Reviews About MONQ Essential Oils Continued

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Feel free to read these customer reviews about our essential oils

“My mother loved her Christmas gift”

“I bought a 4 pack for my mother for Christmas because she is very into essential oils. She absolutely loves the MONQ pens!”—Alec W. Ocean

“New and returning customer”

“I first purchased ocean because I love eucalyptus. I was skeptical about these as I have never “ vaped “ or anything like that, but I decided to give it a try since it was just essential oils and NO nasty tobacco. I loved it so much I decided to buy a 4 pack and give one as a gift to a friend.”—Amber R. Ocean


“I love these essential oil “puffers”. They make my truck smell so good after enjoying a few puffs.”—MARY W. Ocean

“Calm like the ocean”

“I love this one! I usually use essential oils topically. I really enjoy the MONQ process just as much. Calms me down like the ocean and takes me back to adventuring through Big Sur.”—Madison E. Ocean

“Love this!”

“I love this portable essential oil diffuser! So calming and tasty!!”—Olivia N. Ocean

“Great for focus”

“I usually use it when I’m stressed and the essential oils help to calm me and help me focus on work.”—Amie W. Ocean


“I’m all about essential oils, but when a friend told me about this I was curious. Well, of course, I had to order one and to my surprise, it was better than I could have imagined. Ocean is all around amazing. The taste, smell and the look of it as well. I’ll be ordering another one soon!”—Sarah P. Ocean

“Love this product!”

“I’ve never used any type of essential oil diffuser before so I didn’t know what to expect with this product, but I’m pleased to say it works so well! I’m glad this was my first experience with essential oils and will definitely shop at MONQ again.”—Denise Ocean

“Love ocean, knew I would.”

“Love ocean, knew I would. Makes me feel great, and I love the combo of essential oils in it. Will definitely look at more.”—Laurel J. Ocean

“Really relaxing!”

“Love the combination of eucalyptus and citrus essential oils.”—John K. Ocean

“Wonderful Presents”

“My mother has always loved essential oils and uses them daily. I heard about Monq and thought it would b a perfect gift for her. Turns out I was right! She loves Sleepy and it helps calm her prior going to sleep. I would definitely consider purchasing again.”—Mary H. Ocean


“Ocean MONQ is my absolute favorite one! It’s the perfect blend of essential oils.”—Cassandra W. Ocean

“Feel like I’m at the beach”

“Relaxing effect and great taste. My second favorite MONQ next to “zen”. Especially love the eucalyptus in it as it’s always been one of the most effective essential oils in my life for clarity and calmness :)”—Anastasia Z. Ocean

“No Joke”

“Soooooo, I wouldn’t call my self an Essential Oil pro, or even a regular user or essential oils. However, I do know quite a bit about their benefits and have several friends who are part of Young Living Essential Oils or DoTerra. Anyways, I was sort of skeptical about this diffuser because It just seems really trendy and I didn’t want to buy something that was just for show.
I am SO glad I tried this though. I bought Ocean and Loved the smell and taste and definitely felt energized on days I used it compared to days I did not. I used it in the mornings and mid-to-late afternoon and on the mornings I used my Ocean diffuser I definitely didn’t need coffee or caffeine which I normally have every day to give me that initial boost for the day. I am eager to try one of the mood diffusers so that I can see the difference they make.”—Heidi B. Ocean


“The combo of these essential oils is perfect. Definitely ordering again.”—Kassidy B. Ocean

“:ocean::surfer::type_4:‍♀️:sparkles: great taste and vibes”

“This combination of essential oils is great for me. I love the ocean blend for every moment of the day. If you like fresh and citric this may be the right for you! Also is not that strong and the aftertaste is great”—LAURA B. Ocean


“This essential oil vape is truly legendary, entirely calming and relaxing. One of the best purchases I’ve made, it tastes absolutely wonderful. I promise you will not regret purchasing this.”—Anna B. Ocean

“The best Flavor yet”

“This is my absolute favorite, it is very refreshing and the mix of essential oils is exquisite. I’d love to see more blends that resemble this more in the future because I’d definitely buy those too.”—Miss B. Ocean


“This is without a doubt my favorite MONQ personal essential oil diffuser. I buy this one every time I order. It isn’t too strong and it has an amazing aroma that makes me feel like I’m at the beach again. I 10/10 recommend buying this diffuser as well as Zen which is another favorite of mine!”—Samantha A. Ocean

“Breath of Fresh Air”

“Went to a massage place where we did aromatherapy, breathing in and out the scent. I’ve been into it since and remembered a friend’s Instagram post where she was using MONQ. Loved the essential oils aspect of it and can relax knowing what I’m breathing in. Ocean tastes very great! I love it. Feels like I’m breathing the nice refreshingly cool ocean air. Would recommend as a way to relax and maybe safer/healthier option to vaping.”—Linda L. Ocean


“Personal Essential Oil Diffusers are innovative and mind blowing. To be able to enjoy the benefits of essential oils in this way is life changing.”—Cody C. Ocean MONQ R


“This is an amazing product and I enjoy it even more than the regular products. I hope to see more essential oils out soon.”—Catherine S. Ocean MONQ R

“I love MONQ! These essential”

“I love MONQ! These essential oils make me feel relaxed and amazing!”—Meghan M. Ocean Mountain Forest

“Fun, useful, creative aromatherapy”

“I love MONQ. In fact I own all of the blends. My absolute favorite is the new Ocean blend. I think flavor is very subjective. There are no “good” or “bad” flavors. Some people enjoy certain flavors above others. Ocean hits home for me because I love all three of the main essential oils used. It is light and subtle. I plan on buying the next blends they come up with. It is fun. I think I’m a subtle way they change my mood. Customer service of this company is beyond amazing too.”—Morgan K. Ocean Mountain Forest

“All 3 Blends (Forest, Ocean, and Mountain)”

“I purchased MONQ for the first time about 9 months ago and was shocked by their products. I’ve used essential oils for years and always looked for the higher quality products. This is one of them. I purchased the 3 new Blends knowing they were going to be great and I’m no where near disappointed. They also sent me numerous monq stickers with a free Healthy! I have referred friends to your company and will continue to do so! Thank you.”—Bianca J. Ocean Mountain Forest

“Very good”

“I was pleased with how quickly they arrived and the packaging looked pretty swish! The essential oils are blended well together creating beautiful soft and complex fragrances! I’m really enjoying them! Will definitely be ordering more! I’ve thewhoke range to try out!!”—Joelle G. Ocean Mountain Forest

“Lovely, and the only Forest Bathing blends I’ve found.”

“I’d been doing research about Forest Bathing and was looking for some essential oil blends made with it in mind, and that’s how I found monq – they had the only product I found anywhere made specifically to use for forest bathing. All three feel nature blends are composed of 50% or more oils that are highest in the terpenes shown to reduce stress, etc. I find using these much easier than buying a bunch of individual oils and trying to blend them myself. All three of these are great, but ocean is definitely my favorite!”—Jessica M. Ocean Mountain Forest

“Love them!”

“I’ve had the forest and ocean blends before and they are my favorites but this is my first time trying the mountain blend. It’s fantastic. I’ve tried other essential oil vaporizer pens and have not found a brand I like anywhere near as much as monq. Awesome. Worth the money!”—Hannah P. Ocean Mountain Forest

“It’s everything I hoped for!”

“It’s everything I hoped for! Tastes and smells amazing and it feels great to know it’s nothing but essential oils!”—Lorena M. Ocean Mountain Forest


“Therapeutic breathing with essential oils is so awesome!”—Emalee F. Ocean Mountain Forest


“Amazing essential oil fragrance/taste for pumpkin lovers! Perfect for Fall!”—Mira W. Pumpkin Spice

“Yummy pumpkin spice”


“Fatalistically Fall!”

“I’ll admit I was a little skeptical about this new MONQ, but love the essential oil that are in it, so decided to give it a try. It is a lovely blend, and perfect for the fall season. I love it!”—Ashley H. Pumpkin Spice

“Relieve, for a perfect way to relieve stress”

“Aromatherapy… taken to the next level! Essential oils and diffusers can be extremely comforting and a great way to relax after a long and stressful day, and these portable diffusers from @MyMonq are a great way to take that on the go!”—madcrayy Relieve

“Ahh What a ‘Relief’ It Is…”

“I have been using MONQ essential Oil Diffusers for a while now. I like the New mix they have made ‘Relief’. It is a nice subtle, pleasant experience. Yes, I would recommend this to anyone that is curious. This will, Now be a part of my ‘Regular Order/Favorites) (ZEN, SLEEPY, HAPPY & RELIEF)”—Kimberly D. Relieve

“A convenient way to experience aromatherapy”

“I like that all I have to do is breath in and out to experience the benefit of essential oils, rather than taking time to fill a diffuser with water. I just hope it’s as safe as it’s advertised.”—Rachel C. Relieve


“It reminds me of a good friends house who does essential oils and it’s so calming!”—Ayumi N. Relieve


“A wonderful product. It’s amazing and connect you with nature it’s a perfect way to use essential oil’s”—Breanna R. Sexy

“Say what?”

