Frequently Asked Questions

Portable Diffuser FAQ

How do I use it?

MONQ blends should be drawn in through the mouth, also known as a ‘mouth inhale’, and then exhaled through the nose. Think of the action being similar to sucking something through a straw. In order to inhale into the mouth, and not into the lungs, you must use your mouth, tongue, and pharynx to draw from the device, then exhale through the nose. While keeping your mouth closed after taking a breath, simply exhale through your nose. MONQ blends are safe to inhale into the lungs, but there is data that suggests that the terpenes, the active compounds are less effective when absorbed in the lungs.

How long does it last?

The longevity of each personal diffuser depends on usage. Most people get around 200 breaths from each device, which is close to 1 month of continued use. Most users are satisfied taking 2-3 breaths every few hours due to the robust and complex flavors within our 11 blends. They end up requiring fewer, softer breaths than they might have initially anticipated, and since there is no need to inhale, the device generally lasts a long time. Users who are particularly empathic or sensitive to external stimuli (including aromatherapy) often like to soften the impact of each breath, by inserting their fingertip as a spacer between their mouth and the device. Not surprisingly, these users find their personal diffuser lasts far longer, sometimes more than 300 breaths.

Is this a vaporizer?

We are often asked if MONQ is an e-cigarette or a vaporizor.  MONQ personal essential oil diffusers use vaporizer technology to deliver all-natural essential oil blends in classic aromatherapy combinations. Our diffusers are available in 11 different blends, all of which are free of nicotine and tobacco, GMOs, and artificial ingredients, and are 100% organic and vegan. Breathe our MONQ blends into your mouth, pause, and exhale through your nose. Plant fragrances pass through your olfactory system inspiring relaxation or other effects, depending on the blend.

We do ask that those planning to use MONQ are over the age of 18. Any users with asthma or similar pulmonary conditions, as well as pregnant or nursing women, should not use MONQ. Some of our blends contain certain essential oils the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy recommends avoiding while pregnant or breastfeeding, thus we advise new or expectant mothers against using MONQ.

Can I buy it in person?

Yes, we do have a number of third-party retailers that sell MONQ worldwide. You can see if there are any MONQ retailers near you by visiting MONQ.com/find.

Discount codes?

Please use the code “HAPPY5” at checkout for a small discount on your first order! Please message us for information on discount codes for larger orders.

Can I refill or recycle?

We are committed to soon making it easier to use our diffusers sustainably, whether through a refillable device, or another option entirely. For now, please know that we do offer a great recycling program. You can learn more at MONQ.com/Recycle.

Bottled Blends FAQ

Can I refill my MONQ diffuser with your bottle

Our bottled blends are not intended to refill your personal MONQ diffuser, nor any other similar device. They are not intended for, and should not be used in any e-cigarette or vape mod. These essential oils are not eJuice! They are intended to be added to your favorite water-based diffuser or aromatherapy necklace, for instance! Simply add 2-3 drops of your preferred bottled blend to a water-based room diffuser (for best results, use a room diffuser with a built-in timer to avoid decreased effect from sensory adaptation). We are committed to soon making it easier to use our diffusers sustainably, whether through a refillable device, or another option entirely. For now please know that we do offer a great recycling program. You can learn more at MONQ.com/Recycle

How can I use my Therapeutic Fragrance bottled blends?

There are several different ways that you can use our bottled blends!
1. Simply inhale! Open the bottle and hold it near your nose and inhale.
2. Use an electric diffuser: put a few drops in a water-based diffuser. Do note that because of the phenomenon of sensory adaptation, we do not recommend using a desktop diffuser for prolonged periods of time.
3. Aromatherapy jewelry: Place a couple drops into your favorite essential oil passive diffuser, such as an aromatherapy necklace.


Our bottled blends are meant to be used aromatically. Please do not, under any circumstance, ingest our bottled essential oil blends. They are never to be placed in the mouth, inside the nose, or on the skin.

How do I use your bottled blends with a passive necklace diffuser?

Simply place 2-3 drops into your favorite passive diffuser. We like this method of use best because it is fully consistent with the concepts of sensory adaptation. We encourage you to bring the necklace up to your nose, every hour or so, taking a nice breath while enjoying the aroma.

For more available information visit MONQ.com/disclaimer