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Scented Serenity: Real Reviews

Step into a world where scent is more than just fragrance—it's an invitation to experience life in its fullest hues. In this illuminating blog post, we open the doors to a symphony of customer reviews, each a testament to the magic of MONQ. From the first inhale to the lingering afterglow, journey alongside our community as they share the moments of tranquility, inspiration, and empowerment sparked by our signature blends. These are not just testimonials; they're windows into a world where every breath is a chance to reconnect with the essence of self. Join us as we celebrate the voices that make MONQ more than just a product—it's a lifestyle.

"MONQ is exactly what I hoped for, and MORE."

"I have no regrets. I purchased all seven varieties and being a woman of many moods, I get regular use out of all of them. You only need a couple of very light puffs to get maximum benefits. If you wish to take more than a couple of light puffs at one sitting I do recommend waiting a couple of minutes to let the vape cool down.  This will also cause your vape to not last as long. I received my order around a month ago and have not run out of many varieties. My favorite blend is ZEN MONQ, and I feel the most effects from the SLEEPY MONQ. I take a couple of deep light breathes from SLEEPY MONQ in through my mouth and out through my nose before bed. It is the perfect sober way to unwind after a long day and ensure a solid night of sleep. Then I wake up wide-eyed and bushy-tailed the next morning.
Thank you MONQ for making products to support a healthy and mindful lifestyle!"—Asia C.

"Great way to boost your meditative time!"

"I love to use during my downtime or to give my spirits a little kick. The aromatherapy really does come through but I do believe it works best when done purposefully and with intent. Be present with the feeling and the smells and it will be a great addition in your day. My favorites so far are zen, vibrant, and sexy."—Brittany H. Any 7 Blends

"I'm in love"

"Monq provides a healthy, mindful start to my day. Depending on my schedule and mood, I can use just the right blend to set me off in the best direction. It encourages me to be mindful, in tune with my body and I absolutely feel the benefits of the oils. I LOVE Monq!"—Dusty D. Any 7 Blends

"Great product"

"Received the 7 blends of MONQ and was eager to try them out. I feel like they pack a pretty great punch for how small the are! I use them before I meditate, rock climb, and occasionally in the car on long drives. They relax me and the combinations of oils are perfect for each blend. Purchased all 7 to get my favorites and I really love them all! Recommend them to all my friends and share them bountifully."—stephanie t. Any 7 Blends

"All 7 Blends"

"So far I'm loving my MONQs. It took just over a week to arrive which I think was reasonable considering the trip through 5 states and Canadian customs. It's easy to use and I love the taste and smell especially, Zen, Vibrant, Sexy and Happy. I've started using Zen before I meditate and Vibrant and Happy help wake me up in the morning, Sexy is a favorite blend and I like it to help with nicotine cravings because I enjoy the taste. Healthy and Active I use during a full, tiring day. The only one I'm not in love with is Sleepy because it is to bitter for me so I just use Zen or Sexy before bed. I'm looking forward to trying new blends and excited to hear the company will be coming out with a refillable rechargeable product."—C W. Any 7 Blends


"I have been trying to meditate more often and MONQ is helping me focus on my breath and relax"—Diane H. Any 4 Blends

"Great Item"

"I love this but I do believe that you have to be in the mindset as well for this to work. For example: if you buy the zen Monq you can't expect it to just make you zen by simply just using it, you also have to put your mind in a mindful and peaceful place; they work best when paired with what your doing with your mind. :) I highly recommend this product!"—Brandilyn S. Any 4 Blends


"The four-pack with Happy, healthy, Zen, and Active are amazing! I wasn't sure if I would like the combinations but the breath isn't as strong as the Stick itself; which is nice! Being a quitting smoker I have to be mindful to stick to just 2-3 breaths 1-2 times a day and not to inhale! I suggest that you take the time to practice just holding your breath and blowing it out your nose without actually inhaling a few times before you try them :)
Love, love, and love!"—Honey L. Any 4 Blends

"MONQ - a tranquil new take on mindful breathing"

"When I stumbled upon an advertisement for monq, and after further research into the product, I was so impressed with everything monq is about. So I had to try it.
So far my favorite is the Vibrant diffuser. I love the taste, it's very refreshing and after a mindful breathe in and breathe out, I find myself feeling a little calmer. There is no harsh smoky feeling, it feels good being all-natural oils.
It also feels very personal, the way the end lights up as your taking a breath plus I can take it with me anywhere, which is reassuring for when I'm out and feeling a little anxious or overwhelmed, I know I've got my monq with me."—Emily G. Any 4 Blends

"Love It! Feelin Happy!"