“Finally something made for me! No nicotine the yummy aroma of essential oils that make me feel amazing! I couldn’t ask for more! Thank you Monq!”—Regina F. Sexy

“Great product. I wouldn’t highly”

“Great product. I wouldn’t highly recommend to any of my friends who are interested in / use things with essential oils in them. Easy to use. Perfect for the “on-the-go” life style.”—Morgan C. Sexy

“My monq”

“I absolutely love my monq! They make me feel so much better as I continuously further my path of essential oils!”—Susan P. Sexy

“Bursting with earthy flavors and smells”

“I absolutely love my Monq. Nothing better than that bouquet of fresh essential oils directly impavting in your senses. Definitely worth the price. I will be trying the other options now.”—DEBBIE S. Sexy

“First time”

“I got the 4 custom pack. I tried zen first and I was excited about it. I love essential oils. Im not sure if I like them as much as I thought I would but I think they may be effective, when I use more than recommended.”—Anita H. Sexy

“Amazing Product!”

“I hope happy that Monq has produced a personal essential oil diffuser! I’m so happy to be able to carry them with me easily everyday. Tastes and smells wonderful”—Beth T. Sexy

“A Girls New Best Friend”

“I love all of the Monq diffusers, but this one is one of my favorites! It’s very floral and uplifting when I’m feeling down or had a bad day, but it also has a calming effect that helps to soothe the nerves. I also love to use it during that time of the month as well because it helps with cramps and that general feeling of “blagh”. And I love how portable it is, since it can be hard to cram bottles of essential oils into your purse for every outing.”—Cathy L. Sexy

“My daughters love it!”

“I love and use essential oils. Both of my daughters asked to try MONQ, and they both loved the ones I got them, and now want more!”—Vickie L. Sexy

“So relaxing”

“I love essential oils and am always looking for another way to appreciate their relaxing qualities. The combination of “Sexy” with jasmine, lime, and patchouli is perfect 🙂 I’ve tried a few other blends, but Sexy is definitely my favourite. So much so, in my Pick 4 Combo, I included another Sexy :)”—Ameera W. Sexy

“Great product. Will buy again.”

“I love essential oils. These personal diffusers are amazing. I will definitely purchase more in the future.”—Christy T. Sexy

“Makes me feel like a total different person”

“I love the sexy blend, it’s beyond relaxing and calming. The mixture of each essential oil gives me a feeling of completeness, makes me feel while and confident. I highly recommend this blend for those who like a light scent.”—Dianne T. Sexy


“I love these essential oil diffusers so much!! Highly recommend”—Ricky P. Sexy

“Sexy Monq”

“I rated this 5 stars because I had been low on sex drive, and a couple puffs of this before being intimate has helped tremendously! If you’re looking for an all natural aphrodisiac or just even a boost in confidence, this will help! The taste is odd just because it’s essential oils but it’s not awful, possibly even yummy for some. I will probably be buying happy or sleepy soon!”—Stacy P. Sexy

“Awesome product”

“I truly think these are so much more realistic for essential oil diffusion than a stand-alone diffuser. They’re portable and I took my zen monq with me in the car this morning because I had a big test this morning. Sexy monq is the best! Love the scent of it too.”—Courtney K. Sexy

“Best Thing Ever!”

“I was a little skeptical when I heard about these, but i love essential oils and wanted to give it a try and a friend of mine did as well. I bought this one and a Zen and I am so glad I did. Not only does it smell good but it tastes good, i love how it lingers in your mouth and almosts coats it making it last.”—Denise Bennett Sexy


“I was skeptical at first because I don’t know much about essential oils but I LOVE it and can’t wait to get more!”—Shanna M. Sexy

“MONQ- sexy”

“I’m a believer in the benefits of essential oils but was not sure if a MONQ diffuser would really allow me to feel the same benefits as simply applying oils. After trying my first MONQ, I am very happily surprised. It is so convenient and soothing! And no mess! I love my MONQ.”—Jacqueline W. Sexy

“A must for your mood and energy”

“If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of these essential oil vaporisers, imagine this: You read the ingredients on the label knowing they aren’t going to harm you in any way because of the organic purity. You genuinely get the essence of each oil smoothly mixed. You cannot burn your mouth or throat or even damage your lungs. So all this can be is a positive piece of technology. Definitely worth a purchase as least once, they don’t disappoint. Whatever mood you are in will be enhanced. Simple, vibrant and surprisingly effective.”—Vivian W. Sexy

“Very Pleased!”

“It’s like having an essential oil diffuser at your disposal at ALL times. Great smells and great feels…very pleased with the purchase of sexy and will be purchasing again!”—Annanetha M. Sexy


“Sexy is my favorite combination of essential oils and is super soothing.”—Jessica B. Sexy

“Sexy MONQ”

“So I am very new to this. I’ve never used essential oils before nor do I have any knowledge of how they work! That being said i kept seeing MONQ on my Instagram and Facebook so I figured I would look into it! I went ahead and got the Sexy MONQ because after I took birth control my hormones have never been normal since. Enough about me! I just got my MONQ today (after waiting just 3 days for shipping mind you!) and so far I love it! It makes me feel more energized and also just great in general!! I can’t wait to try all the other ones! Definitely buying for the foreseeable future!!”—Samantha P. Sexy

“Sexy MONQ”

“The taste is great and I’m a huge fan or essential oils. Was wary at first but this product exceeded expectations”—Morgan R. Sexy

“AMAZING! :heart_eyes:”

“This essential oil pen is just what I expected, tasty and flavorful. It’s actually one of the best of monq”—Lucas T. Sexy

“Absolutely delicious!”

“This is by far one of my favorite MONQ blends. The Jasmine (which is one of my favorite essential oils of all time) hits the nose really nice with a sweet floral aroma. Adding the lime for that hint of citrus and the sweet woodsy scent of the patchouli I couldn’t think of a better combination of essential oils to not only make you feel confident but also relaxed and ready to take on whatever your day has in store for you. I recommend this blend 100x!”—John R. Sexy

“It works!”

“Although it is a bit pricy, I really cannot deny how much I love the monq essential oil pens. They are so wonderful and beneficial to my mental health. I really enjoy the taste and smell of the blends and how it truly does what it says.”—Sierra S. Sexy Love

“Exotic way of diffusing essential oils”

“The Monq diffusers are very a fun and healthy trend. I’ve told all my friends about them and given several as unique gifts. Ingenious!”—Christine W. Sexy Love

“First try of Sleepy & Zen”

“Heard about this product from the YouTube channel of Twilightchic143 . Needs to try some essential oils for calming. Very pleased with my first purchase. Will definitely be purchasing more.”—Cynthia D. Sleepy

“Can sleep again with essential oils”

“Helps me fall asleep. Easy to use, smells great. Not the best tasting but does what it says.”—AMY S. Sleepy

“Best idea yet”

“I absolutely love my essential oil’s and now I can inhale them through this pen. Super amazing. Love it”—Tierra O. Sleepy

“Sleepy Monq-y”

“I absolutely love this product! Sometimes I have an awful time falling asleep but the essential oils in this rapidly absorbing product lull me away faster than I ever could have dreamed! I sleep comfortably throughout the night because of my sleepy pen and can’t wait to try more Monq products! It must be Monq-y love because this stuff is truly bananas!!”—Mary A. Sleepy

“Love this product”

“I am a huge advocate for essential oils and their many uses. However, your product just added a whole new layer of appreciation! They’re effective, they look cool (packaging, appearance, etc), and they’re portable and indisputably not “illegal” so taking them anywhere (concerts, festivals) is no problem. I love the blends that I tried (sleepy, zen, active). However, the duration of use is a bit short…lasted me about 2 weeks. The price? A bit high, considering a bottle of oil is cheaper and lasts way longer. However, this alone will not deter me from using your product again. I really enjoy them, so when I have some extra loot, treating myself to a present isn’t so bad 🙂

I would love to try the other blends! Just have to prioritize my cash flow 🙂
Take it easy,
SY”—Scott Y. Sleepy

“Love my MONQ”

“I get headaches quite frequently in the evening and sometimes using lavender scented products helped with my headaches, slightly. I decided to give Sleepy MONQ a try because of the lavender essential oil in it. Using my MONQ when I feel a headache coming on has really helped lessen the severity, and helped me sleep better. I tired the Zen as well. I would recommend both!”—Devin B. Sleepy

“Sleepy MONQ (lavender, chamomile and kava)”

“I have been using essential oils for quite a while now and I absolutely love them and they help me a lot with my mood and sleeping disorders. Although the one essential oil that I was told I needed the most was the oil that did not work with my body, lavender. It made me nauseous and would mess up all of my five senses. After seeing so many videos and online articles about MONQ, I was willing to give it a try. The Sleepy MONQ has the most perfect blend lavender, chamomile and kava in it and when you inhale and exhale the vapor, it gives the right “dosage” amount. This is the first time my body has reacted positively with lavender instead of negatively! I highly recommend MONQ to anyone had the strange problem that I had!”—Keri P. Sleepy

“It really works”

“I have enjoyed essential oil defusers for yeas but I have never seen one like this before. I bought the sleepy one and it smells amazing. Love it.”—Hassan B. Sleepy

“These are a neat little product!!”

