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Behind the Blend: Pumpkin Spice

Unveiled in October of 2018, our Pumpkin Spice blend is more than just a delightful aroma—it's an evocative journey into the heart of fall. The brainchild of our passionate team at the MONQ Lab, this blend was inspired by the warm, fuzzy feelings that come with reminiscing about fond memories—a feeling often described as nostalgia.

With the guiding expertise of our lead Aromatherapist, our mission was clear yet challenging: recreate the quintessential fall treat using only essential oils. For many, Pumpkin Spice conjures up sweet images of creamy lattes or sugary treats. Our task? To capture this essence without the literal use of sugar, cream, or caramel. The trick lay in understanding how different essential oils can harmoniously meld to evoke that distinct, sought-after flavor.

Our journey began in the kitchen, researching recipes that encapsulated the autumnal spirit. There, we identified a consistent set of spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice, and clove. To infuse a touch of sweetness and richness, vanilla was a natural choice. We even dabbled with coffee bean essential oil—a fresh entrant in the aromatherapy world then—to lend a hint of smoky depth to the blend.

We recognized the perennial presence of these spices in fall-themed products. Historically, they weren't just used for their flavors but also for their protective properties during colder months. They provided warmth and were believed to promote overall wellness. 

For Laura, one of our dedicated staff members and an ardent Pumpkin Spice aficionado, the blend is the embodiment of autumn. She says, "The scent wraps you up like a snug blanket, evoking feelings of sipping on a warm drink with a book in hand. It's a staple in our diffusers at the MONQ Hub during this season."

Did You Know? Before settling on "Pumpkin Spice", we almost christened the blend "Autumn". A close call, but after a staff-wide vote, Pumpkin Spice emerged as the top pick!

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