"I can't pretend to be any sort of authority on the physical merits of these products, but dang, when I puff on my Happy diffuser, I certainly feel a slight sense of relaxation and euphoria. It is both meditative and satisfying."—Nick C. Happy

"Meditate and Breath"

"Though I don't noticeably feel "happier" I do feel lighter, more relaxed, and clear-headed after using Happy. Its probably part forced the breath, but I also tend to take time to meditate at the same time. Plus I just feel super cool using it. I would highly recommend for meditation sessions, and just when you need a minute to yourself to calm down. I bought mine a few months ago and it is still going strong, so definitely worth it for me. A little personal self-care. :)"—Emily A. Happy

"Try This One!!!"

"I have tried every monq except the three new ones and this is my favorite so far! I thought I wasn't going to like this one as much as the mountain and forest so I decided to try this one first. (Sort of save the best for the last type of thing) But I was definitely wrong, this one is amazing! It really gives you the feeling as if you are standing right in front of the ocean. Especially if you close your eyes and actually take it in or if you use it before meditating. I would definitely recommend to others!"—MamamiaDestinia Ocean

"Get Monq, you won't regret it!"

"I recently purchased 4 of the Monq diffuser blends: Zen, Vibrant, Sleepy, and Ocean-based only off of the oils in them that I thought I might like. I LOVE the Ocean blend, and the Sleepy blend works great! It really does put me in a mindful state, ready for sleep."—Lindsy H. Ocean

"Ocean is the perfect title..."

"Ocean is great!!! Every time I breathe it in I feel I'm at sea meditating!!!"—Nadia B. Ocean

"Vacation in a breath"

"Small mindfulness break during the day. Reset and reboot or take a mini trip to the ocean or forest. I love these."—Apryl R. Ocean

"The best things in life are the mindful breaths I take"

"This product is beautiful! Each inhale brings mindfulness into a whole other level. The ocean blend is an extraordinary experience. Thank you to the makers for making this life-changing product!"—Brittany P. Ocean


"This product is literally amazing and it's so relaxing. I'll take 2-3 puffs whenever I'm meditating and if I get stressed while studying. It helps so much and I love the combination of scents."—Kajsa H. Ocean

"Love at first breath"

"I'm positively mad about my Sexy MONQ. It's so delicately sweet and it puts me in just such a pretty place, mentally. I have a hectic schedule, and I don't always get a chance to meditate or enjoy time to myself. But one quick sip on my (so far) favorite MONQ and I can turn the world off for just a few seconds, and that, my friends, is just enough! It's like a mini-meditation in an exhale.

Additionally, for those of you who suffer from chronic lung disorders like myself, I have had absolutely ZERO problems with my MONQ irritating my lungs or my throat. Such a blessing."—Bonnie J. Sexy


"This is an amazing product. It helps get me in the right headspace when I am healing or meditating. No complaints"—Bridgette M. Sexy


"I have never been one to just drift off to sleep despite having used aromatherapy for years. MONQ combines the science of aromatherapy with deep breathing to result in an almost meditative state. I had no problems falling asleep with Sleepy MONQ. I highly recommend it!"—Sarah R. Sleepy

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The above information relates to studies of specific individual essential oil ingredients, some of which are used in the essential oil blends for various MONQ diffusers. Please note, however, that while individual ingredients may have been shown to exhibit certain independent effects when used alone, the specific blends of ingredients contained in MONQ diffusers have not been tested. No specific claims are being made that use of any MONQ diffusers will lead to any of the effects discussed above. Additionally, please note that MONQ diffusers have not been reviewed or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. MONQ diffusers are not intended to be used in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, prevention, or treatment of any disease or medical condition. If you have a health condition or concern, please consult a physician or your alternative health care provider prior to using MONQ diffusers. MONQ blends should not be inhaled into the lungs. Why? It works better that way.