Meet the Team

Our MONQ family is a group of ambitious, creative, fun, and extremely talented individuals who work hard to make aromatherapy products that are beneficial for your body and mind. Get to know them below!

  • Catlin H. Catlin H. Strategic Planning & Special Projects Executive
  • Josh E. Josh E. Chief Creative Officer
  • Julie H. Julie H. Director of Operations
  • Abigail O. Abigail O. Head of Marketing
  • Alicia S. Alicia S. Happiness Engineer
  • Angela S. Angela S. Retail and HE Manager
  • Avin K. Avin K. Director, Digital Development
  • Caroline B. Caroline B. Assistant Editor
  • Dyana P. Dyana P. Botanical Formulation & Writing
  • Emily M. Emily M. Director of Content Development
  • Evan M. Evan M. Happiness Engineer
  • Jesse W. Jesse W. Operations Manager & Front End Developer
  • Laura P. Laura P. Fulfillment Manager
  • Rea R. Rea R. Retail Specialist
  • Shelby K. Shelby K. Social Media Coordinator
  • Tina R. Tina R. Accounting Manager
  • Valerie L. Valerie L. Lead Fulfillment Associate


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