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3 Reasons Why Your Room Diffuser Isn't Giving You What You Need

There are many ways in which people use aromatherapy. A few of the more popular methods are inhalation, topical application, and diffusion, such as via a room diffuser or a personal aromatherapy diffuser.

You’ve probably seen many varieties of room diffusers on the market, and there are many companies that sell bottled essential oils. This has become a very popular aromatherapy practice recently, but did you know it is not actually the most effective? Alternatively, try using a personal, portable diffuser like Forest , Happy , or Healthy MONQ.


There are three main disadvantages to diffusing essential oils throughout a room that could be limiting the benefits you get from aromatherapy. The first of these is due to the simple principle of dilution. The essential oils, when dropped into the water in a diffuser and spread throughout a large space, are extremely diluted. In addition, out of all the air in the room, you are only breathing in a small fraction. This means most of the (likely expensive) oil you drop into your diffuser is probably going to waste.


The second downside to diffusers is due to the way we breathe. In normal room air, we breathe into our lungs. However, there are no olfactory receptors (smelling cells) in our lungs. The essential oil molecules we are inhaling have to pass through our entire body before they can reach your head. The brain is where the aromatherapy compounds actually have their effect, so wouldn’t you want them to get there as quickly as possible?

Sensory Adaptation

The third disadvantage to your room diffuser has to do with the evolution of the human physiology and something called sensory adaptation. Evolutionarily, it is much more important for organisms to be able to detect changes in their environment than it is for them to observe static states. For example, a movement in the tall grass could mean there is a lion about to run at you. This immediate threat is more important to detect than a lion resting peacefully a mile away.

People detect changes not only kinetically, but also in light brightness, sound volume, touch pressure, and fragrance intensity. After you have experienced a new stimulus, your senses adapt to that level of the stimulus and adjust to that new baseline. You may even stop noticing the stimulus unless it changes again. This is what happens when you go “nose blind” to a smell. With a room diffuser, essential oil vapors are released at a constant level for an extended period of time. Your body adjusts fairly quickly; your nose essentially go “blind” to the aromatherapy molecules. This means you may stop getting their benefits after as little as a few minutes.

A Better Alternative: MONQ Diffusers

Are you questioning your use of a room diffuser yet? Don’t worry, they are still a reasonably effective aromatherapy tool, and are safer than other methods (like ingestion).

If you are, however, looking for a more efficient and effective way to use essential oils, MONQ® essential oil diffusers solve all of the above problems.


First, breathing from our diffusers allows you to get a high concentration of essential oil vapor so none of our ingredients go to waste. We take great pride in searching the globe for the best quality, sustainably grown organic and wildcrafted plant material available. Breathing with a diffuser makes sure that you get as much of our custom blended liquids as possible.

Finally, with our diffusers, you do not go “nose blind”. Before you use a MONQ diffuser you are breathing regular air, and when you do use the diffuser, you experience a short-term increase in fragrance. What you may not notice right away is that your brain is also experiencing a short-term boost of vaporized essential oils and the effects thereof. After repeated short bursts, you will likely start to notice the positive impact MONQ Therapeutic Air® can have on feelings. This is a much more effective method of aromatherapy delivery than prolonged, passive exposure.

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