“I have seen ads for these little pens pop up all over the internet for a little bit now and I had even seen a buzzfeed video in which 3 or 4 young people tried them out. I purchase four different ‘flavors’ or moods if you will. I thought they were awesome! The essential oils were of quality, the packaging was cute which is quite a huge thing for me as a packaging freak consumer, if its unique or different I love it! As anyone who really is into these essential oils can tell you, it can be very messy, so having these contained little pens that are super totable are amazing! I will definitely and already have recommended this product to family, friends, and clients.”—Breanna E. Sleepy

“Actually Works!”

“I have suffered from insomnia for the past few years and have tried everything I can to help me fall asleep at night. I heard about this product through a Youtuber and decided to try it. I noticed results within the first use. I started using the sleepy diffuser along with putting lavender essential oils on the bottom of my feet and now I can fall asleep within minutes. Overall a wonderful product and I will definitely be re-purchasing.”—Matthew H. Sleepy

“Definitely a pleasant surprise!”

“I have to say that my wife and I are a big fan of aromatherapy and holistic option, and this is the quintessential level of essential oil use! Trying out the vibrant and sleepy to get us started, we both immediately noticed the benefits and will be trying others without a doubt!”—Christopher B. Sleepy

“Beautiful & Effective”

“I just received my Monq – 4 pack. Shipping was so fast. I chose the Zen, Healthy, Active, and Sleepy. First I have to say, these products are made with a great eye for quality. The individual packaging is so good that I am keeping those and just put the Monqs back in there after using them. I might change this though because the vapes are so beautiful, I would like to keep them out and put them in a really cool tall shot glass I have. The first one I tried was the Healthy. I love and use turmeric in a lot of different forms for it’s many, many benefits. The fragrance and taste is marvelous! I drew a light breath, didn’t inhale and just focused on the taste and mouth feel. I held that for a moment or two and then slowly breathed out of my nose. I literally had an immediate physical sensation. That was unexpected actually. The feeling was one of well being, my body felt less weighted, and there was, I think, a mild sense of euphoria. These effects were all quite mild, and very comfortable. I am a folk herbalist so I believe in the benefits of essential oils. I also feel like I can easily recognize very good blends and these absolutely are. Later in the day I took a breath of the Healthy with a breath of the Active – a very nice combination as Turmeric with that cinnamon and then with black pepper is a fantastic combination. I used the Zen – just one breath before a daily cleansing ritual I do. I felt like it solidified my mood for that and helped me focus intently on the ritual. Then it was Sleepy before bed. I have chronic sensorimotor neuropathy and as a result I have a lot of difficulty sleeping through pain. This was not some miracle that had me sleeping through the night 🙂 , however it was a perfect addition to the bedtime environment I try to create to help me sleep.

Monq, I really love these personal diffusers. Design is so important to me in almost everything I use (yes, I have been known to judge a book by its cover) and these products really deliver on design. But they have the rare ability to look good AND work well. Thank you.

Megan”—Megan Sleepy


“I love essential oils but I was apprehensive because I thought it may be overpriced but at first puff I was in love. I’m now obsessed and just cannot wait to try all the varieties!!”—Cory N. Sleepy

“Love it!”

“I love monq! I love having a personal essential oils diffuser that can go anywhere with me. Happy, Zen, Sleepy, and the new blend Focus are all some of my favorites. No nicotine or tobacco, just simple and pure essential oils to feel the way you want! I can’t get enough!”—Ashley L. Sleepy

“Simple yet Natural”

“I love the design of the website, simple yet attractive and easy to navigate, after couple of months thinking about it I decided I will try MonQ and I am excited about it, I have been dealing with insomnia for couple of months now, I have buy some essential oils and definitely have help in my trip to perfect sleep but I believe with MonQ blends will be the perfect add-up to my insomnia situation and other aspects of my life, so I am ready to try and happy you guys exist!”—SoBerryParis Sleepy

“Love this product!!”

“I love the sleepy monq! I use it before I go to bed and it’s amazing! The essential oils are very nice. I will be purchasing more!”—Ashley K. Sleepy

“Love Monq!”

“I love these essential oil diffusers! They really help me get through the day and make me feel calmer!”—Rachel R. Sleepy

“Thumbs up”

“I really enjoy the smell of the blend of the essential oils. I have a great night’s sleep when I use the pen. I sleep through the night, maybe getting up only once, when I usually get up about four times.”—Nikki S. Sleepy

“Love them”

“I really love my healthy monk!! The sleepy monks were for someone else!! Y only have one question…. what essential oils do you use in them??
Are they therapeutic grade??”—Marcela B. Sleepy

“Soo relaxing”

“I really love my Monq in Sleepy, i use it as i lay down for bed and kinda wind down. I find taking a few gentle light breaths beforehand then letting it trail from my nose is the best and i can lay down and feel relaxation. Im not sure if it makes me “feel” sleepy but i def feel like its a great aid in relaxing so that sleep may come 🙂 def recommend to anyone who likes essential oils and likes relaxing tasks before bed”—Ceiceli W. Sleepy

“Essential oils differently”

“I saw this on Facebook and figured I give them a try. Glad I did. The sleepy MONQ actually helps me unwind and relax before bed. Would recommend!”—Megan O. Sleepy


“I think MONQ is amazing. I love essential oils and they actually do work. The sleepy is my favorite so far because it helps me fall right to sleep. With all the stress I go through on a daily basis, its hard for me to fall asleep peacefully. This gives me the little kick I need to fall asleep and if I wake up in the middle of the night then a couple of puffs and then back to sleep I go. So much easier than having to get up and make sleepytime tea!”—Holly G. Sleepy


“I usually have a difficult time falling asleep, but MONQ Sleep has helped. Inhale the essential oils a couple of times and I’m good to go.”—Emily K. Sleepy

“Sleepy is part of my nightly routine”

“I was initially skeptical of the idea of an essential oil vaporizer but now I absolutely love it. I take a few puffs before bed each night to help me unwind and I plan on buying more of these.”—Allison C. Sleepy

“Sleepy Essential Pen”

“I was very intrigued about Monq when I first heard about it. Now that I have tried it, I would really like to try more essential oil pens! I would recommend it to friends and family.”—Joshua L. Sleepy

“Love it”

“I’m already a big essential oil user so when I seen these pens I just had to give it a try and it turns out I love them almost more than my essential oil.”—Toni M. Sleepy

“Sleepy MONQ”

“I’m pretty familiar with using different essential oils, especially oils from Young Living. I admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the sleepy MONQ. The oil combination makes for an enjoyable scent/taste. Not to mention that it does indeed help me settle into sleep after carrying the stress of working 3rd shift in a cardiac ICU. Typically I take a while to wind down and slow my thoughts, but the sleepy MONQ helps with that transition. I’m very pleased with my purchase”—Kourtnie J. Sleepy

“Recommend to anyone”

“I’ve been using essential oil recently and was surprised to see a product you can vape. I’m really pleased with the product and will definitely order more as needed”—Noel L. Sleepy

“This is everything”

“I’ve never been a smoker of anything. It’s isn’t about that. I enjoy essential oils and the effect it has on my mood. I diffuse oils all the time. This is a great quick and easy way to get there.”—Sherry T. Sleepy

“It relaxes me. You can”

“It relaxes me. You can taste and smell the essential oils.”—Jessiy M. Sleepy


“Love the valerian in it!! It’s so calming, I love this way of getting essential oils into my body.”—Erin C. Sleepy

“Loved it!”

“Love this product! I got the “sleepy” blend and use it before bed. I love the effect Lavender essential oil has!”—Danielle B. Sleepy

“Love this!”

“Such a great way to use the healing power of essential oils!”—Lili C. Sleepy

“Love this stuff”

“The best way to get your essential oil fix.”—Lindsey T. Sleepy

“Love Monq”

“This blend is so soothing and satisfying I love how the essential oils are all natural and it’s just a personal essential oil defuser. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys essential oils or needs help with relaxation, sleep, or boost of energy. Very good product! Will be back!”—Zach H. Sleepy

“First Essential Oil Diffuser”

“This diffuser is great! I love the sleepy blend as it is a little more mellow than simply lavender on its own. The diffuser is easy to use and doesn’t give me any issues despite having asthma.”—Haley P. Sleepy

“in love with MONQ”

“this is a great way to enhance my essential oils! MONQ’s customer service is on point! i will definitely order again.”—Jennifer H. Sleepy

“Sleepy MONQ Essential Oil Diffuser”

“This is the perfect way to settle down for the night. It’s so calming!”—Brittany P. Sleepy

“Neat Product”

“Very neat and cool product to introduce essential oils into your life. Very calming and relaxing, definitely recommend this product.”—Jessica R. Sleepy


“Would definitely recommend this product. I’ve enjoyed essential oils for several years now and this product takes it to a new level.”—Sara T. Sleepy

“love Love LOVE these!”

