MONQ® Launches New Line of Bottled Therapeutic Fragrances



Rachel Donovan
Media Relations Specialist

After four years, more than 20,000 five-star reviews, and tens of thousands of positive testimonials, MONQ announces the release of a new Therapeutic Fragrance® line of essential oils in bottles, available in three scents.

Goodlettsville, TN (June 28, 2018) – Due to popular demand, MONQ is releasing three of their most popular personal diffuser blends in a Therapeutic Fragrance line, in an easy to use essential oil bottle form.

“Using the same scientific precepts as our Personal Essential Oil Diffusers, including the concepts of sensory adaptation and Paleo Air®, our lineup of Zen, Ocean, and Sleepy essential oils in bottles have been scientifically formulated and tested in the lab, to provide the utmost in scent and sensibility,” said MONQ founder, Eric Fishman, MD. “Shinrin-Yoku, or Forest Bathing has been an inspiration behind building these blends. Both essential oils and forest bathing have been shown to lower stress and increase the sense of well-being. MONQ’s scientists succeeded in capturing the stress-reducing effects of forest therapy in these bottled blends.”  

Zen Essential Oil  – This balancing essential oil blend is specifically crafted to facilitate your path to serenity, peace, mindfulness, and concentration. Naturally extracted, vegan, GMO free, and bottled by hand in the MONQ laboratories located in the U.S., Zen has been shown in a recent study to increase relaxation. It helps you feel presence and peace.

Ocean Essential Oil – This liberating essential oil blend is specifically crafted to invigorate you with a sense of adventure and opportunity. Using the same methodology as our other blends, this medley of fragrances, consistent with nostalgia therapy, evokes memories and feelings of the ocean.

Sleepy Essential Oil – This calming essential oil blend is specifically crafted to surround you in comfort to facilitate nights of more restful sleep. 100% natural and organic, Sleepy has been engineered through sleep science to help you feel tranquility and peace. A recent study shows that this essential oil blend is effective at inducing brain waves associated with relaxation and the first stages of sleep.

“I am extraordinarily proud of the work our entire team has done putting together what are among the best essential oils in the world. This is why we tell the world to Change your Oil!”, said Fishman.

MONQ’s bottled therapeutic fragrances are now available in 5ml bottles on and select retailers, with prices ranging from $25-$40.

About MONQ
Founded by Eric Fishman, MD, MONQ is changing the way the world thinks about aromatherapy by incorporating it into our daily lives, making it a lifestyle, making it personal, and clarifying why it is so effective. Eric Fishman, also known as Dr. MONQ, believes in creating products which people can use to improve their overall wellness and live a better life. When you use an aromatherapy product, you are, in our opinion, replacing many of the natural compounds that your bodies are used to having, and need from our environment. Using MONQ products can ultimately help to lower stress every day, any time of the year!

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