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Frankincense: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Benefits

From ancient Egyptian rituals to your personal essential oil diffuser, frankincense has been cherished for over 5,000 years. Known for its use in religious ceremonies and traditional Eastern medicine, frankincense essential oil, or olibunam, comes from the resin of Boswellia trees, primarily Boswellia sacra. This versatile oil is popular for its rich scent and significant nootropic benefits.

The Nootropic Power of Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil is gaining attention for its potential to promote a calm mood, enhance well-being, and support learning and memory, largely due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


The warm, soothing aroma of frankincense essential oil may calm the mind and alleviate mental stressors. This stress-reducing property has been recognized in Eastern traditional medicine for thousands of years.

Mood and Well-Being

Negative emotions and mood troubles affect many people. Enhancing mood often involves boosting serotonin, a neurotransmitter linked to positive emotions. Some essential oils, including frankincense, are believed to increase serotonin release. One clinical study found that a blend of Boswellia and other essential oils improved mood and alleviated stress. While more research is needed, frankincense’s historical use in religious ceremonies might be tied to its potential mood-enhancing effects.


Discomfort can significantly impact quality of life, sleep, and overall performance. Frankincense has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a potential way to relieve discomfort, particularly from inflammatory conditions. 

Memory and Learning

Research suggests that frankincense essential oil may enhance memory and learning abilities. Multiple studies have linked frankincense to improved short-term and long-term memory. In one clinical trial, Boswellia capsules improved visuospatial memory in patients with multiple sclerosis, indicating potential benefits for vision and memory.


With its long history of use in religious ceremonies and traditional medicine, it's no surprise that frankincense essential oil offers numerous physical and cognitive benefits. These attributes make it a valuable nootropic worth adding to your daily routine. 

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