The Benefits of Breathing Meditation

breathing meditation

There are many different ways that meditation alone can help. However, breathing meditation has a lot of unique benefits that can improve your mind and body. While it might not seem like much, breathing meditation can be very powerful when implemented properly. In this article, we will discuss some of the key benefits that breathing meditation can have on your overall health.

The Top Benefits Of Breathing Meditation

woman holding up focus symbolImproved Focus

One of the benefits that you should be able to get from practicing breathing meditation would be an improved ability to focus. There are a variety of things that can distract us in today’s digital world. Many live busy lives with a lot of things going on simultaneously. Thus, anything that can improve our ability to focus and to direct our focus in certain ways is going to allow us to unleash the full power of our mind. Studies have shown that breathing exercises can have a direct and positive impact on one’s ability to focus on specific tasks. This type of meditation has been shown to have the ability to provide various different cognitive enhancement benefits including but not limited to improving the ability to handle emotions, decreasing mind wandering, and even improving overall focus.1

The research showed that breathing can directly stimulate locus coeruleus activity.1 Because of this, the research shows that breathe has a direct influence on our attention levels. Thus, by regulating your breathing patterns through breathing meditation, you should be able to better engage your attention and synchronize everything for optimal function.

woman laying down relaxing during yoga classImproved Ability to Relax

Another significant benefit that can stem from incorporating breathing exercises into your daily life would be a better ability to relax. Breathing exercises have shown to help one’s ability to experience repetitive thoughts and emotions without experiencing emotional distress because of them.2

As a result, this type of breathing can really help those reduce the negative emotional swings that typically come with repetitive thoughts and worrying. This alone is going to allow for one to be better able to relax when incorporating this type of breathing meditation into one’s daily routine. Along with this, it has been proven that breathing exercises like deep breathing can have a tremendously positive impact on reducing stress levels. Having reduced stress levels is likely to lead to having a much better ability to relax and to reduce the anxiety that typically stems from repetitive thoughts. Deep breathing has also shown an inherent ability to help lower blood pressure and reduce cortisol response.3

woman experiencing self awarenessEnhanced Self Awareness

Another benefit that can come from incorporating breathing meditation in one’s daily life is the ability to enhance one’s self-awareness. Believe it or not, but setting aside time for this type of meditation is going to allow one to self reflect. This will allow one to really come to terms with and understand how your mind and body reacts to certain situations and more. This is primarily because breathing meditation requires that you focus on breathing and it allows you to consciously see how your thoughts wander and how your body reacts to them.

woman working having self controlImproved Self-Control

Another good thing that can come from breathing exercises is the ability to improve one’s self-control. A lot of people often react instantly. When you incorporate breathing exercises and meditation in your life, you will be able to better learn how to deal with one’s emotional responses. This alone is going to make one a much more patient person overall and allow one to be able to better handle the emotional responses that come with various actions.

Breathing meditation allows you to learn how to control your emotions on the conscious level and it can positively reflect in your ability to maintain self-control in even the toughest situations.4 It can help one achieve a certain level of mindfulness that can optimize self-control in a way that not many other practices can. Studies have shown that it can be very effective and quick for those that have demonstrated an inability to control themselves for various reasons. This includes those that might suffer from addiction due to a lack of self-control or even those that might be unable to stick with healthy lifestyle changes.

woman relaxing at work smerkingBetter Emotional Health

Another benefit that can come directly from breathing meditation would be better emotional health. As mentioned previously, breathing and mindfulness meditation has been shown to effectively minimize depression thoughts in those that experience them.5,6

This is primarily due to the ability to positively impact the negative responses that repetitive thoughts can have on one’s emotional state. Those that cannot control or handle the emotional responses that come with these thoughts typically reach or enter a state of depression. By incorporating breathing meditation in one’s life, it should help break the negative responses that can occur from these repetitive thoughts and allow one to be better able to deal with them in a positive manner. Thus, it remains one of the best ways to naturally fight off symptoms of both depression and anxiety.

Overall, breathing exercises can have a positive impact in a variety of ways. Breathing meditation, especially when coupled with aromatherapy like MONQ’s Zen Blend is one of the best forms of meditation that one could implement on a day by day basis because it offers some of the greatest benefits that you simply wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere. It allows one to calm themselves and really achieve optimal self-awareness. Not only that, but it allows one to learn how to cope with and better handle emotions. This level of control can help in a variety of ways including minimizing the negative stress response that typically comes with emotional fluctuations but also the ability to avoid letting reoccurring thoughts negatively impact one’s stress and anxiety levels as well. The great thing about breathing meditation is the fact that it is incredibly easy to do and to fit into one’s life. As seen above, it offers some incredible benefits that can really transform one’s health in both body and mind.

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By Krista Burton

Krista is an aromatherapy enthusiast who enjoys writing and researching about all the new aromatherapy trends. When she’s not busy writing and researching you can find her dreaming about being on the beach.

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