“At first I ordered 2 – Vibrant and Zen – and right away I fell in LOOOVE! I just ordered the 7 pack so I can enjoy them all. I will admit that I like the act of using this product, but it really does make you feel great! I use essential oils for a lot of things and I knew I had to try these. They are so well made too!”—rochelle p. Vibrant

“Nice and works!”

“Easy to use and love the essential oils”—Keylina K. Vibrant

“Great experience”

“Essential oils really make a difference in my life and being able to carry around a personal diffuser is awesome I will defiantly be buying more in the future”—Yanica G. Vibrant

“Beautiful & Beneficial!”

“Fairly new to essential oils, I’ve started looking at all the different products out there. These are by far the coolest, most modern personal diffusers I’ve found! Beneficial & beautiful, it’s a win win!!! Try the Vibrant, so yummy!!!”—Jenilee Vibrant

“Vibrant – from my fingertips to my being”

“Holding a boost of essential oil goodness in my hand is powerful. I love having this refreshing breath as a quick break in my busy day. Thanks for this beautiful product, its sleek design, its essence. Spot on!”—Michelle K. Vibrant

“My Favorite MONQ!”

“I absolutely love the combination of these essential oils. It wakes me up and help me get going! So calming yet energizing!”—Julia D. Vibrant


“I absolutely love this combination of essential oils. So getting a more direct way to experience that combination makes me so happy!”—Cassie B. Vibrant

“Loved Vibrant and Healthy!”

“I actually bought this MONQ for my mother for her birthday, as she was the first one to introduce me to essential oils when I was younger. I actually have the Healthy MONQ, which my boyfriend bought me after I told him about it when I discovered it on Facebook. I have to say using the Healthy, and trying my mother’s Vibrant, that every MONQ that I have tried has been amazing! It is truly great to have essential oils that I can access whenever I need them in my car or purse.”—Ariana N. Vibrant


“I am an avid user of essential oils therefore the peeked my interest. It’s a classy and unique concept but I’m not really sure I feel the effects of the essential oils.”—Cindy H. Vibrant

“Love Monq!”

“I am really into essential oils, but also know that you have to be careful to use them safely. That is why I thoroughly researched Monq, and the method of aromatherapy. I found great information about the safety of use, and of course, the aromatherapy use for the blends you have are properly aligned. The only thing next was to try them, so I purchased Vibrant and Zen. Both are AMAZING, and have truly helped me to feel better, while not being overwhelming. They smell wonderful, are subtle, portable, fashionable, and are easy to use. I will definitely be buying again!”—Kristin R. Vibrant


“I definitely felt some sort of effect from the essential oils. Almost like a head high”—Olivia G. Vibrant

“Just what I had hoped for!”

“I had a friend who introduced me to monq a few weeks ago, I was having a really stressful time and due to that stress, my immune system was down. I had never used anything like this (or ever somoked at all) so it was kinda fun getting to play around with it! I ended up with a nasty cold that everyone else ended up with for at least a couple of weeks! But the difference between them and me was that mine lasted for only three days!! I totally believe it was because of the essential oils in the monq pen! I had the zen at that time. It totally sold me on these products! So I bought the vibrant and it has been exactly what I had hoped for! Totally works and tastes and feels fantastic! Thank you so much for designing this great quality product!”—Heidi C. Vibrant

“I’m amazed!”

“I had seen the ads and been curious but didn’t make my first purchase until after I tried the Active MONQ at a party the other week. I was amazed at the purity of the flavor and how the essential oils actually made me feel! I will definitely be a repeat purchaser!”—Isabel M. Vibrant


“I love essential oils, so MONQ is an amazing idea. Relaxing and smells great. Definitely going to branch out and try other blends.”—Kiersten P. Vibrant


“I love it so much! I have always used essential oils therapeutically and for my health and I can’t wait to buy more. I really want the chain necklace to hold them by me!”—Meredith J. Vibrant


“I love my essential oil diffusers. They are easy to use and easily accessible.”—Kaylie L. Vibrant

“Feeling vibrant!”

“I love my MONQ! I love essential oils and love that I can inhale them safely without harsh chemicals. I will be getting more!”—Rebecca M. Vibrant

“Love it!”

“I love the taste and smell of the MONQ pen! Best money I’ve spent on an essential oil product!”—Raina P. Vibrant

“Vibrant MONQ”

“i love this!!! I have never tried monq before and im not a smoker but the essential oils is what drew me to buy this. I absolutely love the flavor and the calm feeling after just one puff of the MONQ. I really think this could help smokers who are trying to quit as well!!!! Its amazing”—Christa J. Vibrant


“I loved how I associated the essential oils with such a relaxing moment! I can’t wait to buy more of these. definitely worth trying. I even let my friends try and they all loved it as well!”—Sarah K. Vibrant

“This product works!”

“I purchased four personal essential oil diffusers, two to help keep me moving and two to help me relax and I love all of them! They work and are natural remedies. I highly recommend MONQ products.”—Andrea R. Vibrant


“I think it is a quick an easy way to get your essential oils.”—Katie H. Vibrant

“Love it”

“I tried the vibrant MONQ and it was great. Great flavor, easy to use, and a must for anyone who is a fan of essential oils.”—Karla C. Vibrant

“Headache Relief”

“I use essential oils to try and combat the headaches I get which I have found to be helpful, I chose the vibrant monq because it has spearmint which helps with headaches and other things. Also, the blend seemed good for me because I often get headaches when I am feeling tired and vibrant has really helped to perk me up and relieve some of the pain from my headaches. Next I want to try the sleepy or zen because I sometimes have trouble falling asleep and lavender also helps with headaches. I would definitely recommend this to others!”—Julia C. Vibrant


“I use this in the morning before coffee or anything, I feel the combination of essential oils, wake me up quicker and have me ready and on my feet in no time! Defintely one I’ll be getting again, I did notice mine came with a small hole at the side, don’t know if that is for all the Vibrant MONQ’s or just mine. Either way still really enjoy it.”—Shana F. Vibrant

“Vibrant is perfect”

“I used my vibrant for the first time during a bit of a gloomy day and it totally picked my spirit up!! Love the mixtures of essential oils used for this diffuser ♡♡”—Karlie W. Vibrant

“Amazing!!! Can’t wait to buy more!”

“I’m a college student and sometimes life can be stressful. I’m so happy that I stumbled upon MONQ on my Facebook. I was already researching about aromatherapy and essential oils so when I saw MONQ, I thought, “why not!?!” I’m so glad I did! My Vibrant MONQ is amazing and it makes me feel great. I honestly cannot wait to get other blends. It is also super affordable, which is great since I’m on a college budget. The only problem I had was with shipping but I believe it was just the post office misplacing the item. Anyways, I highly recommend MONQ to anyone!”—Sarah C. Vibrant

“Best investment”

“I’m glad I came across the ad for this product. I like the blend of essential oils that was used for Vibrant. It wasn’t harsh when I inhaled. Definitely will be buying this one again in the future!”—Brianna H. Vibrant


“I’ve been using essential oils in my yoga practice forever and these just make it SO MUCH EASIER!!!!!!!!!”—Madison B. Vibrant

“Feeling Vibrant”

“I’ve been very interested in the benefits of essential oils for a long time, however as a beginner the number of oils out there and the price is very overwhelming!
Then I found MONQ. I was very excited to find a product that does all the work for me! MONQ has created blends to help create moods and all I have to do is choose how I want to feel and breathe it in, how can I get any better than that. I love the beautiful flavours of the blend and that it fits in my pocket. I take it with me everywhere. I love to use it in the afternoon after work to give me a vibrant boost, so I can continue to thrive in the evening, when I have more work to do!
I will definitely continue to use this product and look forward to using the other blends :)”—Sarah G. Vibrant


“It had an amazing flavor and truly did make me feel more relaxed. I would definitely recommend this product to someone who wants an essential oil diffuser for its health benefits but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a big diffuser.”—Jenna R. Vibrant

“Really enjoyed it”

“Love it, it works great for me, I take a few puffs before I start work and it keeps me relaxed and focused. Keep in mind that these do not work for everyone, some people are more sensitive to essential oils than others. But if you’re like me and you’re really sensitive to them, you only need 3 or 4 small puffs a day maybe less. I will be buying more in the near future.”—Sarah K. Vibrant

“My first time trying MONQ”

“My first time trying MONQ products and I love them! I use essential oils almost daily and this was a nice addition. I ordered the Vibrant and I love the immediate aroma and of course I shared them with friends. Can’t wait to try all the other flavors.”—Jillian S. Vibrant

“Essential oils on the go”

“These personal diffusers leave such a great taste and around around you. I love my purchase. I also got Zen they both make me happy.”—Stephanie V. Vibrant

“Love them!”

“They were awesome Christmas presents to all my essential oil loving family members. Ofcourse I tested them all (Zen, happy, vibrant, & healthy) as they opened them. Cant wait to get some of my own!”—Valerie C. Vibrant

“Loving it!”

