Improving Your Lifestyle

The daily routine for most people tends to be overloaded with tasks, chores, and very little time and energy remaining for caring for self and overall wellness. Many individuals struggle to find a balance that allows for optimal time for being compassionate toward self and living a balanced lifestyle. However, if you’d like to become more balanced despite these obstacles, the good news is that there are many ways to boost your day-to-day wellness.

Lifestyle is all about sleep, making conscious food decisions, taking breaks to move throughout the day, meditating, caring for self, and interacting with others. To find balance in life, try taking a moment to create a routine for yourself. Think about what your priorities are and how much energy and time you plan to give to each. You may try scheduling in time for meditation each day, or setting up a weekly phone call with a trusted friend to meet social needs. Find what is important to you and incorporate more of it in your life.  

Enhance your lifestyle by also creating goals for yourself. Resolutions don’t always have to occur when a new year begins. Take a moment to reflect on what you would like to change about your lifestyle and what you want to remain the same. Are there habits you want to break? New habits you want to form? After evaluating what you want your lifestyle to look like, write down the goals that you want to accomplish, short-term or long-term, and see what steps you can take to achieve them. 

Consider adding aromatherapy into your daily routine, whether topically after dilution with a carrier oil or aromatically in a room diffuser or rechargeable personal aromatherapy diffusers like Zen or Happy MONQ as a way to help enhance your lifestyle. Essential oils such as lemon, orange, peppermint, or rosemary can be great additions to your daily routine or favorite activities. If you want to add more aromatherapy into your lifestyle, try adding in new scents that you haven’t tried before!