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MONQ Announces Freedom From Inflation!
 MONQ Announces Freedom From Inflation!

We Have Big News To Share

Read on to learn that while other companies nationwide are raising prices, we are announcing a company-wide lowering of the retail price of all of our essential oil / aromatherapy products!

MONQ opened its doors in July 2014, and that feels like an eternity ago. Over the last 8 years our country has had three different presidents, a pandemic, and significant disruptions to supply chains which inevitably altered the course of many businesses, many of which had to close their doors. 

Like so many other small businesses, MONQ had to learn how to be flexible, lean, and re-analyze some of the business tools and relationships that we took for granted. On a positive note, it strengthened our resolve to keep going and showed us how to be more efficient too. Today MONQ is even stronger than before the pandemic, and that is in part because you, our customer, stood by us and kept believing in the product.

During the Pandemic, MONQ ran into a rather common problem. In 2021 and 2022, we ran out of inventory and to make up for that we ordered more … ordered more … ordered more, and then suddenly we were significantly overstocked.  To the tune of millions of dollars of inventory.  That is a lot for a small locally owned business such as MONQ.

Therefore in the spring and summer of 2022, for the first time in MONQ’s history, we have been having an extensive Inventory Reduction Sale, offering 50% off all of our products. Well, you know what - it worked, and we sold a tremendous number of MONQ Original Diffusers, as well as our more recent MONQ R Rechargeable Diffusers.

During this Inventory Reduction period it became apparent to us that you still love MONQ Aromatherapy, and that inflation has made it more difficult for many to purchase the wellness products that have become an important daily part of their lives. We all need the ability to improve our quality of life, keeping a positive outlook. With this in mind we took a closer look at how we, as a company offering such products, could help make a difference. 

Here’s how MONQ is able to make personal aromatherapy more accessible to everyone: 

  • We decided to only focus on our most-loved and top-selling blends and retire the rest.  Favorite Blends that are being continued include; Zen, Ocean, Focus, Sleepy, Happy, Cozy, Fresh, Love, Peace, Relieve and Sexy. Others will be steeply discounted until sold out.

  • We lowered our advertising spend on places like Facebook and Google Ads.  Yes, you will still find us there, but now we will focus our resources on providing you with the best products (as we always have) the best customer service (as we always have) and word of mouth advertising.

  • We reevaluated and renegotiated our commitments with our suppliers and manufacturers while also enhancing our inventory structure, so you can directly benefit from the best prices possible.  

  • We streamlined the MONQ R purchasing experience. Now you may purchase the Mix & Match MONQ R, and choose 3 of the same Blend POD or mix it up. This makes it easier for you to choose what you want in an easy to order fashion.

  • We have significantly reduced international sales of our products.  We are dedicating our time and sales to US based consumers. This frees up both employee and financial resources while allowing us to channel that energy into making sure we can provide the best aromatherapy products to as many customers as possible in the United States. 

  • Finally, we are cutting back on content creation for social media. Now, more than ever, it is important that you share your experiences with MONQ. There is no better advertising than word of mouth from happy customers. We encourage you to take new images and videos, showing all the ways you enjoy MONQ, and share your stories about how it helps you. Everyday we are grateful to see the amazing messages and reviews we get about the profound ways in which MONQ has helped so many. By just simply sharing your experience on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, others can potentially benefit too. We all know that MONQ is not an FDA approved product, and yet if you can tell the world how it has helped you with your wellness lifestyle, that would be greatly appreciated!

So, what does this mean to you, our customer? We are passing our savings along to you, effective immediately!

When first released in 2014, a single MONQ Original Diffuser was $20.  Today they are available at lower prices.  And that is before any discounts or other promotions that we may occasionally offer.  There are similar price reductions for all other MONQ Essential Oil products as well, as you will see on our product pages.

MONQ is committed to making aromatherapy easy for everyone. As leaders in this industry, we humbly believe that we offer the highest quality, most innovative solution. And now, we are thrilled to be able to deepen that commitment by passing our hard-earned savings along to you, our customer, our fan, so that you don’t have to sacrifice feeling good over spending your hard earned dollars.

Looking forward to many more years of helping you.

Stay safe & be well,

Eric Fishman, MD,
Founder and President, MONQ

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