Apr 16, 2019Allergy

Explaining and Effectively Dealing with Spring Allergies

While spring might be something many look forward to, it also happens to be a time of year millions of allergy sufferers dread. While spring might be a beautiful season, it is also one of the worst times of the year for those that suffer from spring allergies. During spring, plants release pollen in abundance […]

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Apr 08, 2019Allergy

Tips for Fighting a Milk Allergy

Milk is one of the most common allergens for the entire population. While it is more prominent among certain cultures, it can impact anyone. A milk allergy is an allergy to dairy. When you have a milk allergy, your body has a direct negative response when it is exposed to milk. While it could be […]

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Jun 21, 2018Allergy

Best Essential Oils for Allergy Relief

Millions of people around the world suffer from allergies. Some suffer from seasonal allergies, while others have chronic allergies. Several essential oils have been studied for countless health benefits. Two of these, lavender and thyme, can be found in MONQ’s Happy personal essential oil diffuser. In this guide, we’ll be discussing natural remedies for allergy symptom […]

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