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Pimenta Officinalis

MethodSteam Distilled

While the aroma of allspice brings to mind autumn, winter baking and freshly pickled cucumbers because it is often used as a sweet pickling spice, allspice is perhaps best known for its use in jerk seasoning and other Caribbean cuisines, because the spice is indigenous to that region.



Cinnamomum zeylanicum

OriginSri Lanka
MethodSteam Distilled

Cinnamon essential oil is a highly versatile essential oil that can be used aromatically, topically, and even internally to treat a wide variety of health issues. Cinnamon essential oil can be used to help prevent infection, remedy digestive issues, support the respiratory system, ease the pain of sore muscles, and more.



Myristica fragrans

MethodSteam Distilled

The spice that embodies gatherings of family and friends, warmth, and holiday memories, nutmeg is a cherished ingredient within both culinary and aromatherapeutic repertoires. Nutmeg essential oil yields a rich, sweet, and stimulatory element to essential oil blends.

Pumpkin Spice also includes:

Anise, Black Pepper, Blood Orange, Cardamom, Cassia, Cinnamon Leaf, Coffee, Fenugreek, Ginger, Gingergrass, Peru balsam, Ravensara, Rosalina, Spikenard & Vanilla

Pumpkin Spice MONQ spans across the globe with essential oils from 5 continents.

The crisp autumn air is a welcome sight for pumpkin spice enthusiasts. Whether it’s a latte, cappuccino, or muffin, there’s nothing better than a whiff of pumpkin spice during these fall months. However, what’s the fascination for this beautiful mix of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and cloves? Why are people in love with this aromatic and heartwarming spice mix during the cooler months?

From the haunted houses to the trick-or-treating, there’s a charm to Halloween we remember for the rest of our lives. Our childhood is often filled in anticipation for October 31st and pumpkin spice is able to recreate this feeling better than anything else. The beautiful blend of spices creates an all-encompassing mix that’s truly special and close to the heart. We run to get our share of pumpkin spice to teleport back to those fun-filled autumn days.

Spice is renowned for having a warming impact on the body as it regulates temperature. By consuming pumpkin spice foods or beverages, we are able to create this feeling as the air around us becomes cooler.

The perfect option is to head to the nearest blanket and lay down with a book in hand. This warming feeling is what makes pumpkin spice such a hit among the masses!

Humans crave things that come and go.

Whether it’s Christmas morning, the first day of summer vacation, or an annual trip out to the cottage, we crave seasonal items. Anything that can be taken away creates a sense of need and desire that’s second to none.

By getting our pumpkin spice fix, we are able to grab hold of something that’s seasonal. It fills us with happiness and that’s what makes this spice mix special.

The gorgeous hues of autumn are only surpassed by the pumpkin spice beverage in your hand. Those breathtaking orange, brown, and white colors are heartwarming and beautiful. Everyone wants to get their hands on a pumpkin spice item when they take a look at the designs.

The first impression is endearing and sometimes mesmerizing!

Pumpkin spice is magical because we are able to create a personalized version of it.

Some prefer to get a fluffy pumpkin spice muffin, while others rush to their local Starbucks for the pumpkin spice latte. It is this selection of items, which draw people in and make it a personal experience as fall rolls around.

Being able to pick out your version of pumpkin spice is what draws people in.

The spicy, aromatic nature of pumpkin spice is exceptional and will make you jump with glee. If autumn had a scent, this would be it and that’s what our heart desires. We want to live in a bubble full of this aroma and pumpkin spice gives us a whiff of pleasure like nothing else can.

The aroma is almost intoxicating in how it fills a room and leaves one happier than before.

It’s time to take out those beautiful sweaters, you’ve been storing once the spring and summer months rolled around. Yes, toss out those t-shirts because it’s sweater weather and nothing screams fall like a good dose of pumpkin spice.

Anyone in love with sweaters is going to have a huge grin on their face as pumpkin spice foods hit the shelves.

Pumpkin spice is more than a toast to autumn.

Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or the gentle streams of snow, this is a season of anticipation like nothing else. It is the first step towards a beautiful time of the year and it all starts with something as simple as pumpkin spice!

We all love having a bit of fun and pumpkin spice provides its version of joy.

Some love the idea of going on a delightful walk through the local park as trees change color, while others nestle in a corner of their room as the fireplace crinkles in the background. Fun is a relative term but something about pumpkin spice makes it a part of the equation.

We love pumpkin spice for many reasons and one of them is being able to recreate summer delights. An iced cappuccino in the summer turns into a pumpkin spice cappuccino during the autumn. It lets us relive those beautiful delights with a hint of autumn, which is never a bad thing.

These are the reasons why we love pumpkin spice and feel it defines the autumn season better than anything else, which is why a MONQ Pumpkin Spice blend is the perfect, delicious addition to autumn.

pumpkin spice diffuser and fall decor

“The scents and flavors pumpkin spice made me think of all my favorite fall activities as a child, which is why I wanted to incorporate it into Therapeutic Air ®. Feeling nostalgic has a strong correlation to improving one’s mood and feeling more connected to the world. We believe that MONQ’s Pumpkin Spice blend will do just that.”


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MethodSteam Distilled

The spice that embodies gatherings of family and friends, warmth, and holiday memories, nutmeg is a cherished ingredient within both culinary and aromatherapeutic repertoires. Nutmeg essential oil yields a rich, sweet, and stimulatory element to essential oil blends.