Zen Monk & Zen MONQ

How Are Zen MONQ and a Zen MONK Related?
Read On to Find Out!

Zen monk. You’ve heard the phrase thousands of times. It brings to mind a certain, well, dichotomy between serenity and clarity. Tranquility and mindfulness. Concentration. Contradiction. Presence.

One of the tenets would be to single-task, rather than multitask. When you are reading this article, only read this article. When you’re done reading you go on to your next task, and concentrate exclusively on that.

A simple lifestyle, a clear sense of purpose, an imperturbability that is rarely seen in the general population is associated with Zen masters.

Is this an aspiration of yours?

If so, possibly migrating the phrase Zen Monk to Zen MONQ can greatly facilitate your path to serenity, peace, mindfulness, and concentration.

Zen implies meditation, and Zen diffuser implies serenity, clarity of purpose, relaxation and a substantial lowering of stress levels for many people who use in a Zen Essential Oil Diffuser.


Meditation is a basic aspect of Zen. Meditation, the slowing of the mind. Lowering your concentration on the average 60,000 thoughts that go through your mind daily and having to experience more of an empty mind.

This meditation can be accompanied by observation of the breath and observation of the mind. In each of these instances, there is an almost effortless movement towards stillness.

Zen diffusers, an eclectic blend of a variety of natural herbs, spices, and other ingredients, provide for just that stillness.

For millennia frankincense has been used in religious ceremonies, in part because of its spiritual properties. It has been a staple ingredient in incense in Christian churches, and it continues to be utilized in yoga studios worldwide on a daily basis. Frankincense is a meaningful component of Zen diffusers, and with its multi-thousand-year history of spirituality, this is easily understood.

Observation of the Breath

When yogis express the concept of observation of the breath, or concentration on the breath, they do not commonly think of concentrating on the components of what is being breathed in, but rather concentrating on the in-breath and the out-breath. However, thinking about the relaxation provided by the various ingredients of Zen diffusers can accompany the concentration on the breath.

As the fragrant aromatic compounds found within Zen diffuser pass by the olfactory system in the bridge of the nose, they activate the limbic system or the emotional center of the brain, and this too may lead to relaxation.

Observation of the Mind

Zen practitioners utilize observation of the breath in order to help them observe the mind. The relaxation and spiritual awakening associated with Frankincense, in particular, allows, and in fact encourages a peaceful and relaxed observation of the mind.

The Koan of using Zen MONQ to approach Zen monk

Okay - so you’re going to start meditating. You want complete purity of body and spirit. And yet, here you are breathing from a modern device that heats up a liquid to help you ‘zen out.’ Taking the Zen diffuser air into your mouth, and then breathing it out your nose will bring the aromatic compounds by the olfactory bulb, giving you the desired effects. Interestingly, some call our product a MONQ Bar. Not sure why, and if you figure it out, maybe you'll allow us all to meditate on that!

And there you have it, the internal inconsistency inherent in Zen. Please enjoy Zen MONQ.

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