Forest Bathing

Apr 19, 2019Forest Bathing

All About the Sandalwood Tree

People have prized sandalwood throughout history for its distinct aroma and therapeutic properties. It is the second most expensive wood in the world, and Indian culture highly reveres it. People harvest the heartwood of the tree for its unique scent, as well as its use in woodcarving. People use the essential oil from the tree […]

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Apr 18, 2019Forest Bathing

The Biggest Differences Between Growing Up in the Country Vs. City

The urban world offers amazing advantages to young people beginning their lives in an exciting and fast-paced society. But is this really better than the quietness and serenity of living far away from maddening traffic in the natural surroundings of the countryside? In the following article we will take a completely unbiased view of the […]

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Apr 13, 2019Forest Bathing

Exploring Boreal Forests and Their Benefits

When you think of the dark, cold, mysterious forest that’s so often used as a location in old folk tales, what you are imagining is a boreal forest. The boreal forest is also referred to as the snow forest or Taiga, a Russian word that means coniferous forest. Boreal forests are only found in far […]

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Apr 11, 2019Forest Bathing

Exploring the Different Types of Forests

Forests cover approximately one-third of the earth’s land surface and are home to 80 percent of the world’s terrestrial species of plants, insects, and animals. There are three major forest zones, although each of these zones includes specific forest subtypes. The three major zones are tropical, temperate, and boreal. Tropical Forests Tropical forests are located close […]

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Apr 09, 2019Forest Bathing

Aromatherapy and Nature Conservation

You have probably noticed that the use of essential oils is becoming more and more widespread. People are finally waking up and realizing that they’d like to cut out harmful toxins from their lives, and essential oils offer a simple way to do so. Instead of purchasing a large plastic bottle of cleaning chemicals, you […]

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Apr 08, 2019Forest Bathing

How the Forest Ecosystem Supports Healthy Breathing

The rainforest is often referred to as the “lungs of the world.” What many people may not realize is just how large a role trees play in the way that humans live. If trees are the lungs of the world, they can also be seen as the kidneys of the world, the heart of the […]

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Apr 06, 2019Forest Bathing

All About the Black Spruce Tree

The black spruce tree, botanically known as Picea mariana, is an iconic tree in boreal regions. This evergreen conifer is native to North America and lives throughout the colder climate of Canada and the northeast United States. The black spruce’s other names are the bog spruce, eastern spruce, swamp spruce or shortleaf black spruce. Some […]

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Apr 05, 2019Forest Bathing

The Impact of Forest Fires on Humans and the Environment

On average, more than 100,000 forest fires occur in the United States every year. These fires clear between four million and five million acres of land every single year. While not all forest fires make national news, many have become more aware of this issue because of the recent fires in California. Forest fires occur […]

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