MONQ Original Diffusers Cozy Original Diffuser
MONQ Original Diffusers Cozy Original Diffuser
 Cozy Original Diffuser  Cozy Original Diffuser
 Cozy Original Diffuser  Cozy Original Diffuser

Cozy Original Diffuser

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Wrap yourself in the comfort of nostalgia when you use this blend filled with the wonderful aroma of vanilla chai.


  • Key ingredients: Cardamon, Cinnamon, Vanilla
  • 100% Pure Essential Oils
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Use the AirTip for maximized experience

    Cardamom | Cinnamon | Vanilla

    Anise, Cacao, Copaiba, Fennel, Ginger, Holy Basil (Tulsi), Orange, Spearmint, Turmeric, Organic USP Glycerin

    “I was attracted to the cinnamon and vanilla in the COZY blend, and I was not at all disappointed. It smells amazing, and also gives off a lot of vapor as well so it smell like a candle and can fill a room with its aroma just like one! One of my favorites, if not my favorite one yet” -Vladamir A.

    Primary Ingredients


    Description: Cardamom is a well-loved and trusted botanical. The essential oil has a bright, spicy-sweet, clean aroma. It plays well in natural perfumery.
    Scientific Name: Elettaria cardamomum
    Extraction Method: steam-distilled

    Cinnamon leaf

    Description: The essential oil from the leaf of the cinnamon plant has a more gentle disposition than that of the bark.
    Scientific Name: Cinnamomum Verum
    Extraction Method: steam-distilled


    Description: Vanilla is a wonderfully familiar scent to almost everyone and is a popular choice for spa-like environments and luxury applications.
    Scientific Name: Vanilla Planifolia
    Extraction Method: CO2

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