Can I Pair Up Aromatherapy Blends To Help With The Paleo Diet?


Can I Pair Up Aromatherapy Blends To Help With The Paleo Diet?

Sticking to the Paleo diet is much like sticking to any other diet or significant lifestyle change. Not only is it difficult at the very beginning, but you are likely to face various speed bumps along the way. Luckily, the Paleo diet offers a distinct advantage over other diets in that it tends to leave those that adhere to it much fuller than other diets. However, that doesn't mean that sticking to it is easy.

In fact, you might deal with various cravings and struggles along the way. This is especially true at the beginning stages where you are likely to experience carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms due to the changes in the way your body produces energy. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways that you can leverage aromatherapy blends in order to help ease your transition to the Paleo diet and how you can regularly use it to boost other aspects of the diet as well.

How Can You Use Aromatherapy To Help Stick To The Diet?

Improve Digestion

One of the main things that you are likely to experience when you make the transition to the Paleo diet is slight issues with digestion. Because you are likely going to be completely changing the kind and the amount of food that you consume, your body is going to have to effectively transition to working with the food you are providing it.

Typically, you will be getting far more protein and healthy fats than you were getting previously in your diet. Because of this, your digestive system is likely going to experience issues with the transition which can cause you to suffer from initial short-term constipation.

By utilizing peppermint oil via aromatherapy, you should be able to help your body effectively digest the increased fat intake. Along with helping you with overall digestion, it can help to reduce symptoms of bloating.

Increase Energy Levels

Another big thing that you will want to focus on when you are just getting started on the Paleo Diet would be maintaining proper energy levels to sustain you throughout each day. Once you begin any sort of low-carb diet, like the Paleo diet, you will experience what is known as the keto or low-carb flu. 1 

Because you will be experiencing feelings of drained-energy in the early stages as discussed here, you will want to try to find natural "boosts" that you can use to minimize feelings of tiredness. There are various essential oils that can be used via aromatherapy to help provide you with boosts of energy, including peppermint oil, lemon oil, and more.

Different Essential Oils That Can Be Used With Aromatherapy as "Paleo Air" to Improve Your Success With the Paleo Diet


If you are someone who experiences stress, you might be tempted to give in to cravings due to emotional eating. Bergamot is an effective essential oil that you can use to alleviate stress. Along with this, it can help to curb any emotional eating that you might have been otherwise tempted into due to stress.


Grapefruit is another effective essential oil that you can utilize in your routine in order to help boost the success rate of your Paleo diet implementation. This particular essential oil is capable of boosting your mood. 


Peppermint oil is one of the most well-researched essential oils that you can consider adding into your aromatherapy routine. It also happens to come with some of the greatest benefits. Studies have not only showed that peppermint is capable of reducing fatigue induced by exercise in rats but it has also been shown to help boost metabolism as well. 34



Lemon oil is another excellent addition to your natural essential oil regimen. Not only will it help to boost your mood, but it can help to provide you with more energy to work with at the start of the day. Along with its ability to help energize you and provide you with a mood boost, it can help to reduce the time needed for your muscles to recover from strenuous workouts. If you are pairing your Paleo dieting with the proper exercise, it can be a very effective essential oil to add to your routine to boost your overall health and wellness.

Final Thoughts

Overall, making the transition to the Paleo diet can be difficult for anyone. Finding different essential oils that you can use via aromatherapy is a great way to increase your chances of succeeding with the Paleo diet.

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