MONQ Accessories Replacement Battery - MONQ R
 Replacement Battery - MONQ R
 Replacement Battery - MONQ R

Replacement Battery - MONQ R

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Replacement battery for MONQ R

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Everyone’s experienced that feeling of pure love. Maybe it was when you were nestled on your mother’s lap, wrapped in your father’s arms, or held in the loving embrace of your significant other. There’s nothing like the feeling of love, and Love MONQ is designed to bring you all the luxurious warmth of those moments while giving your self-confidence a boost. Love yourself. Breathe Love.
Love is purposefully simple with just four ingredients: cacao, peppermint, sweet orange, and vanilla. Together, they create a perfect synergy that makes all of your senses smolder. We all know cacao as a rich ingredient with many nutritive benefits when ingested. But, in aromatherapy, its main role is to invoke nostalgia with a sense of comfort and ease—perfect to cradle you as you fall in love. Peppermint helps sharpen the mind and invigorate the senses. It also helps us feel fresh, giving us the confidence to snuggle closer to the ones we love. Sweet orange is perfect for helping manage the butterflies of passion. Vanilla is a luxurious essential oil, also used to evoke nostalgia and feelings of comfort and warmth. Its thermogenic properties are pleasant, ensuring each breath of Love is felt throughout your full body.

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