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Elevate Every Fall Moment with Seasonal Blends

The crisp embrace of autumn brings a mosaic of vibrant colors, cozy sweaters, and memorable experiences shared with loved ones. As the leaves turn and the air gets cooler, we're beckoned outdoors to indulge in the season's pleasures— from fireside chats to pumpkin patch visits. Enhance your autumnal moments with aromatherapy blends, each uniquely crafted to elevate specific moments of your fall adventures. Dive into five exquisite blends that complement the season's spirit.

Whispering Woods

Imagine a serene evening around a bonfire, surrounded by nature and loved ones, with stories being spun as the crackling flames dance. MONQ Forest blend, reminiscent of nature's serenity, comprises Douglas Fir, Frankincense, and Pinyon Pine. Let it transport you into the heart of a dense forest.

Joyful Orchard

Recall the thrill of apple picking or hunting for the perfect pumpkin. MONQ Happy blend, with a heart of Fennel, Thyme, and Vanilla, captures this spirit. With a hint of Vanilla's uplifting notes, making these cherished autumn outings even more delightful.


Autumn is a season of closeness, of bundling up with someone special under a blanket of stars. The Love blend, rich with Cacao, Peppermint, and Vanilla, sparks adds to feelings of genuine connection and warmth. Let it envelop you with its gentle, comforting aroma.

Twilight Dreams

On those tranquil autumn nights, as you embark on evening strolls or unwind after a bustling day, reach out for MONQ Sleepy. With its synergy of Chamomile, Bergamot, and Lavender, this blend is like a gentle lullaby for your senses.

Autumn Calm

The spookiness of fall, with its haunted houses and thrilling Halloween tales, can be exhilarating. But if the excitement gets too much, MONQ Zen, featuring Frankincense, Sweet Orange, and Ylang Ylang, is there to ground you. It's a reminder that even amidst the eerie tales, there's a calm center to retreat to.

Dive into the magic of autumn, letting these blends enrich every moment. Whether you're cuddling close, seeking solace in nature, or embracing the season's spooky side, there's a blend crafted just for you. And for those who adore the quintessential aroma of the season, don't miss our Pumpkin Spice blend available in the shop— the perfect aromatic companion to complete your fall experience.

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