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Dec 15, 2018Lifestyle

An Invitation to Dream: Helping Your Sleep with Thought-Provoking Passages and Essential Oils

“It is a happiness to wonder— it is a happiness to dream.” -Edgar Allan Poe Diving into your subconscious mind as you drift off to sleep can create quite a vivid and imaginative escape from our current world. This universe is vast and one that scientists have been trying to explore to find the purpose […]

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Dec 14, 2018Nostalgia

Food and Nostalgia: The Connection

If you’ve ever had a deep craving for something from your childhood, or a very specific dish comes to mind when you read the words comfort food, then you’re probably familiar with the link between food and nostalgia. Eating food for memory improvement or sinking back into some warm, comforting memories are two fascinating ways […]

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