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Halloween: A Season of Film, Fantasy, and Fragrance

Halloween offers a chance for creativity and transformation. Both young and old don cloaks of their favorite characters, revel in spine-chilling stories, and indulge in the sweet allure of candy. Halloween might wear a slightly different mask this year, but its spirit remains untouched. We're here to embrace that spirit with a twist.

Let's embark on a journey through classic Halloween films and match them with our uniquely crafted aroma blends. Ready for a sensory fusion of scent and cinema? Here's our list:

Corpse Bride and Forest Blend
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride is a magical tale of love and understanding. The Forest blend, with hints of spruce, fir, and sandalwood, complements the film's mystical charm.

Coraline and Happy Blend
Dive into Coraline's enchanting yet eerie world with our Happy blend. Let fennel, thyme, and vanilla uplift your spirits, mirroring Coraline's resilience.

Beetlejuice and Relieve Blend
Beetlejuice showcases the unexpected side of the afterlife. Our Relieve blend, combining ginger, helichrysum, and spikenard, offers a comforting embrace amidst the Maitlands’ quirky challenges.

Edward Scissorhands and Love Blend
Edward Scissorhands, a story of acceptance and self-discovery, finds its aromatic match in our Love blend, which melds cacao, davana, and siam wood into a heartwarming experience.

Scooby-Doo and Ocean Blend
The Mystery Gang's iconic escapades mesh beautifully with our Ocean blend. Let eucalyptus, lime, and tangerine propel you into a world of sleuthing and fun.

Hocus Pocus and Cozy Blend
Who doesn't adore Hocus Pocus on a chilly night? Partner this classic with our Cozy blend, which evokes memories of vanilla chai using cardamom, cinnamon, and vanilla.

The Addam’s Family and Sexy Blend
The enigmatic Addams family, particularly Morticia and Gomez, aligns with our Sexy blend. Experience the allure of jasmine, lime, and patchouli as you enjoy this timeless film.

The Nightmare Before Christmas and Sleepy Blend
Unwind with Jack and Sally, accompanied by our Sleepy blend, exuding the tranquillity of chamomile, bergamot, and lavender.

Casper and Zen Blend
Relish the sweet adventures of Casper and Kat while surrounded by the calming scents of frankincense, sweet orange, and ylang-ylang from our Zen blend.

In Conclusion
Halloween is an immersion into the world of fantasy, and our blends can enhance that experience. Whether you're revisiting a beloved movie or exploring a new scent, we wish you a spooktacular journey!

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Zen MONQ Diffuser
Frankincense | Orange | Ylang-ylang Price $30.00

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