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Dogs Too.

MONQ is Pet Friendly, Vegan & Cruelty Free

Did you know that MONQ is...

Pet Friendly | Vegan | Never Tested on Animals!

MONQ has always been cruelty-free and believes that to provide a wellness product that is good for you, it also needs to be good for the environment and the animals around us. Our pets are a key part of our lives and we want to protect them. Feel confident knowing that MONQ Diffusers are both cruelty free and can help you live a better life! Try our top-selling Sleepy, Zen, Ocean, Happy or Focus Blends or one of the many new blends to choose from below! Now you can enjoy Aromatherapy Anywhere!

Sleepy MONQ Diffuser
Bergamot | Chamomile | Lavender Price $30.00
Zen MONQ Diffuser
Frankincense | Orange | Ylang-ylang Price $30.00
Peace MONQ Diffuser
Frankincense | Rosemary | Yellow mandarin Price $30.00
Happy MONQ Diffuser
Fennel | Thyme | Vanilla Price $30.00
Focus MONQ Diffuser
Coffee | Ginger | Rosemary Price $30.00
Ocean MONQ Diffuser
Eucalyptus | Lime | Tangerine Price $30.00
Love MONQ Diffuser
Cacao | Peppermint | Vanilla Price $30.00
Cozy MONQ Diffuser
Cardamom | Cinnamon leaf | Vanilla Price $30.00
Relieve MONQ Diffuser
Chamomile | Copaiba | Ginger Price $30.00
Sexy MONQ Diffuser
Cinnamon leaf | Jasmine | Patchouli Price $30.00

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