Founder’s Message, Sept 2019

MONQ Founders Letter

MONQ is committed to keeping you safe and well.#

This commitment to your health extends beyond providing you with safe, effective products. It is personal. As a physician, I took an oath to “do no harm,” and that oath extends to all I do at MONQ. In fact, five years ago, I founded MONQ on that principle and with the desire to transition from helping just one individual at a time to bringing wellness to many.

Recently, the media has featured stories about the potential dangers of vaping, and, in particular, the emergence of a severe lung condition that may be caused by lung inhalation vaping. So far, more than 380 cases of the illness have been confirmed.

MONQ extends our sympathies to all whom this illness has touched. As we try to make sense of this illness together, we want to ensure you that MONQ users are not at risk.

Potential causes of the current illnesses.#

For decades as a practicing physician, it has been my responsibility to determine the source of illnesses, so I could treat my patients most appropriately.

Using that same approach when examining recent news and the information available,  I am led to believe that these dangers associated with vaping are due to a change in the liquids being vaped.

While the possibilities are numerous, I believe that the most likely causes are tainted liquids released by unauthorized dealers and/or the inclusion of toxic chemicals and illegal drugs, such as synthetic cannabinoids. We now understand that many of the patients inhaled vapor containing THC and Vitamin E acetate.

This makes me believe that in many of the recent cases, the association with vaping is merely that vaping is the delivery mechanism for these chemicals.

MONQ is the safe and healthy alternative to lung inhalation vaping.#

At MONQ, we stand committed to a high standard of ingredient sourcing, storing, and liquid manufacturing. Since our inception, MONQ has maintained strict quality control standards. All of our liquids are blended in the MONQ lab, using the highest quality ingredients. When they come to you, they are diffused using the safest, low-temperature devices available.

Our diffusers have special, proprietary threading that is incompatible with products outside of the MONQ family. Our blends are sealed in non-refillable devices to prevent tampering or misuse of the essential oil blends.

MONQ products are designed for you to breathe Therapeutic Air® without the risk of lung irritation. Because the active ingredients in MONQ products are terpenes (aromatic compounds found in nature), MONQ blends are most effective when they waft across the olfactory bulb at the bridge of the nose. They do not require absorption by the lungs. In fact, inhaling MONQ to the lungs simply lessens the beneficial effects of the blends. So the proper way to use our products is to breathe MONQ in your mouth and out your nose. MONQ should not be inhaled into the lungs.

It’s not just what’s in our diffusers that makes them special—it’s what MONQ chooses to leave out.#

MONQ does not contain nicotine, artificial ingredients, tobacco, Vitamin E acetate, THC, or synthetic cannabinoids. Further, its method of use, which avoids lung inhalation, makes it entirely incompatible with the recent vaping-associated illnesses.

Safely enjoy your MONQ—your therapeutic air—anytime, anywhere. MONQ remains committed to providing you with safe and healthy products, and I remain committed to your wellness.

Thank you for allowing MONQ to be part of your journey.


Eric Fishman, MD
Founder & CEO

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