Breathing Pure: MONQ’s Commitment to a Nicotine-Free Lifestyle

MONQ, a pioneer in the wellness industry, revolutionized personal aromatherapy by ensuring our products are entirely nicotine-free, allowing users to experience holistic well-being without the influence of harmful substances.

The basis of our commitment to a nicotine-free lifestyle lies in our reverence for ancient practices fused with modern technology, resulting in unique, scientifically-backed blends. Our assortment of nicotine-free personal aromatherapy diffusers (sometimes referred to, inaccurately in our opinion, as "Vapes") is formulated with organic, high-quality essential oils, aimed at promoting tranquility, clarity, and balance.

Our devotion to transparency and quality is paramount, with each product meticulously crafted to guarantee purity, potency, and safety. The range of available blends and customizable options enriches the user experience, letting individuals delve deeper into their wellness journey, free from the worry of nicotine exposure.

MONQ’s mission is to cultivate a harmonious relationship between wellness and nature by incorporating eco-conscious practices and sustainability in all facets of our operations. So, breathe pure, and immerse yourself in a world where wellness and purity coexist and no nicotine is present.

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Cozy MONQ Diffuser
Cardamom | Cinnamon leaf | Vanilla Price $30.00
Focus MONQ Diffuser
Coffee | Ginger | Rosemary Price $30.00
Happy MONQ Diffuser
Fennel | Thyme | Vanilla Price $30.00
Love MONQ Diffuser
Cacao | Peppermint | Vanilla Price $30.00
Ocean MONQ Diffuser
Eucalyptus | Lime | Tangerine Price $30.00
Peace MONQ Diffuser
Frankincense | Rosemary | Yellow mandarin Price $30.00
Relieve MONQ Diffuser
Chamomile | Copaiba | Ginger Price $30.00
Sexy MONQ Diffuser
Cinnamon leaf | Jasmine | Patchouli Price $30.00
Sleepy MONQ Diffuser
Bergamot | Chamomile | Lavender Price $30.00
Zen MONQ Diffuser
Frankincense | Orange | Ylang-ylang Price $30.00

The above information relates to studies of specific individual essential oil ingredients, some of which are used in the essential oil blends for various MONQ diffusers. Please note, however, that while individual ingredients may have been shown to exhibit certain independent effects when used alone, the specific blends of ingredients contained in MONQ diffusers have not been tested. No specific claims are being made that use of any MONQ diffusers will lead to any of the effects discussed above. Additionally, please note that MONQ diffusers have not been reviewed or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. MONQ diffusers are not intended to be used in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, prevention, or treatment of any disease or medical condition. If you have a health condition or concern, please consult a physician or your alternative health care provider prior to using MONQ diffusers. MONQ blends should not be inhaled into the lungs. Why? It works better that way.