Simplify Your Garage


Is your garage so cluttered that squeezing your car in feels like a feat of acrobatics? If so, these clutter-busting ideas could help you get your garage organized. After all, your car is likely the second-most valuable investment you'll make in your life, so why leave it outside when you have a garage to keep it safe and secure?

Starting Your Clear-Out

If your garage is overflowing with stuff, setting aside some time to sort through it is essential. Your garage organization project might take a day or two, so ensure you have ample time. Consider running a garage sale as motivation to sort through everything, including those unopened boxes piled up in the corner.

Getting Started

Sort your stuff into three heaps: one for things to sell, one for things you want to keep, and one for things to sell or give away. Dispose of anything broken, damaged, or past its use-by date. Be cautious with batteries and cleaning fluids; you may need to dispose of these properly. Sentimental items you no longer use may be tough to part with, but if you haven't touched them in two years, consider letting them go. Take a photo as a keepsake and give them away to find a new home.

Move Items Wisely

Consider relocating items like paint, propane, and chemicals from your garage, as temperature fluctuations and dampness could damage them. The same goes for paper goods like plates or books, which could get damaged by dampness and attract pests. Bring food, including pet food, inside, and if possible, move your refrigerator indoors. Fridges in garages can be energy drains because they don't function effectively in unconditioned spaces.

Creative Storage Solutions

Get inventive with your storage solutions. Mount a board to the wall for hanging tools, and use racks for storing bikes and scooters to keep them out of the way. For petrol-powered devices like lawnmowers or chainsaws, keep them away from your car and make sure frequently used items are easily accessible. Consider using stackable plastic bins and clear glass jars for storing small items. For safety, keep power tools or chemicals in sealed containers within a lockable cabinet, especially if you have pets or children.

Clean and Simple Garage

Enhance your garage's appeal by painting the walls white and installing plenty of overhead lighting to make the space feel more expansive. Keep the floor clean and well-swept, and use activated charcoal to absorb any moisture or damp smells. While your garage may not smell as delightful as a MONQ Love blend, it can be more pleasant with activated charcoal and odor eaters to absorb dampness. Aim for a clean, dust-free environment to prevent mold and use scents like spruce and sandalwood to make the space more enjoyable.

Stop Using Your Garage as a Dumping Ground

Once your garage is organized, make an effort to keep it that way. Resist the urge to use it as storage for unwanted items and get into the habit of decluttering regularly. If something holds sentimental value but you're not ready to part with it, consider paying for storage or letting it go altogether. Prioritize space for your car, making your evenings more enjoyable without the hassle of navigating through clutter.

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