“This is my new favorite way to have essential oils! I have the energy, inspire and relax blends and want to get all of the rest.”—Sarah H. Vibrant


“This product is amazing. I’m a huge fan of essential oils and I can feel my mood improve when I use it. I can’t wait to buy more.”—Summer L. Vibrant


“This was the first blend I tried. It was a little different than I expected. Very subtle, not quite like vaping. This is much more soothing I think. If you’re into aromatherapy and essential oils definitely try MONQ. It’s refreshing. It even helps to regulate your breathing which can help you feel relaxed and energized.”—Julia A. Vibrant

“Absolutely love this product! If”

“Absolutely love this product! If your an essential oil fan this is will be your favorite new find!!”—Mary M. Zen

“Zenned Out!”

“Ahhhh, sweet relief and relaxation! The Zen MONQ Essential Oil Diffuser Pen is my second in my collection and I definitely plan on getting them all. 🙂 The Zen tastes absolutely amazing and instantly fills me with a sense of peace and calm. It’s a nice switch from my Vibrant pen for when I just want to take it easy and relax or if I get a little too stressed out about something, I’ll hit my Zen pen and the Frankincense, Orange, Ylang Ylang, and more oils give me quick relief. Highly recommend; act now, this is one of MONQ’s most popular blends and they can be sold out sometimes because of it!”—Angel R. Zen

“Bought these as a birthday”

“Bought these as a birthday gift for someone who loves essential oils. The person absolutely loves them and likes how it’s a unique way to enjoy essential oils.”—Francesca H. Zen

“Loved It!”

“Essential oils of many kinds are essential to my families health, well being, and very much a part of our daily living. This is a fun new way to enjoy oils. Although I do not recommend them at all for the entire family, they are a great “mommy time” accessory :)”—Aimee M. Zen

“Excellent quality Essential Oils…”

“Excellent quality Essential Oils…”—Joey A. Zen

“The Zen Works!”

“For someone who needs to find a instant relaxing release to unwind (I am allergic to alcohol), I find that Zen really works for me. It tastes good as well, and I’ve already been using essential oils in my bath and bedroom diffuser, so getting MONQ was a no brainier. Now I want to know what the other blends taste/feel like! Especially Vibrant and Sexy! Thanks MONQ for creating a great product!!”—Michelle L. Zen

“Great Product!”

“Got the Zen and Sleepy MONQs, both left me feeling nice and relaxed. The essential oils are not harsh at all.”—Elyssa B. Zen

“Love this pen and oils combo!”

“I absolutely love my MONQ Therapeutic Air! Being so small, compact and ready to go its perfect for anywhere but my husband and I especially enjoy our while on hikes. The oil balance is perfect and I can definitely feel the calming effect. Currently we are using Zen, but I can’t wait to try them all. I would recommend to anyone who enjoys essential oils or wants any easy way to start!”—JESSICA K. Zen

“Love love love these!”

“I absolutely love these products. I am huge into organic non gmo everything from my beauty products, food, cleaning supplies, etc. So it goes without being said how much I love the natural benefits from these difussors. The blends though, themselves are lovely, calming, and just uplifting. They smell great taste great and leave my room, car , or whatever I am with it refreshed. Zen is my favorite I will continue to purchase these difussors and spread the word about them to my other essential oil lovers :grin:”—Leslie Zen

“Best Purchase I’ve Made”

“I absolutely love this product! I have never smoked/vaped/inhaled anything before so I was a little but afraid to try this but excited at the same time because of it not having any harmful chemicals and being a blend of essential oils. I ordered zen to try it out and I fell in love instantly! So calming, beautiful subtle taste and elegant design — a must purchase for anyone who needs a calming essential oil fix in a perfect personal device. My boyfriend tried mine and loved it as well so I have ordered a ten pack for the two of us to share and I can’t wait for it to arrive! Great job, MONQ!!”—Paige B. Zen

“Zen MONQ”

“I absolutely LOVE this so much, was already quite impressed when I opened the package and could smell the essential oils right away. It really helps in calming myself down. Would definitely recommend this to others for sure and cant wait to try other MONQs!”—Kat Zen

“Love my Monq!”

“I am a firm believer in essential oils and diffusers and I absolutely love my Zen Monq! It’s so small and sleek so it lives in my purse. When I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I use it and it makes you just stop and take a breath which is something I forget to do then adding the oils in there, wow! Great product!!”—Allison E. Zen

“Soothing Breath!”

“I am completely amazed at how Monq has made the qualities and benefits of essential oils ever more accessible. I’ve recommended it to all of my friends and family. I’m even considering getting a few a stocking stuffers.”—Heather C. Zen


“I am so impressed with these small essential oil diffusers. They are so easy to use and taste great. The effects are immediate. I use them daily. I’m hooked on the zen and vibrant blends. I use the healthy blend on occasion as well. The sleepy blend is great before bedtime. It calms the mind and relaxes me for a good nights rest.”—Kayla H. Zen


“I bought the pack of all seven and I love them all! I use at least two of them on a daily basis. I even cot my mom and my coworker hooked! I’ve always been a huge lover of essential oils and I’ll do anything to get others into the same trend. And they are so cute! I will most definitely be buying more!”—Kayla C. Zen

“Love it”

“I bought the Zen essential oil pen. At first I wasn’t the biggest fan of the smell, but is I started to use it, I found that it would really help me relax!”—Leah R. Zen

“Never having smoked before…”

“I didn’t know if I’d enjoy MONQ or not. But after watching the short video about the essential oils activating your olfactory nerves, I placed my first order! It made good sense and I’m a HUGE essential oils fan! It’s surprising to me how much I’m enjoying my first 2 blends. So much that I’m ordering the whole kit! Thanks MONQ for creating something geared to improving life!!”—Lisa L. Zen

“Way more than what I was expecting!”

“I got my Zen MONQ in today and after the first few inhales I could definitely feel a calm wash over me! The taste is amazing and you can really tell how pure and simple the ingredients are. I already knew a lot about aromatherapy, using essential oils regularly, and this just takes it to a whole new (and convenient) level. I absolutely love it and will be ordering more!”—sarasm338 Zen

“Nice product”

“I got the Zen MONQ. The flavor is really nice. I haven’t begun to feel very much result wise but I know that essential oils take a little while to take effect. I do feel calmer when I use it. Placebo effect I’m sure but anyway
That’s the point of the product.

I have had my MONQ for about 3 weeks now. And it still has flavor and I breathe it between 5-10 times a day.”—Candace M. Zen

“so yummy!”

“I got this for my sister in law and I am ordering some for me. I tried hers and it was so yummy! I love that its essential oils!”—Whitney S. Zen

“Can’t Go Anywhere Without It!!!”

“I have always loved aromatherapy and just recently started purchasing essential oils in my attempt to make more natural home remedies. Then I found MONQ. It was as if someone had made my favorite dream come true! I’m in love with how the Zen fills your senses with a beautiful Blend of invigorating Orange, calming Frankincense and sweet Ylang-ylang that calm the mind and body within moments. I can’t wait to try the Healthy and Sleepy, though I’ll probably end up purchasing them all. I’m a permanent customer and so happy to be so. Seriously, thank you for a product that uses homeopathic Natural ways to help heal in such a chemically induced environment.”—Meghan Zen


“I have been more relaxed and calm after using my monq. I love essential oils and cannot wait to try other diffusers.”—Haley A. Zen


“I have found the essential oil diffuser to be an awesome way to calm down after a long day. It’s not harmful and it doesn’t make you cough, but you do feel the results immediately. Will buy it again and again.”—Stephanie A. Zen

“I loooove Zen.”

“I have heard about all of the wonderful benefits of essential oils and I am glad I got to try these oils in a vaporizer. Zen is very calming. I definitely want to try happy next and will be purchasing more of these.”—Andrea B. Zen

“I love Zen!”

“I have only tried the Zen blend and I love it!! It’s a wonderful tool for when life throws stress your way. It’s so nice to take a moment, breathe in deeply and get the benefits of natural essential oils. Also I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the materials used; it has a wonderful feeling in the hand. I also adore the jewel that lights up on the end. I can’t wait to try the other blends! I’ve got my eye on ocean and happy.”—Kelsey C. Zen

“Zen MONQ”

“I have purchased the Zen MONQ several times before having an account. Now that I do, I am happy to report about how much I love MONQ and would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to try something different with aromatherapy and essential oils in general.”—Christina S. Zen

“I think I’m a Monq Girl”

“I just received my Monq – 4 pack. Shipping was so fast. I chose the Zen, Healthy, Active, and Sleepy. First I have to say, these products are made with a great eye for quality. The individual packaging is so good that I am keeping those and just put the MONQs back in there after using them. I might change this though because the vapes are so beautiful, I would like to keep them out and put them in a really cool tall shot glass I have. The first one I tried was the Healthy. I love and use turmeric in a lot of different forms for it’s many, many benefits. The fragrance and taste are marvelous! I drew a light breath, didn’t inhale and just focused on the taste and mouthfeel. I held that for a moment or two and then slowly breathed out of my nose. I literally had an immediate physical sensation. That was unexpected actually. The feeling was one of well being, my body felt less weighted, and there was, I think, a mild sense of euphoria. These effects were all quite mild, and very comfortable. I am a folk herbalist so I believe in the benefits of essential oils. I also feel like I can easily recognize very good blends and these absolutely are. Later in the day, I took a breath of the Healthy with a breath of the Active – a very nice combination as Turmeric with that cinnamon and then with black pepper is a fantastic combination. I used the Zen – just one breath before a daily cleansing ritual I do. I felt like it solidified my mood for that and helped me focus intently on the ritual. Then it was Sleepy before bed. I have chronic sensorimotor neuropathy and as a result I have a lot of difficulty sleeping through pain. This was not some miracle that had me sleeping through the night 🙂 , however it was a perfect addition to the bedtime environment I try to create to help me sleep.

