Forest Bathing - Forest Therapy

From Green Canopies to Aromatherapy

For those familiar with MONQ, you're well aware of our admiration for the magical essence of terpenes. These naturally occurring aromatic compounds, found in many plants and trees, are the very heart of essential oils. In these tumultuous times, there's been an increasing interest in reconnecting with nature, seeking wellness, and understanding our environment's impact on overall well-being.

Excitingly, institutions like the Stanford University School of Medicine, along with several respected Japanese educational bodies, have embarked on research journeys exploring 'forest bathing'. This traditional practice, deeply rooted in immersing oneself in nature, has offered some fascinating insights into the potential wellness benefits of being surrounded by greenery.

While we champion the concept of forest bathing, we also recognize the constraints of modern life. There might be times when visiting a lush forest isn't feasible. And for those moments, MONQ desires to bring a touch of the forest's essence to you. Our carefully curated personal aromatherapy diffusers endeavor to encapsulate the beauty of terpenes, letting you experience a hint of nature's embrace from the comfort of your space. Embrace the journey of feeling and experiencing nature in every breath!

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