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How Do You Feel When You Walk In Nature?

Nashville, TN, April 5, 2016 – Inspired by Forest Therapy, Eric Fishman, MD created MONQ® Personal Diffusers to simulate the experience of breathing fresh forest air.

A Western-trained physician, Fishman learned about aromatherapy through yoga teacher training and now hopes to modernize the ancient tradition with Therapeutic Air®, MONQ’s custom formulas delivered elegantly through sleek pocket-sized diffusers.

MONQ works similarly to a traditional home diffuser, yet instead of living on a table-top, MONQ’s tiny devices fit in your pocket and go with you throughout the day. Further, instead of receiving essential oil blends ambiently through the room, MONQ users directly breathe organic plant mixtures into their mouth and out through their nose.

Fishman calls this “Personal Aromatherapy,” and when asked why we should directly breathe plants in the first place, he says that the closer the aroma gets to the olfactory bulb in the nose, the stronger the sensation and effects will be. Relating back to Forest Therapy, he notes that “The compounds you’re breathing in through MONQ are the same natural compounds you’re breathing in the forest. And doing so with MONQ is the most efficient method available, when outside of a natural environment.”

Scientific research, such as notable work by Japan’s Qing Li, shows that spending time in nature makes people feel happier and less stressed; and the sense of smell has been discretely identified as a primary factor in producing these effects. Fishman discusses a widespread nature deficiency, saying “It seems meaningful that the world’s migration to cities has co-occurred with record reports of anxiety.”

People indeed have heated aromatic compounds for thousands of years: First came fire, then the stovetop, then the bedside diffuser. Now, MONQ uses miniature diffusion to create the most convenient form of aromatherapy in the discipline’s long history. And many fans consider it a highly effective form as well. Seattle health coach Bridgette Doremus said “Happy MONQ is a fantastic mood booster. I take it around with me for an instant pick me up!”

Each of the seven MONQ blends inspires a different desirable state. Choose Zen, Vibrant, Active, Healthy, Sleepy, Sexy, or Happy; and breathe in an eclectic mix of spices, citrus, and florals associated with that feeling. Individual blends are $20, and all 7 come together for $119.

From the company’s start in July 2014, MONQ has emphasized elegance and portability. And the newly released MONQstyleTM necklace makes their modern aromatherapy even more stylish and convenient. Fishman said, “Why not bring wellness into more aspects of daily life? MONQ users can experience aromatherapy while commuting, working, exercising, and even while actually experiencing nature firsthand.”

Despite a surface resemblance to vaping, all MONQ diffusers are free of tobacco, nicotine, artificial flavors and chemicals. And in fact, MONQ’s most enthusiast fans are yogis and other health-conscious people critical of many lifestyle products. Christina Smith, a makeup artist in Los Angeles, said “Holistic healing & healthy living are so important to me, and MONQ is a part of my daily routine now.”

MONQ Personal Diffusers and MONQstyle necklaces are available now at Receive a complimentary diffuser when you send back 8 used ones to be recycled.

Visit for more information, including a safety endorsement by a world-renowned expert on essential oil safety. For news and exclusive content, follow @MyMONQ on Twitter and Instagram, and MONQ on Facebook.

Therapeutic Air Premieres at the
58th Annual GRAMMY Awards® Gift Bags

NASHVILLE, TN (February 04, 2016) – Presenters and Performers at the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards® will receive a lavish gift bag worth an estimated $25,000. Amongst the luxuries given to Adele, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, and others, one unique gift is MONQ® Therapeutic Air®, a portable forest of inhalable healthy plants.

Modeled after Forest Therapy (a meditative walk through nature known to help people relax), MONQ delivers fresh plant aromas to active urbanites whose environments lack these relaxing botanics. People who breathe fresh forest air are happier and more relaxed, and MONQ aspires to bring this experience, no matter the geographic. MONQ users breathe all natural flowers, citrus, and spices through a small personal inhaler. The result is reconnection with nature and healthy well-being.

This year’s GRAMMYs gift bags, presented by Distinctive Assets, include three MONQ blends: ZenMONQ (orange, frankincense, ylang-ylang); VibrantMONQ (lemon, ginger, spearmint); and HappyMONQ (vanilla, thyme, fennel). These all-natural blends inspire emotional states ranging from meditative to excited. Founder Eric Fishman, MD explains, “Just as different music inspires different emotions, MONQ is based on designing emotional states through different plant combinations. Feeling good can be completely healthy, and that’s what we’re looking to promote at theGRAMMYs this year.”

The GRAMMY Awards will be held on Monday, February 15, 2016, at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles and will be broadcast live on CBS at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. Fishman went on to say, “We’re thrilled to join the celebration this year with our gift to naturally calm the nerves for all the Presenters and Performers. Thank you for choosing us as the preferred form of aromatherapy!”

About MONQ

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, MONQ, LLC, is a recyclable, personal aromatherapy diffuser that is used to directly breathe organic plants. Available in seven natural blends, MONQ is free of nicotine, tobacco, and artificial chemicals. Individual MONQ blends are $20. For more information about MONQ, please visit For news and exclusive content, follow @MyMONQ on Instagram, and MONQ on Facebook.