Monq, I really love these personal diffusers. Design is so important to me in almost everything I use (yes, I have been known to judge a book by its cover) and these products really deliver on design. But they have the rare ability to look good AND work well. Thank you.

Megan”—Megan Zen


“I just received my Zen Monq and I love it! I mostly chose Zen because of the reviews and because of the benefits it listed but I did keep in mind that Frankincense is very expensive so getting this one at the same price as other Monq products are pretty nice! I ordered another brand of personal essential oil diffuser before trying Monq and that one is ok but the smell isn’t as strong (I have sinus issues so a lighter smell isn’t effective) and it even left a slight lasting taste in my mouth which Monq does not seem to do. I also love that Monq offers a recycling service through them and you can mail back up to 10 diffusers! I have no idea what I’m gonna do with the one I have from the other brand once it’s used but I’ll figure it out. I will 100% be ordering more and I look forward to trying them all!”—Sabrina Zen

“Very convenient”

“I love essential oils and absolutely rely on them for sleep. So living in the DC area I thought this would be the perfect thing to get me through that terrible commute. So convenient and nice to have on stressful days.”—Alexandra Zen


“I love having all these different types of essential oil pens. That have definitely helped me feel more calm during the day when I get stressed or whenever I need a pick me up. The sleep helps me calm myself down before bed and just overall the oils have put it in my control of the smells and feelings. Will definitely be ordering more.”—Gabrielle G. Zen


“I love it! I love the natural and organic effects on my mind and body that it has. I want more! Is there a way to include more essential oils in 1 capsule for more/longer breaths considering the price of 1 MONQ? Thank you thank you thank you a million times over!”—Tajianna O. Zen

“Skeptical doubter turned repeat customer!!!!”

“I love my essential oils, but was skeptical about these. I decided to order Zen to start with since I was preparing for a major test and needed help with nervousness. It was definitely a great start! I felt relaxed and just an overall sense of well being. It really did help when I started getting all worked up over things. I ordered a four pack of other blends, but I liked this one so much that I just ordered two more.”—Brooke P. Zen


“I love my MONQ, recently bought the zen MONQ because I was stressed, overwhelmed and anxious. I started using it and I haven’t felt better. I use a lot of essential oil so this was perfect since I know all about it. I’m definitely buying more. It’s the perfect thing to keep on your person. Best thing I ever bought. Thanks MONQ!”—amy s. Zen


“I love my zen, it relaxes me and helps me feel comfortable! I love it! Can’t wait to try the other essential oil vapor pens”—Jade H. Zen

“In Love”

“I love the ease and convenience of being able to have my essential oil blends right at my fingertips when I need them. They are easy to carry and conceal, and the Zen blend has already come in handy during a few tense situations. I am so happy and certainly intend to place another order in the near future!”—Diamond Zen


“I love the use of essential oils with the understanding that it’s probably more helpful as a placebo effect than it is as an actual remedy. However, between the calming breathing technique to avoid a true inhale of the oils (breathe in, suck air from Monq into the mouth, hold, breath out) and the calming scent it is definitely effective. I feel calmed and grounded instantly when using this. I’ve found that taking a series of 10 breaths while incorporating Monq into 2-3 of those breaths help me to find my center and become grounded very easily.”—Kathryn K. Zen

“My favourite one”

“I love the zen MONQ! It has the perfect blend of essential oils to keep me calm and collected.”—elizabeth p. Zen

“Totally keeps me level headed and calm!”

“I love the Zen MONQ. I use it at least twice a day and it helps me feel zen. Between my focus on breathing and the essential oils, it’s a great tool!”—Jade L. Zen


“I love this product, it really chills me out. I definitely think the essential oils are a part of this effect but I feel like the technique (breathing it in and then blowing it out your nose) helps with the chill feeling. I would recommend this to anyone, and I love the fact that it’s healthy and safe for you (you don’t inhale it through your lungs). I plan on purchasing more flavors in the future and buying the mountain one as a gift for my boyfriend.”—Caitlin Lindsey Zen

“Love this product!”

“I love this product! I’m a mom of three and this product helps me with every day stress and I receive the benefits of essential oils.”—Teresa G. Zen

“Amazing product!”

“I love using a diffuser or using essential oil roll-ons…so I thought this product sounded perfect! It tastes great and smells even more amazing! Easy to use and store away. I purchased the zen and can’t wait to try the others!”—Jessica A. Zen

“Love it! But be careful!!”

“I loved the zen one, it’s calming and relaxing. But it usually lasts “3-6 weeks” and mine lasted 4 days because I used it so much. I could only do it outside though because I have a pet cat and cats are deathly allergic to a lot of essential oils including orange. So if you have a furry friend, please be careful with this product!”—kaitlyn s. Zen


“I loved these but I wish I knew what brand of essential oils were in it and if they were 100% all natural”—kayla f. Zen

“Zen Diffuser”

“I ordered the Zen diffuser as my first diffuser through MONQ and I absolutely LOVE it! It’s so easy and convenient and effective!! I use to carry my bottle of Orange essential oils with me everywhere, so this tiny pen size diffuser is much appreciated!”—Kendra Y. Zen

“I love MONQ!”

“I ordered Zen Monq because I have always loved essential oils/ aromatherapy. Zen monq has helped me to relax and sleep better. I will be ordering another one!”—Kaili K. Zen


“I ordered Zen to see if I would like using essential oils this way. I have never smoked or vaped so this was intimidating. In fact, it took a bit to convince myself to try it. It was easy and enjoyable. Really love Zen at bedtime and while driving. Not addictive but I am hooked.”—Debra S. Zen

“Love it!!!”

“I purchased happy & zen & I am super in love with this item I ordered happy for my boyfriend who is not really an essential oil type of guy but he loved it just as much as I did will be ordering more in the future”—vivian b. Zen

“Pleasantly Surprised”

“I purchased my Zen Monq on somewhat of a whim, not fully believing in the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Although it isn’t a strong or powerful feeling of relaxation generated from the device, it really does help take the edge off after a stressful day of work.”—Chris N. Zen

“Love it”

“I really enjoy it, it’s nice to get the benefits of essential oils quickly”—Heather W. Zen

“Zen monq”

“I really like this essential oil pen. It has an orangey tang to it that is really nice. 10 out of 10 i recommend!”—Caitlin K. Zen

“a calming moment”

“I really love my Zen MONQ. I have been an avid user of essential oils for about 2 years now, & I feel like the MONQ was the one thing missing from my arsenal/routine. Thank you!”—Emily D. Zen

“Super rad!”

“I really love the essential oils; they make you feel really centered. The blends are a perfect mixture of spices and fruity essences, and the calming effect really lasts! Plus, the device is the perfect size to take virturally ANYWHERE! For $20 + s/h, this product is the best you’ll find!! The company also feels very personal; the entire MONQ experience is perfect!”—Karen E. Zen

“Great choice!”

“I recently purchased the Zen MONQ and I am in love. It clears my senses almost immediately and I love the use of essential oils. I definitely plan on ordering more soon!”—Alexandra S. Zen


“I recieved the Zen MONQ in July as a birthday present from my brother, and I am amazed with the how well it helped me to relax. I am massively interested in essential oils and their abilities, and I’m quite the herbalist in my personal time, so I have tried many different ways of getting the best out of essential oils but this is definitely the most effective! I used to use specific essential on my skin to help me relax, but therapy is best delivered from nearly all oils through inhalation and absorption through the lungs, so the Zen MONQ really worked for me and made me feel very calm.
Now I use Zen before meditating and it helps me a lot! If you haven’t tried MONQ yet, quit wasting time and buy! I’m amazed at how well they work.”—Ben B. Zen

“Sooo helpful when I need some instant calm”

“I tried the Zen Monq flavor and I absolutely loved it. I’m incredibly conscientious about what I put in and on my body, avoiding anything with potentially harmful chemicals or processing. I was afraid it might have an artificial taste, but that was not the case at all. It’s like a delicious herbal tea in a vapor. When it says orange, frankincense and ylang-ylang, it actually tastes like those fresh herbs and flavors and not artificial versions. This particular blend really helped calm me when life stresses became a bit too much. It instantly slowed me down, cleared my head, and gave me a sense of calm. It was not habit forming – I used it as needed but never felt “addicted” or had cravings. It has same effects as a potent cup of relaxing herbal tea, or an aromatherapy diffuser with essential oils. But you can get those benefits in an instant, and on the go! I think it’s a great product and I would highly recommend it. I will definitely be trying more flavors!”—Kaleigh W. Zen

“Zen is amazing for Jen”

“I use essential oils daily, but MONQ took essential oils to another level. My Zen MONQ came at the perfect time, in time for midterms and really helped me relax and not be as stressed as normal. I will definitely be buying more of them in the near future!”—Jen S. Zen

“Love it”

“I usually don’t do reviews, but monq is wonderful so I decided to do my first review ever. I just started using essential oils maybe a month ago when I was reviewing for my exam. It actually helped me to calm down, when I am calm I can focus better. I love the smell and the taste. First I tried vibrant then I bought another one called zen. They both smell great. Even before I opened the package I can already smell it. I love them and I highly recommend monq…”—Bernadette G. Zen

“Can’t believe!”

