Essential Oils

Discover the reason Essential Oils have been used for over 5000 years. An essential oil is extracted from plants and can be used for countless benefits.

Nov 16, 2018Essential Oils

Understanding What GC-MS Means In The Essential Oil Industry

Anyone who is beginning to dive deep into essential oils will soon come across the term GC-MS. The first thing that someone will find confusing is the fact that these terms are often spoken about as if they are the same thing. GC stands for gas chromatography, while MS refers to mass spectrometry. While typically […]

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Nov 14, 2018Essential Oils

Ancient Essential Oils From Around The World

Essential oils are not some untested new product that people are just beginning to use. These oils are not some kind of fad. Essential oils that are extracted from plants have been used for medicinal purposes, as a product that helps induce calmness and relieves stress, they have been used for a number of religious […]

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Nov 13, 2018Essential Oils

Top 5 Essential Oils for the Holiday Season

The existence of essential oils can be traced back at least a thousand years and can be seen in the ancient Greek, Egyptian, Indian and Chinese cultures. An essential oil is a pure substance that comes directly from a plant or herb. Over many years, they have been used for a variety of medicinal purposes […]

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Nov 13, 2018Essential Oils

Palo Santo Essential Oil – Holistic Benefits of Holy Wood

Palo Santo essential oil is derived from a tree native to South America and is similar in scent and chemical structure to frankincense. It is also closely related to myrrh and copal. The word Palo Santo means “holy wood,” and it has been used in spiritual practices for hundreds of years.1 This oil is considered […]

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Sep 10, 2018Essential Oils

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil – A Highly-Prized Aromatic Spice

While you may associate cinnamon with the scent of the holiday season, this warming spice does more than add a delightful flavor to your winter desserts. Cinnamon bark essential oil is a highly versatile essential oil that can be used aromatically, topically, and even internally to treat a wide variety of health issues. Cinnamon bark […]

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Aug 23, 2018Essential Oils

Curbing Sugar Cravings: Peppermint Essential Oil

Sugar is sweet and tasty, but it’s can also lead to health consequences when consumed in excess. In excess, this sweet treat can lead to tooth decay, weight gain, diabetes, and a range of other health issues. Unfortunately, sugar is abundant in many foods because it is added to food and drink to make it […]

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Aug 11, 2018Essential Oils

Spike Lavender Essential Oil – How Does it Differ From Common Lavender?

Did you know that there are over twenty different species of lavender? While most people are familiar with lavender essential oil, derived from the true lavender plant, many are not aware that there are actually three popular varieties of lavender essential oil. These are true lavender, spike lavender, and lavandin. While they share a lot […]

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Aug 07, 2018Essential Oils

Rosalina Essential Oil— A Gentle Oil that Packs a Powerful Punch

A relative newcomer to the essential oil world, Rosalina is a superstar ready to be discovered. Rosalina is sometimes called Lavender Tea Tree as it has several similar benefits. Simultaneously relaxing, healing, and enticing, Rosalina makes a great addition to any collection. Rosalina essential oil is derived from the leaves of a plant that has […]

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