Feel NatureTM

3 blends inspired by beautiful places

Today we change aromatherapy, again. For years, we have been helping you Feel The Way You Want. Introducing a new paradigm, based on forest therapy.

An inter-relationship with plants has been central to our evolution and success as a species, so it’s no wonder that even a short break in nature can feel so renewing. When you absorb the atmosphere of a forest you dramatically improve your sense of well-being, and even when you can’t be in nature, MONQ lets you breathe the same air.

MONQ is aromatherapy for the modern age, and Feel Nature is our second Blend Series. Just breathe in through your mouth, exhale through your nose, and your choice of natural and organic plant essences make direct contact with the nerve endings that process scent. Your brain is more alert during exhalation than inhalation, which means your experience with MONQ is more powerful than traditional aromatherapy.

How do I use MONQ? How does MONQ work? Is MONQ Recyclable?

Forest Therapy At Your Fingertips

Cypress, Fir, Juniper, and Pine are inside every Feel Nature blend because these are the plants most directly responsible for the decreased stress, enhanced clarity, and optimistic outlook that come from a walk in the woods.

Recall Your Favorite Places

From this common foundation, each blend in this series is designed with plant essences that recall specific outdoor environments. Scent is our body’s strongest link to memory, so when you breathe in a fragrance, your brain matches it to a past experience. Go where you want.

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