“I was nervous at first to try Monq because I get headaches from certain essential oil scents but at the same time I really wanted to try it
Now that I got a chance – I am in love
I can’t wait to be able to order all of them at once
Seriously, would 100% recommend to every and anyone”—Laura B. Zen

“Not what I expected”

“I will admit that my Monq wasn’t performing quite as I had anticipated it would. For me the results weren’t right away, but rather over some time. I ordered “Zen” and found myself feeling a little sleepy after first use, which is fine. What I did notice was an overall change in my attitude. I think for me the essential oils played a significant role in my behavior so long as they were still in my system. A couple of puffs in the morning, a couple at night, and mine lasted a month!

Again, this is not what I was expecting, however, I experimented and found a method that really worked for me.

If you’re like me don’t expect some ah-ha moment when you use this product. But be patient and let it work, you will notice a difference. I’m going to buy “Happy” next!”—John M. Zen

“Effective Anxiety Reducer”

“I’m not sure if it’s some form of placebo effect or actually the pen itself, but anytime I’m anxious or distressed I find myself utilizing the Zen pen. Even if it was just a placebo effect, I would be completely fine with it because I enjoy the “taste” of Zen, and I find it rather soothing. I adore aromatherapy, and I find it amazing that I can now bring it with me. As for price, I think it’s rather fair because these /are/ organic ingredients, and essential oils by themselves can be a bit pricey; so, add in the science of making it portable… it’s totally fair. I would highly recommend this pen; it’s my favorite one outside of the nature pens.”—Racheal W. Zen

” I love it!”

“I’ve always loved essential oils, but this little device takes it to the next level. Amazing product and customer service!”—liz c. Zen

“I’ve been using essential oils”

“I’ve been using essential oils for about two or three years now, and this product completely changed the game! I absolutely love it! So easy to bring with you anywhere and I just love it!”—Christina M. Zen

“Just wonderful”

“I’ve never been much of a believer in Essential Oils. Mainly because I have never really tried them. I have the hardest time falling asleep and I can’t remember the last time I have slept through the whole night without waking up and struggling to fall back to sleep only to give up because I have to wake up in a couple hours anyway. Buying the sleepy pen on a whim really I was doubtful it was going to help. The first night I used it I was in the hospital with my son so I was exhausted already. I wasn’t sure if the pen had worked or I was just tired enough. I decided to wait and try it at home in my usual environment. At first, I did not like the smell of the valerian root at all. I made it a point to really appreciate the smell and exhale slowly. I took probably 5 or 6 puffs off of it my first time trying it at home. It was just so much fun lol. I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to take effect right away or take a while. Over the course of about 15 minutes, I slowly felt my body relax. I fidget a lot. I’m always moving something. I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt! I gradually drifted off so easily I couldn’t believe it! I did get woken up by my daughter wanting to cuddle so I grabbed my pen, took a few puffs, and drifted off again. This is completely worth the money.”—Natalie Madueno Zen

“Very very zen!”

“I’ve never smoked or even tried. MONQ is very easy to get the hang of and the essential oil benefit is wonderful! I loved the zen product and ordered two in a different pen that should be here any day! I would recommend this brand to anyone.”—Melanie M. Zen


“I’ve tried happy blender before and I felt it didn’t actually work out well for me but now I wanted to try zen and see if what I needed was a different blender… Zen and Happy have been a great experience, I love natural essential oils and having your own personal defuse it’s amazing, thank you for making this real for me and the rest of the people who are enjoying of your products. I appreciate your excellent support and great service. Thank you!”—Zaira C. Zen

“Loving the Zen!”

“I’ve used essential oils for many years. So needless to say I was excited when I saw this. I didn’t know what to expect but I am very satisfied. I can’t wait to try the other blends.”—Jennifer M. Zen

“So unique, and works so well!”

“If essential oils work for you, this is the route to go. By far the most convenient route of aromatherapy. I absolutely love the zen one. It’s very relaxing and smells very nice.”—Jenna N. Zen

“Awesome! :)”

“If you like essential oils, you’ll love this”—Emily D. Zen

“A must buy!”

“Just got my 2nd Monq, Zen, today and it’s AWESOME! the first I tried, Health, was amazing too. I’m saving up to get the whole set. I need these essential oil pens in my life”—Roxy R. Zen

“Love it!!”

“Just got my Zen Monq in the mail and I am loving it so far! A super easy way to get the benefits of essential oils, and really relaxing!!”—Rachel F. Zen


“Just like I imagined!! I already signed up to be an ambassador! I use essential oils daily and this is a wonderful bonus for my lifestyle”—Rebekah k. Zen

“Just tried the MONQ Zen.”

“Just tried the MONQ Zen. I’ve always loved essential oils so I was excited to try this. This is a great product, I love it. I will be trying the others!”—Wendy R. Zen

“In LOVE with MONQ”

“Like most essential oil lovers this is amazing! It was my first time buying MONQ so I relied on the reviews, I chose zen. Zen is great after a long day at work or any stressful time you are having. It calms my nerves and relaxes me. I cannot wait to try others like, happy and sleepy etc. Monq you are awesome!!”—Chelsea P. Zen

“Calming essential oil blend ZEN”

“Love being able to carry this in my purse, especially calming on those stressful days!”—Cynthia D. Zen

“New customer”

“Love my two new MONQ essential oils!!! I use Zen daily and Sleepy before bed. Both so relaxing and I love knowing they are safe and good for my body.”—Molly B. Zen


“Love my Zen Monq. I use it when I’m stressed. It helps! Essential oils are the best.”—Christy M. Zen


“Love this product! I am a fan of essential oils, this is a better way to have them with me when I need a few extra personal moments! :)”—Staci S. Zen

“love this product”

“mona’s products are fantastic!! I love aromatherapy and essential oils and these are amazing!!! I use them every day!!!”—amanda w. Zen

“Breathe of fresh air!”

“MONQ is absolutely genius! I needed that something extra to help my yoga practice. My husband and I just love our essential oil blends. Especially Ocean. It’s a magical blend!”—Christine Y. Zen

“MONQ is such a great”

“Monq is such a great alternative to having essential oils (since I can’t wear any smelly things at work)”—Kayla T. Zen


“My favorite essential oils in a portable convenient diffuser. Wonderful!”—Kali C. Zen

“Love it!”

“My friend got a MONQ so I tried hers and absolutely loved it. I really enjoy the smell of the essential oils in Zen. Highly recommend !!”—Noelle B. Zen


“Never have been a smoker so this subdues my OCD behavior while giving me the benefits of essential oils.”—Lara N. Zen


“New to this whole essential oil thing but I love this. Helps me mellow out. Can’t wait to try the other types.”—Danica L. Zen


“Since purchasing the zen pen, I have felt so at peace after using it. It’s amazing the effect that essential oils have on your body. I super appreciate Monq!”—Abigail E. Zen

” I love zen”

“so amazing the essential oil blend is perfect”—Brennah C. Zen


“So glad I have found MONQ. I love essential oils and love the way MONQ provides them to the body. They give me energy and help me calm down at the same time. Also, love how stylish MONQ is A+ in my book.”—heather miller Zen


“So glad I have found MONQ. I love essential oils and love the way MONQ provides them to the body. They give me energy and help me calm down at the same time. Also, love how stylish MONQ is A+ in my book.”—heather miller Zen

“Lovely and effective product”

“Started treating myself with these essential oil diffusers. I grabbed the Zen and Happy blends. Especially interested in trying the Zen one to check if really has any effect on me when I feel anxious and I’m not sure if it’s a placebo effect or if it really works but it works either way! I definitely feel more relaxed after 2 to 3 breaths. Plus the product presentation is of high quality and cute. I recommend the experience 100%”—MARIA A. Zen


“Such an innovative product for those who want to benefit from natural elements of essential oils. Great packaging, and awesome blends! I tried the zen MONQ initially and can’t wait to try some new blends. Love it!”—Makenzie G. Zen

“Zen MONQ”

“The flavor was really noticeable and you could feel of the essential oils, I really enjoyed it. And you also feel calm and relaxed after three puffs a day”—Payal M. Zen

“The taste did throw me”

“The taste did throw me off for a while, but that’s probably just because I’m new to the world of essential oils but this really is such a lovely product and it’s helped me calm down on some of my off days”—Ren T. Zen

“Best MONQ Out Of Them All”

“The zen is by far my favorite combination of essential oils and does a great job of keeping me calm.”—Summer F. Zen

“helps anxiety”

“The Zen MONQ has very calming effects that I noticed immediately after using it. It leaves a faint aftertaste but it isn’t unpleasant. I carry it with me all the time because it’s so convenient, you just keep it in the original packaging. I’ve also noticed that it helps with mild vertigo, I believe because of the orange essential oil.”—Britt R. Zen

“Amazingly calming”

“The zen MONQ is the most calming way to use essential oils. It definitely helps me relax when I feel anxious and is also super cute and tastes/smells super good.”—Sydney S. Zen


“These essential oils are life changing! The zen oil is calming and helps me relieve stress. It is easy to use and I love it! Thank you so much for creating these!”—Alixandria S. Zen

“Zen is my favorite!”

