Experience the Essence of Nature with MONQ’s Breathing Methods

Discover the MONQ Way

Embark on an aromatic journey with MONQ by choosing a breathing method that aligns with your comfort and preferences. Whether you select the innovative Retro Nasal Inhalation or the simplified AirTip method, MONQ is here to elevate your wellness journey through personalized aromatherapy.

1. Retro Nasal Inhalation: A Natural Palette of Scents

The Retro Nasal method maximizes the benefits of essential oil aromatherapy by focusing on the mouth-to-nose breathing pathway, safeguarding your lungs and optimizing scent perception. This method is rooted in evolutionary biology, safeguarding the lungs while emphasizing the subtle, sophisticated notes of MONQ’s blends through retro-nasal olfaction.

  • How to Use: Breathe in gently through the mouth, savor the mist, and exhale through the nose, immersing your olfactory senses in a rich tapestry of aroma without involving the lungs.

2. AirTip Method: A Social, Stigma-Free Experience

For those cautious of the stigma commonly attached to using a device such as a traditional vape, the AirTip method emerges as a subtle alternative. It’s a sociable and discreet way to indulge in the beauty of MONQ’s fragrances without mimicking vaping.

  • How to Use: Employing a handheld device (AirTip) or a tabletop version (AirTip Plus), simply squeeze to release a puff of fragrant mist, enveloping you in a cloud of aromatic bliss without needing to draw it directly into the mouth.

Choosing Your MONQ Experience

  • For the Savorers: If you're keen on intimately experiencing and distinguishing the subtle notes in each blend, Retro Nasal Inhalation offers a direct and nuanced experience.

  • For the Social Spirits: If you're sharing your wellness journey with others, or prefer a more understated method, the AirTip allows you to enjoy aromatherapy without directly interacting with the device.

In both pathways, MONQ aims to ensure that the delightful aromas and therapeutic properties of the essential oils are fully realized, all while prioritizing your comfort and lifestyle. Embrace your wellness journey with the breathing method that resonates with you, and let MONQ be your guide through nature’s essence.

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