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Your Environment: Could it be Contributing To Your Stress?

You eat right, you don’t smoke cigarettes, you get good exercise and enough sleep. You work hard and do your best to keep away from people with bad energy. Maybe you meditate, do yoga, or engage in some other favorite hobby to clear your mind.

So, as a result, your body and mind are in constant equilibrium...right? Well, maybe not. The above is an ideal, a lifestyle that most of us strive for, but we all know that some days just call for eating junk and binge-watching your favorite TV show. Don't fret about these "cheat days"; they likely won't be your downfall unless they occur more frequently than the healthy days. In reality, there are many other forces at play.

Chronic stress is an affliction that is becoming more and more common with the pressures of the time we live in. It would be impossible to try to list all the causes because they can vary so much from one individual to another, but there are definitely some that are more common: a lingering illness, shaky finances, family problems, and social frustration.

You may be familiar with one or more of these stressors, but have you ever thought that your environment could also be causing your body stress? As it turns out, the problem may be in the air you breathe.

guy using Mountain Electric Diffuser golden wheat Queenstown New Zealand Paleo Air ® : The Air You Evolved to Breathe

You've probably heard of the Paleo diet, which is named after the foods that our ancestors ate during the Paleolithic period (the most recent 2.5 million years of evolution). Just as adults enjoy eating foods similar to those they grew up with, the entire human race thrives in an environment that emulates as closely as possible the one in which they evolved. In the same vein, our ancestors breathed the air that from forests, jungles and savannas. And that air was full of a myriad of plant fragrances and compounds called terpenes. We now call this Paleo Air ® .

MONQ® has touted, for quite some time, the benefits of what we have called the Paleo Respiratory Diet, in which you breathe air similar to that of our ancestors. Today, the air you breathe is quite different from that which your ancestors enjoyed. Of course, pollution plays a role here. But what about all the elements that are now absent from the air?

Many different terpenes exist, such as limonene, pinene, beta-caryophyllene, and linalool. While their names may sound complicated, they’re actually quite fundamental to our life as humans because way back in our history, they were all around us. In addition, research now shows that some of these compounds are in fact powerful anxiolytics, meaning they relieve tension. So with more than half of the US population living in cities, it’s no wonder we’re all stressed out! These plants and the natural compounds within them are nowhere to be found in the concrete jungle.

Our bodies, ideally, are in a state of homeostasis, or equilibrium. This is a "home base" and every time something disturbs our balance, our bodies will react to re-establish homeostasis. However, imbalance causes stress - physical and psychological, and the more often this occurs, the more tension we find ourselves feeling.

Personal Terpene Replacement

MONQ Therapeutic Air ® is designed to replace many of the terpenes that modern humans are missing. Our personal aromatherapy diffusers are filled with natural essential oils and each of the ten blends contains a combination of three primary oils specifically created to evoke certain moods or states of being. The science of essential oils goes back thousands of years, and these diffusers are a unique way to use aromatherapy because nothing else can deliver plants and their terpenes to you this individually, anywhere, and at any time.

When it comes to stress relief we recommend, Zen which contains the following main ingredients:

Frankincense helps with visualization. In meditation practices, it allows for a deepening of the breath, increased spiritual awareness, and a restored sense of peace.

Orange uplifts your spirits, providing for a crisp yet peaceful calm.
Ylang-Ylang is a sweet and fruity floral oil that relaxes the heart rate and removes fear from the mind.

Zen is our most popular blend, and it won't take much time reading reviews to find out why. If stress relief is not your biggest priority or you're also looking for a boost of energy, confidence, or wellness, you can read about all ten MONQ blends and their different benefits here .

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