Geranium Essential Oil – Holistic, Early Egyptian Remedy


More people are becoming aware that pharmaceutical compounds are not the only substances that can improve health. In fact, drugs are typically used to minimize the effects of a problem. But nature and the body’s own immune system actually do the healing. Geranium oil is a natural substance commonly used holistically to help improve emotional, mental, and physical health. Those who use aromatherapy are aware of the potent and positive effects of this essential oil. Try this invigorating essential oil for yourself in MONQ’s Vibrant or Love essential oil diffusers.

geraniumBenefits of Geranium Essential Oil

The use of geranium oil is known to have existed for thousands of years and goes all the way back to the early days of the Egyptians.  The upper class typically used it to improve and beautify their skin and to relieve anxiety. More modern uses of this oil are for acne treatments and to reduce inflammation in the body which has been linked to many of today’s chronic conditions. For most users, the oil does not irritate the skin in any way and can be a wonderful, natural and non-toxic part of your beauty routine.

This essential oil has been used as an antiseptic. It has been found to accelerate the healing of skin wounds and helps relieve depression. Those who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis may want to use geranium oil to relieve these conditions. Now, let’s take a look at 7 powerful health benefits of geranium essential oil.

Helps Balance Hormones

Both men and women can face hormonal imbalances that lead to a number of health issues. Women, in particular, will commonly suffer hormonal imbalances at some point in their lives. Now that more women are taking on multiple roles that include motherhood, being a wife, and working full-time, it can put a tremendous amount of stress on them which in turn, increases the amount of cortisol in their bodies leading to weight gain, anxiety, and exhaustion.

Men too can suffer from these hormonal imbalances that can lead to increased mood swings, feelings of anger, erectile dysfunction, and exhaustion. There are many factors that can have an effect on hormones and can lead to imbalances. Some of these include a lack of hydration, excess stress, and a poor diet. Exercise is another factor that when absent, can make a person more prone to hormonal imbalances.

Many people today eat a diet very high in heavily processed carbohydrates, snack foods, and fast foods. Many of these are broken down quickly into sugar in the blood known as glucose. This raises insulin and cortisol levels which plays a major role in weight gain and hormonal imbalances. Combining a healthy diet, a reasonable exercise plan, and the right essential oils can play a major role in balancing hormones.

Geranium oil is well known for its regenerative properties. Women who suffer from PMS or with tender breasts will find that this essential oil will help balance the hormones and relieve those conditions. This oil can be used topically or it can be used as part of your aromatherapy. If a woman suffers from a miscarriage or a difficult birth she can use this to help the body recover more quickly.

Relieves Depression

It’s estimated that at least 25% of the US population will experience depression at some time during their life. Tens of millions of Americans deal with depression every year. The state of depression can lead to insomnia, chronic fatigue, decreased sex drive, overwhelming feelings of despair, physical aches and pains, hopelessness, and low self-esteem.

Many people will simply try to ignore their condition and power through it. Others will seek medical attention. If the depression is at significant levels, it’s always a good choice to get a doctor’s advice. But the assumption that pharmaceutical medications are always the best choice is a misnomer. Pharmaceutical drugs may work, but they very commonly come with some side effects.

There is scientific proof that aromatherapy elevates mood and helps reduce the symptoms of depression. In these studies, it was found that aromatherapy had measurable results on stress levels, the immune system, the heart rate, and even a person’s breathing. The way it manages to affect the body in such a profound way is through a process where aromatic molecules penetrate the blood-brain barrier or activate the olfactory neurons at the olfactory bulb. This, in turn, has measurable results on the part of the brain that affects anxiety and depression.1

Geranium oil helps to level out mood swings and to increase positive feelings and works like a natural sedative.2 This means that it can help those who are suffering from insomnia to begin getting more sleep and during the waking hours it helps a person to remain calm and feel at ease. If a person is also suffering from anxiety it will help to reduce that condition in part by helping to balance the body’s hormones.

Improves the Health and Radiancy of Skin

Everyone wants to keep youthful and radiant skin. The marketplace is dominated by products to help maintain a youthful appearance. It has been found that geranium essential oil can have a powerful impact on the health of the skin. It reduces inflammation in the body, heals skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, and it keeps pores from getting clogged which reduces acne outbreaks.

This oil is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory which makes it ideal for treating cuts and wounds to the skin. It helps to tone up the skin which reduces wrinkling and helps restore stretch marks. It is considered a powerful alternative to commercially marketed skin care products.3 It is also a great alternative to some of the other over the counter acne medications.

Acne has more than one different cause but one of the primary causes is bacteria. This bacteria can build up on the skin and clog the pores which then ultimately leads to an acne attack. Whether it’s a black head, common pimples, or whiteheads, the use of this essential oil is highly effective at reducing these conditions. Thereby, the number of acne outbreaks reduces along with the length of time they remain once they do break out.

This oil can be applied directly to the skin. It’s good for reducing acne flare-ups and scarring that may be caused by troublesome outbreaks. Just as this oil is good for healing wounds, it’s equally good at preventing or healing scars. Simply massage a couple of drops into the problem area and the oil will heal and tighten the skin.

Helps Tone Muscles

As previously discussed, this essential oil helps to firm up the skin and it also helps firm muscle tone. You obviously won’t develop six pack abs without the right type of exercise. But many who are exercising still don’t get the firmness that they want and by using the geranium oil they will often get superior results. It also helps those who are aging to maintain a firm body by preventing the skin and muscles from sagging.

The astringent properties in this essential oil help muscles to contract and tighten. Many users have reported that they particularly notice that their abdomen tones up allowing their six-pack abs to show through. Some people who had tried through regular exercise and failed to get six-pack abs were able to do so when they added in the use of geranium oil. To use it for this purpose you simply take several drops of the oil, add it to a carrier oil like coconut oil or avocado oil, and massage it over the area that you want to tone and firm.

