MONQ.Bulgaria
Located in: Bulgaria
URL: https://monq.bg
Email: info@monq.bg
Ships to: Bulgaria
CBD: Yes 

Company Name: SOMA Aromatherapy MONQ
Located in: Richmond Hill, ON
URL: https://mymonq.ca
Email: info@mymonq.ca
Ships to: Canada
CBD: No 

Company Name: Whiffcraft Naturals
Located in: Cobble Hill, BC
URL: https://whiffcraft.ca
Email: hello@whiffcraft.ca
Ships to: Canada
CBD: No 

Company Name: Henderson Distribution
Located in: Australia 
URL: https://monqau.com

Email: rhiannon.w.g.henderson@gmail.com
Ships to: Australia
CBD: No 


Company Name: MONQ Portugal
Located in: Portugal
URL: https://www.monq.ptes.com
Email: Leonor.cbos@gmail.com
Ships to: Portugal & Spain
CBD: No 


If you don't see your geography listed above, and you wish to buy or distribute our products internationally, please contact us via support@monq.com

Other Geographies coming soon...


Thank you for loving MONQ!


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