MONQ Reinvents

MONQ Reinvents



People love MONQ’s Personal, Portable aromatherapy diffusers, and 35,000 five-star testimonials are proof.

MONQ was created to improve people’s lives so they could choose to make “Healthy A Habit.” Many of our loyal customers keep coming back month after month, year after year to replenish their favorite blend or try new ones.

 People love MONQ’s Personal, Portable aromatherapy diffusers, and 35,000 five-star testimonials are proof.

How to enjoy personalized aromatherapy

It’s simple.


what is the airtip method?

There are two AirTip methods for you to enjoy:

AirTip and AirTip Plus


The AirTip Standard Method uses a portable, hand-held device that provides a small puff of air directly from the diffuser. As the crystal lights up, the mist is expelled from the tip allowing you to enjoy Therapeutic Air® as you breathe it in.

By just smelling the fragrance you are gaining the benefit of the many terpenes that are found in all MONQ blends.


In the AirTip Plus Method, our table top device, automatically pushes the air for you, allowing you to be able to expel a much more substantial amount of mist.

In using the AirTip Plus Method, you can more easily share the experience with those around you in both indoor or outdoor environments.

Did you know there is more
than one way to breathe?

There are two different ways you can breathe:
orthonasal olfaction & retronasal olfaction.

Orthonasal olfaction is how you normally breathe; through your nose.
Retronasal olfaction is when you breathe in your mouth and out your nose.

Q: which way should you breathe in aromatherapy?

A: Retronasal Olfaction

There are some meaningfully complicated theoretical advantages of using retronasal olfaction when using aromatherapy.

Basically, when you smell a flower, you use orthonasal olfaction, and that is how you are used to smelling fragrances. However, when you are eating food, the odor of the food enters your mouth and goes up to the nose and out.

There are very different pathways used to interpret the fragrance when that fragrance is presented to you in a retronasal fashion.

The quantity of fragrance molecules that are experienced using the AirTip Method is

designed to be the perfect amount for your individual use, and when breathed gently in the nose and out the nose it is a perfectly acceptable method of experiencing aromatherapy.

We continue to encourage you not to inhale into the lungs, as this is merely wasteful of the precious terpene molecules, which are better enjoyed when passing them over your olfactory bulb in your nasal passage.

If you are using the AirTip Plus Method, it will produce substantially more mist than the standard AirTip Method and is better for use in larger spaces. This is great when experienced utilizing retronasal olfaction.

Why not inhale aromatherapy into your lungs?

In short, it’s a waste and less effective.

Forest bathing, which can be loosely defined as a pleasant walk in the forest, exposes individuals to a wide variety of terpenes. Research has demonstrated that stress is alleviated, blood pressure falls and individuals experience a sense of well-being. Much of this benefit has been attributed to the many terpenes released into the air by the plants in the forest. Additional research has shown that inhaling terpenes is beneficial and yet the most effective and efficient way to experience the benefits of terpene-based aromatherapy, is to optimize the impact on the sensory neurons in the olfactory bulb. You can also enjoy the Forest Bathing experience, wherever you are, by breathing in MONQ products using either AirTip method.

Most of the beneficial health effects of MONQ diffusers come from the terpenes that make up the essential oils. There have been hundreds of scientific studies about the beneficial effects of terpenes, and terpenes have been identified as an important factor regarding the improvement of qualia associated with Forest Bathing.


Qualia is what it is like to be you and how you
personally perceive and experience the world.

For all of us, our own sense of qualia has been most recently dramatically affected, in the years 2020 and 2021 due to the far-reaching effects of the pandemic. There has been a systematic diminution of sensitivity on many people, that is multifactorial and related to the dramatic disruption of our normal daily activities, including the basic act of interacting with family, friends, and colleagues. We have become systematically dulled to the outside world.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a method of returning to a much more normal set of experiences and feeling better about your daily activities and inner well-being?

Well, with MONQ aromatherapy, you can.

Many people are unaware that MONQ is
an acronym that stands for:


We believe that with the use of MONQ products, the way you experience the world through your own senses, your qualia, can be improved by using our blends in your daily life.

We further believe that the health benefits of terpenes that are brought across the olfactory bulb, with each breath you take, can bring you into a better state of mind.

By choosing the most appropriate blend for the moment, you can Feel the Way You Want® by breathing a custom formulation filled with a rich terpene profile that can alter and improve your feelings and state of being.


With MONQ diffusers you can get in-state by
using essential oils and the AirTip methods.

Just squeezing the AirTip and breathing your
preferred blend for the occasion, will allow you
to be ready for almost anything.


By using the AirTip with your MONQ device you will be experiencing a personalized quantity of aromatherapy. We believe that this is an advantage. This is, essentially, microdosing terpenes, a large group of compounds found in all essential oils, and we are of the opinion that people who tend not to notice subtleties, will increase their sensitivities, and already sensitive people will immediately notice the beneficial effects of a wider range of experiences.

When using MONQ diffusers you will notice two things immediately.

  1. There is a very small and yet pleasant puff of air at the bridge of your nose witha pleasant fragrance from the essential oil blend.
  2. You may also notice an immediate change in your demeanor.

This is why we say that you will modify your natural qualia. And, for those who do not notice this immediately, it commonly occurs within a few minutes.

We recommend using 2-3 brisk squeezes for each breath, 2-3 breaths in sequence, between 2-3 times per day. When using this method we estimate that each of your MONQ diffusers will last two months.


and enjoy Aromatherapy Anywhere.
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Each pack includes an AirTip.

MONQ is here to help you make “Healthy A Habit.” We have many blends to choose from and offer various products for you to enjoy. Thank you for making MONQ a part of your wellness plan and healthy lifestyle.