Aids Cold Hands and Feet

Many people who suffer from poor circulation in the blood will often experience cold feet and hands. This problem is commonly only one sign of a bigger problem. The effective circulation of blood in the body plays a major role in a person’s overall health. When poor circulation develops it will not only cause a person to suffer from excessively cold hands and feet but a myriad of other health problems.

Some of the issues that are caused by poor circulation include not only cold hands and feet but also a lack of feeling in fingers and toes. It can also lead to chronic headaches and tiredness as well as a tingling feeling in your limbs. There are many root causes that can lead to this issue. One way of helping to improve blood circulation and aid the symptom of cold hands and feet is through the use of aromatherapy.

Geranium essential oil can be used both externally by massaging the oil directly on the problem area and through the use of aromatherapy. If you want to use aromatherapy simply use oil with a desktop or personal essential oil diffuser or take a few drops diluted in a carrier oil and rub it directly onto the problem area. The combination is likely to have the most positive effect on blood circulation. The direct contact of massaging it into the problematic area will likely have the most overall effect on cold or tingling fingers and toes.4

Improves Dental Health and Reduces Bad Breath

Often when it comes to essential oils we focus on the general health benefits but overlook how those oils can help with dental health. Because geranium oil is an antiseptic it is good for fighting bacteria which can lead to cavities and bad breath. A number of studies have found that essential oils can be as effective as fluoride in helping to protect against cavities and the decay of teeth.

With the simple use of geranium oil mixed as a mouth rinse, it can kill bacteria that leads to tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. It has been found that this and other essential oils are effective at preventing the growth of plaque. It is also useful for dentures as they can be soaked in a solution of water and geranium essential oil which will remove bacteria that can cause staining and can lead to a buildup of bad bacteria in the mouth.5

Because geranium oil has a relaxing effect that reduces anxiety it is also useful at the dentist office to help those receiving procedures to feel more at ease. The dentist office may have a diffuser to fill the room with aromatherapy scents. This helps bring their patients at ease and help prevent them from feeling uncomfortable when going for their dental work. It has been found to be most effective when used in the waiting room of the dentist office to relieve stress.

Biofilm is a problem that happens when getting dental implants. The use of geranium and other essential oils are highly effective at preventing biofilm. The simple treatment of the implants with the essential oil can stop the production of biofilm. It’s also been shown to be useful for those who have an allergic reaction to other products used for this problem.

Menopausal Relief

Each woman is different and the timing when women will begin experiencing various changes that can start as early as a woman’s 30s. Usually, this doesn’t happen until a woman is in her 40s or 50s. She is considered to be in menopause when she goes a full year with no menstrual cycles. Some of the common symptoms include hot flashes, mood swings, fatigue, and insomnia. Some women do feel a sense of relief because they no longer have to deal with their monthly menstrual cycle. Others are relieved they no longer need to be concerned about getting pregnant.

Some women will elect to take hormone therapy to relieve some of the symptoms. However, numerous tests have found that doing so puts the woman at increased risk for stroke and heart disease. The longer that a woman stays on hormone therapy the greater her risks grows. Those that suffer from depression when entering menopause will often turn to antidepressants only to find that the drugs have many serious side effects.6

Geranium essential oil has been found to help relieve feelings of anxiety, reduce depression, and detoxifies the body. Many women find that they have dry skin and this essential oil is highly effective at relieving that condition. Geranium oil helps elevate positive feelings and it helps regulate mood swings. Aromatherapy, as well as the use of massage with this oil, is effective in relieving these types of symptoms that often accompany menopause.


geraniumsPhysical and Chemical Properties of Geranium Oil

Essential oils are fluids extracted from plants and flowers and are usually colorless and refractive. These oils are what help give herbs and flowers their unique fragrance. The oils come from different parts of the plant where they will have various levels of concentration. In some cases, there are slightly different components within the oil.7

Geranium oil comes from the steam distillation of freshly ground parts of the Geranium macrorrhizum. The main components of this oil are ketones, alcohol’s, hydrocarbons, and monoterpene compounds.8 The plant is originally from South Africa and is also natively found in Egypt, Madagascar, and Morocco. There are several hundred varieties but only 10 that are typically used for essential oil. This perennial shrub stands at about 1 meter high and is sometimes used around the house to keep evil spirits away.

Safety and Precautions of Using Geranium Essential Oil

It is important to understand that essential oils are powerful. It’s necessary to use a certain level as a precaution when first starting. It is necessary to be particularly careful with children. If used topically on children it should be diluted to 1/3 of what is used for an adult. It is best to consult with a health care professional who has experience working with essential oils before using on children. Although it is natural, because of its potency there are some cases where certain sensitivities may be experienced.

Use 4 ml of carrier oil for every one drop of the essential oil when using directly on the skin. Geranium oil has been found to be very effective in helping the health of the skin. Nonetheless, you should test a small amount on a small area or patch of the skin to make sure you don’t have any reaction.9

geranium oilCommon Ways to Use Geranium Essential Oil

  •  By adding a little to your moisturizer it will help the skin balance the production of oil.
  •  Quickly calm down a panic or anxiety attack by putting a drop in your hands and rubbing them together. Then, cup your hands over your mouth and nose and breathing in to produce a calm state of mind.
  •  Beautify your skin by using this aromatic oil with a facial steam.
  •  Add a few drops to your shampoo to improve the health and vibrancy of hair.

Final Thoughts About Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium oil is great for skin, hair, and teeth. It is effective at balancing hormones and relieving anxiety and depression. It is an essential oil that should be in everyone’s home. You can find geranium in MONQ’s Relieve personal essential oil diffuser.

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