“These lil gems are amazing! Zen is my favorite but they all have such delightful flavors. I’m very much into the health benefits of quality essential oils and was thrilled to see your sources. What a great invention! I also got some as a gift for a (cigarette) smoker in hopes that it helps her cut back and eventually quit the nicotine. These are refreshingly enjoyable!”—Martha D. Zen

“Truly Zen”

“This product is amazing! I am so happy with my purchase. The essential oil blend is perfect and truly makes me feel calm and relaxed. I have told several people about MONQ because I am so thrilled with it. I can’t wait to try the others! Thank you! :heart::om:”—Kelsey M. Zen


“This product is just nice to have and the scents are great. I bought Zen and it lived up to my expectation. I’ve been wanting to bring essential oils into my life and haven’t had a chance to and this product now really has me wanting to try all types of essential oils”—Cinthia R. Zen

“Loving The Zen MONQ!”

“This product is so soothing and relaxing after work all day. I really enjoy the calm it gives me and the Ylang Ylang is what I think I’m impressed by in it the most. Also knowing it’s all natural essential oils that are helping to make my body feel less stressed is amazing.”—Jeanette H. Zen

“Surprisingly good”

“This was a surprisingly good and fun way to use essential oils on the go.”—Jonathan D. Zen

“Zen all the way!!”

“This was my first time having anything like this! I have a normal essential oil diffuser, but this Zen MONQ is absolutely amazing!!! And it gives off such a great aroma…. it also has a taste of tea lol I love it. Did I mention it’s pretty as well!! Thank you so much MONQ for the awesome product and fast shipping!!! I will be purchasing again for sure!! Thank you!!”—Cynteah G. Zen

“Love the blend”

“This was my first time using Zen MONQ and I really enjoyed the combination of essential oils. I liked the breathing technique demonstrated for its use as well. Incorporating breathe is huge to get the full benefit.”—Melanie P. Zen

“Great for Stress”

“This was really helpful in dealing with my stress as it not only had the essential oils but also made me think about my breathing.”—Kayla W. Zen

“Very cool product, wish it”

“Very cool product, wish it wasn’t such a waste when disposing of it, and the price is a bit high. But if they are real essential oils then I get it. Wish there wasn’t vegetable glycerin in the product but if that’s how these must be made so be it.”—Emma S. Zen

“Very enjoyable vibes when inhaling”

“Very enjoyable vibes when inhaling the MONQ essential oil diffuser! and completely safe !”—Samantha B. Zen


“Was looking for an easy way to diffuse essential oils on the go and this is perfect! Frankincense is one of my favorites so Zen is quite relaxing”—Lindsey K. Zen

“Zen is A M A Z I N G”

“When I first heard about MONQ I was a little skeptical. I read up on it and then found out it’s made out of essential oils and had to try it!! I’ve had mine for 3 weeks now and it has helped me so much in those moments of stress.”—Alexis Zen

“I love it!!”

“When I first received my MONQ it actually did not work so I called and told them and they replaced the one I ordered and sent me three more on them! I was so pleased with their customer service and their professional attitudes. Also, I love using my MONQ and being able to take it anywhere. it makes me feel very refreshed and energetic. I would recommend this to anyone who loves essential oils.”—Jessica H. Zen

“Love it!”

“You can smell the essential oils from outside of the casing. Its the perfect blend. I take my MonQ with me while practicing yoga in the park. Highly recommend!!”—Stephanne F. Zen

“Relaxing and elegant”

“Zen is a great way to start and finish the day. It’s there for me in an elegant unisex design that immediately brings me quiet and serenity when I focus on the aroma of the essential oils. Definitely better for me and the environment than other vices!”—Dirk W. Zen

“Zen wakes me up and relaxes me”

“Zen is great. I love using it first thing when I wake up. I find it wakes me up, I used mandarin essential oil in the past but the combination of Frankincense, Orange, and Ylang Ylang are amazing. I find it wakes me up but also calms me too.”—casey f. Zen

“Love This Pen!”

“Zen probably has the best balance in essential oils and feeling. I would recommend this as a first buy if it’s your first time!”—Daniel C. Zen

“Absolutely Recommend!”

“I was mostly skeptical of the ingredients in these would actually do what they claimed they would do when you use MONQ’s, but I was so pleasantly surprised! They’re very relaxing, and it’s so nice to know that I’m not inhaling harmful chemicals, like nicotine, and these focus on natural ingredients and essential oils. I HIGHLY recommend these products!!! Plus they taste great.”—Ana L. Zen Sleepy


“I wasn’t sure what to expect when purchasing the relax pack. I love using essential oils in a diffuser and the thought of having some to bring with me was very exciting. They did not disappoint! I use the zen one when I feel anxious and it completely chills me out almost instantly. I have terrible insomnia and since I started using the sleepy one my sleep has improved a ton!! I highly recommend and plan on trying out all of the different kinds now!”—Emma B. Zen Sleepy

“Nifty Aromatherapy Device Works Similar to a Cigarette”

“The essential oils are pure and seem to have similar effect as my sonic diffuser when using these.”—Lauren H. Zen Sleepy

“The sleepy essential oil blend”

“The sleepy essential oil blend smells amazing!”—Samantha P. Zen Sleepy

“Must have for essential oil lovers.”

“These are great! I use the Sleep for…well sleep. And zen when I need some..zen, which is every day. I want to try them all!”—Tamerri A. Zen Sleepy

“Best Product Ever!!”

“I love my MONQ essential oil pen so much. I feel much calmer and less anxious”—Ashley H. Zen

“Best Product Ever”

“I am a stay-at-home-mom and I always work from home doing essential oil classes, so my day has a lot of ups and downs, from being worn out from the moment I wake up to being stressed with so many things to do, MONQ has helped greatly dealing with these moods. I tell everyone I talk to about essential oils about MONQ and how it has helped me so much.”—Jamie B. Zen Vibrant


“I have used essential oils in the past and believe they help. When I heard about MONQ I decided I would give them a try! I have been happy with my purchase of the Synthesize Pack:)”—Brittani G. Zen Vibrant


“I love the convenience of these little things, and the Zen one really calms me and gets me ready for bed. The Vibrant one gives me energy and helps me tackle the day! For sure recommend to everyone who uses essential oils!”—Christine H. Zen Vibrant

“This is awesome!”

“I love this product! I began using essential oils about a year ago, so I was excited but skeptical about this product. I am so glad I tried it! I will be adding more to my collection!”—Carrie K. Zen Vibrant

“Great Product!”

“I ordered the Synthesize pack so my husband and I could each have a Zen and a Vibrant. We love them! They’re easy to use ad I look forward to a moment of respite throughout the day. I’m not a huge essential oil person, but I was gifted a diffuser and I use it sometimes. I won’t claim the oils “work” or “don’t work,” but I do feel like Monq is very similar to my diffused oils. So if you’re an oil person, you’ll love this! If you’re not an oil person, you’ll still like them because they’re fun :)”—Kirby N. Zen Vibrant

“Great Product”

“I’ve always believed in Aromatherapy being an Esthetician. I wish I would have thought of this product. It’s just like smelling the essential oils right from the bottle. My teenage daughter who gets stressed out from High School finds Monq helps her to relax and it’s not harmful to her.”—Audra E. Zen Vibrant

“My essential oil blends my way!”

“I’ve tried all 7 blends and have to say that they are all great. My favorite flavor is ‘happy’ my favorite overall is sleep-because it most definitely helps me have a more restful night!”—Neva N. Zen Vibrant

“Great Product/Service”

“My girlfriend and I purchased this for the idea that it’ll be helpful with our everyday stress. I wasn’t too convinced due to my history with Essential Oils (headaches, asthma, etc.). To my surprise, the product wasn’t too strong and it helps us throughout the day. We’re quite happy with our purchase.

Despite living in Hawaii, our purchase was quick and appealing upon delivery. We needed to speak to customer service at one point and they were vigilant in their response, as well as pleasantly kind.

Mahalo to the staff of MONQ. We will be back again.”—Eric M. Zen Vibrant

“I fell in love”

“These are amazing. I had no idea essential oils could be used this way! I love the design of the product and the flavor/scent combos. I love how transparent the company is, I even became an ambassador! Although the price point is a bit high for my budget, and I do believe the company needs to start working on refillable pens I’m very happy with my purchase. I can’t wait to try them all!”—Amanda B. Zen Vibrant

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