An Introduction to Aromatherapy, Astrology, and How They Work Together

aromatherapy and astrology how they work together

Astrology and aromatherapy share more in common than most people may believe. They are both strongly influenced by scientific and spiritual beliefs. There are some who choose to focus only on one of those aspects or the other, but a lot can be learned by acknowledging both sides of the coin. Both astrology and aromatherapy can have a significant impact on mood, the mind, choices, and health.

You needn’t be an expert in either field to understand how they affect you and how to best use their influence on day-to-day life. A basic understanding of both individual concepts as well as how they can work together is a great place to start.

astrology and aromatherapy

Introduction to Astrology

At its very core, astrology is the study of celestial bodies, their movements, and their positions relative to one another. It is said that the movements and positions of these celestial bodies influence a number of events on Earth. In particular, they influence specific moments in time. One such moment in time is birth, which is why astrology is often viewed in a personal scope.1

When speaking of astrology, most people immediately think of their horoscope. Most of us are familiar with our zodiac signs and may read horoscopes that predict our future relationship choices or financial success. That zodiac sign is determined by the position of various celestial bodies at that moment in time that was our birth.

Each person has a birth chart that captures the moment in time of their birth. The chart includes the relative position of various planets, stars, constellations, and other celestial bodies. Important information required to create a birth chart include place of birth, date of birth, and the exact time of birth.

This chart determines a person’s zodiac sign among other things. At the moment of a person’s birth, the sun will be passing through a specific zodiac sign. That is the sign that is most commonly referred to as a person’s zodiac personality, though it is more specifically their “sun sign.” The sign where the moon was at birth is known as a person’s “moon sign” and it more closely represents their emotional personality and mood.

There are other signs that can be determined using the chart that reflect different aspects of personality. For example, the rising sign is the zodiac sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon at birth. It is said to represent spontaneous actions.

All of these symbols combined can provide a snapshot of how a person will behave in life. They can also help you understand yourself in new ways. Certain combinations of signs are more prone to struggles with anxiety or stress. These signs by no way dictate your actions, but by understanding them, you can begin to understand why you feel certain ways or why you feel compelled to make certain choices.

What is most interesting is that certain traits stemming from these signs can be boosted or suppressed through the use of aromatherapy. A combination of signs that results in increased stress can benefit from essential oils that reduce stress, while signs that promote leadership can benefit from an energizing oil. The are many possible combinations that can be used to achieve a variety of different goals, but for this, it’s important to have a basic understanding of aromatherapy.

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Introduction to Aromatherapy

The sense of smell is the only sense that is directly connected to the limbic system, which is the part of the brain that controls emotions and memories. Because of this, scents can have a significant impact on how we feel and behave. They can also stir up dormant memories that may also influence emotions and choices.2

The connection between the olfactory bulb and the limbic system can be used to produce specific results. The outcome is further influenced by the bonding of terpenes in the oils to receptors in the body. Combining these two processes makes up the basis of aromatherapy, the act of using essential oils to heal the mind and body.

The list of potential benefits associated with essential oils grows each year. There are more than 100 known terpenes, but how each one affects humans is still not fully understood. We do know that they are produced by plants to promote long-term survival. For example, they may repel predators or attract pollinators.

Certain essential oils have been studied extensively for hundreds of years. It is known that when those oils are inhaled, they can bypass the blood-brain barrier and directly stimulate specific neurotransmitters. That stimulation can lead to increased energy levels, reduced stress, or any number of additional effects. They can also kill viruses, fungi, and bacteria along the way.

In most cases, aromatherapy involves a specific combination of oils and potentially carrier oils like almond, coconut, or jojoba oil. The exact combinations of those oils depend on the desired outcome. For example, chamomile and lavender essential oil are both known to alleviate stress and improve sleep quality.


Blending Aromatherapy and Astrology

As mentioned previously, various aspects of a person’s emotional nature, personality, mood, and even physical health can be affected by the zodiac signs on their birth chart. For example, a person born with the Taurus sun sign is likely to be slow acting and dislike change.

Because of this, a Taurus who is undergoing a certain change in their life may experience increased anxiety and stress. Thus, it is beneficial for them to have blends of essential oils that can combat these symptoms.

Many experts believe that a person’s sun sign also increases the risk of certain physical ailments. A Taurus is likely to experience joint and muscle stiffness, an Aries is more prone to serious headaches, and a Leo is more likely to experience back pain. Once again, certain essential oils are perfectly suited for combating these symptoms as they arise.

In the case of the Taurus, eucalyptus essential oil can be used to cool the muscles and reduce inflammation. Rosemary oil, ylang-ylang oil, and sweet orange essential oils can all be used to reduce stress and anxiety while also providing a subtle boost of energy.


Of course, not every Taurus is going to suffer from muscle pains and not every Aries is going to experience headaches. The key to successfully using aromatherapy and astrology to improve your life is knowing what to expect but also adapting as you learn more about yourself. That will require learning more about your birth chart as well as the effects of essential oils.

Once you have learned more regarding about zodiac signs and essential oils, you can build a collection of oils for your aromatherapy treatments. These should be oils and blends that will help combat symptoms or boost strengths associated with your sign. And, in time, as you learn more about yourself, your energy, and how astrology affects you personally, you can add more specific oils and blends to that collection.

Your birth chart will not be able to tell you exactly what oils are best for you, but it will provide you with a great place to start. From there, it’s up to you to explore the art and science of aromatherapy and astrology.

Krista Burton

By Krista Burton

Krista is an aromatherapy enthusiast who enjoys writing and researching about all the new aromatherapy trends. When she’s not busy writing and researching you can find her dreaming about being on the beach.

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