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Repel Mosquitos Naturally with Essential Oils

Summer Feast

As the balmy embrace of spring gives way to the sizzle of summer, our minds wander to open-air barbecues and starry nights. But as you marinate your favorite cuts and set the table alfresco, mosquitoes see an invitation to their own feast! Delightfully, nature offers aromatic answers to keep these uninvited guests at bay. Dive into the world of essential oils for a mosquito-free summer soirée.

A Brief Buzz on Mosquitos

Traditionally associated with tropical climes, these little buzzers are becoming more familiar even in parts of the U.S. Beyond their irritating bites, mosquitos have been linked to transmitting certain diseases.

Why Not Just Use DEET?

The quick grab for most is a DEET-packed repellent. A study from 2017 in the Journal of Insect Science found that sprays with DEET did a commendable job of repelling mosquitos. But sometimes, the store shelves run empty or people seek natural alternatives. That's where essential oils come into the spotlight, offering a fragrant shield against these flying foes.

Nature’s Aromatic Defenders

  • Citronella Essential Oil: Hailing from the Cymbopogon species, this oil is no stranger to the repellent scene. The terpenes—citronellol, citronellal, and geraniol—are the magic ingredients believed to deter mosquitos. Some also use diluted citronella for post-bite relief.

  • Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil: With a zesty aroma, this oil is popular among the outdoor crowd. The CDC notes that a specific formulation of this oil, OLE, has mosquito-repelling potential. Yet, many nature enthusiasts swear by the essential oil itself. 

  • Lavender Essential Oil: Not just a sleep enhancer, lavender moonlights as a mosquito repellent, allowing you to drift into slumber without the buzz.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil: Want a minty barrier against mosquitos without a garden full of mint? Peppermint oil, derived from Mentha piperita, is your aromatic answer.

  • Sweet Basil Essential Oil: Beyond being a pasta's best friend, basil's aromatic oil is believed to be off-putting to mosquitos.

  • Catnip Essential Oil: It drives cats wild and apparently drives mosquitos away! A 2005 study even suggested it could repel mosquitos more effectively than DEET.

  • Tea Tree Essential Oil: Beyond its famed antiseptic properties, tea tree oil might double as a mosquito repellent. Plus, it’s a go-to for soothing those itchy bites.

  • Clary Sage Essential Oil: With its flowery scent, clary sage isn't just for relaxation. Some believe it’s a deterrent for mosquitos.

Craft Your Own Mosquito Shield

If crafting is your forte, consider making your own repellents. Use dark glass containers to store your concoctions. Mix and match essential oils to create your perfect aroma armor against mosquitos.

  • Spray: Blend one cup of liquid comprising vodka, witch hazel, and water in a glass container. Add up to 100 drops of your chosen essential oils.

  • Ointment: Over regulated heat, melt beeswax with coconut oil. Once slightly cooled, introduce 10 to 30 drops of essential oil per quarter cup. Store this soothing balm in the refrigerator.

  • Diffuser: Create an ambiance while repelling mosquitos. Add your chosen essential oil drops to a diffuser and enjoy a mosquito-free zone.

In Conclusion

Summer nights should be for stargazing, laughter, and making memories. Essential oils can help ensure that the only things buzzing are conversations, not mosquitos. So, this summer, let nature's fragrances be your aromatic armor against those pesky pests!

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