Experience Terpenes During Forest Bathing

A Major Component of Forest Bathing is
Breathing In Terpenes!

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You may not have ever heard of terpenes, but your ancestors breathed in thousands of them every day in their native environments. Now, as more than half of the population lives in urban rather than rural areas, these natural fragrances are absent from our lives. As a result, our state of wellness suffers.

Luckily, restoring our natural vitality may not require complicated intervention, but can be pleasant and gratifying. MONQ lets you experience these natural compounds wherever you are.

Nature Helps You Feel Good

In 1982 the Japanese Forest Service described the act of 'forest bathing ', in which participants reap massive health benefits by visiting the forest with no objective other than ‘to be.' Those immersed in nature exhibited lower levels of the stress.

Bathing in the forest engages all 5 senses, and they collectively lead to the benefits above. Included in these 5 senses is the sense of smell and because it is so intimately tied to the limbic system, the brain's center of emotion, it plays an important part in this relaxation.

For eons, people have lived in terpene-rich environments, and as a result, we are simply more acclimated to such environments. The trouble is that these terpenes, central to our evolution, do not exist in abundance within cities. So when we say you evolved to breathe plants, we mean that your body is used to breathing in an environment in which the secondary metabolites of plants, such as terpenes, are in the air.

MONQ and Terpenes

MONQ is a personal aromatherapy diffuser that contains natural plant extracts, which have an amazing variety of terpenes inside them. In just a few breaths you can supplement many of the terpenes that you may have been missing.

Each blend has a dozen whole plant ingredients, collectively arranged to inspire specific effects. The most important three ingredients are listed on the label and provide the primary basis for the blend’s name. 

Terpenes are very powerful even in dilute forms, and you can start the terpene replacement process with just a few whiffs from a MONQ Diffusers, using the AirTip, a few times a day.


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