The Science Behind MONQ

MONQ blends the ancient and the modern—natural products with technology—to improve human lives and create a better you. Using natural botanicals and essential oils combined with novel devices for optimal delivery, MONQ has a blend and diffuser for everyone.
In MONQ’s proprietary, onsite lab, all products and blends are scientifically developed and tested to ensure safe, healthy, restorative products, every time.


Eric Fishman, MDDr. Eric Fishman

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Having practiced orthopedic surgery for years, Eric Fishman, MD wished to transition from helping people individually to helping many using natural remedies. To this end, he drew on his entrepreneurial expertise—including launching 12 separate ventures in healthcare and technology—to pursue his interest in the aromatherapy and natural health industries. Recognizing the emerging wellness market, Dr. Fishman embraced the opportunity to use these new technologies to conceptualize MONQ personal diffusers.



MONQ Science Team
The MONQ Science team is as naturally synergistic as our products. Together pharmacologists, botanists, aromatherapists, chemists, mechanical engineers, and clinicians deconstruct naturally occurring compounds to create unique blends designed to bring wellness to everyday life.

Our Process

MONQ’s process is thoughtful and methodical. We start with nature and science. We use proven methods, such as gas chromatography and mass spectrometry, to determine the exact physical and chemical profile of hundreds of essential oils and the plants they are derived from. Using that information, MONQ scientists map potential pairings. Then, the most viable and potent formulations are tested to create synergistic, powerful blends.



Our botanicals are ethically sourced from around the world. MONQ scientists have traveled the globe, meeting with tribal leaders, healers, clinicians, and scientists to find the purest botanicals in their native environments. We follow the plants from their source, through the distillation process, to our private lab, ensuring responsible and ethical sourcing from start to finish. All the while, we rely on ancient wisdom and modern technology to ensure we find unique and profound ingredients as the foundation for all MONQ products.




Essential Oil ProcessingMix

Building on quality ingredients, MONQ scientists create synergistic blends. In the MONQ lab, our scientists map the chemical and wellness profiles of each ingredient. Those ingredients are then meticulously paired to create blends, the properties of which synergistically combine to bring calm, wellness and peace to everyday life.






Essential Oil IngredientsMake

Once MONQ scientists precisely blend oils to create the perfect formulation, the blends are tested and paired with optimal delivery technology. Our engineering team seeks out the latest innovations as inspiration for new diffuser technology to create sustainable products to match the MONQ natural wellness lifestyle. After using our products, MONQ customers and study participants report experiencing changes to mood, decreased discomfort, enhanced meditation, and many other wellness benefits.


Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.