Benefits of MONQ Portable Diffusers

monq portable diffusers

It’s no secret that essential oils are all the rage these days. Their supportive and healing properties soothe our pain away, help us sleep better, mitigate our negative emotions, boost our energy, relieve stress, and help regulate our hormones. It seems like there’s very little that essential oils can’t do to help our bodies on an emotional, mental, and physical level.

These potent essences of plants can be used in a wide variety of ways. Some of these uses span hundreds of years. One of the most recent methods of using them is through diffusion. In the ancient days, people were able to diffuse oils via flame and water.

In searching for more effective ways of delivering the benefits of the oils, the first ultrasonic, ventilation, and nebulizing diffusers were invented years ago. Using unheated methods of diffusing the oil allows the user to benefit from the therapeutic properties of essential oils without compromising on quality.

Woman Breathing Ocean Diffuser Close UpPortable Oil Diffusers

Aromatherapy often involves sitting in a bathtub, burning candles, setting up a facial steamer, or all of the above. If you need to personalize your experience or have access to aromatherapy on demand, portability is such a great feature. However, until recently, portability has never been a strong feature of aromatherapy.

With the recent success and wide reach of “vaping,” it was only a matter of time before other industries, including aromatherapy, started incorporating the same technologies and functions in their own product lines. Personal or portable essential oil diffusers are one great example.

A portable aromatherapy diffuser works pretty much the same way. However, while e-cigarettes vaporize a propylene glycol compound or vegetable glycerin plus nicotine and artificial flavors, essential oil portable diffusers usually vaporize only vegetable glycerin and essential oils.

Many people like to utilize essential oils for relaxing, and they use a facial steamer at home for doing this. Portable diffusers allow you to enjoy the benefits of essential oil-infused steam without the need to sit in one place or set up dedicated machinery. When the vegetable glycerin into which the essential oils are infused is heated up, it turns into water and carbon dioxide, thus acting as, to some extent, a portable steam diffuser.

Just like a vaping device, they feature a tank that’s filled with essential oils. When you draw on the device, as you would suck on a straw when trying to drink a thick milkshake, it produces a mist that you can bring in through your mouth. This way, when you’re tired at work and are in need of a little “pick me up”, or you’re just stressed from office work and need to relax, you can just pick up your portable diffuser.

MONQ diffusers with friendsHow Portable Essential Oil Diffusers Work

Portable diffusers combine aromatherapy and electronics in a compact, ultra-portable device. The devices typically feature a separate power supply section and a special container or tank where the essential oil solution is placed.

The devices are activated by applying negative pressure to the mouthpiece side. They generally use only mild heat to release the molecules from the oils.

Portable essential oil diffusers are perfect for anyone who travels a lot as well as for people who work by a computer a lot of the time. It’s also perfect for office employees and students, as well as gamers who play all the time. That’s because the use of these diffusers will be helpful in enhancing focus and will also help you keep calm during work, study, or gaming sessions.

diffuser near waterfallWhen to Use a Portable Diffuser


What’s worse than going on a business trip or a vacation only to get sick on the plane on your way there? Essential oils can be helpful as they can help prevent illness such as a cold or hay fever symptoms, and can help contribute to keeping your body in a more homeostatic situation with your environment.

In the Office

If you spend much of your time in an office or in multiple locations, having a portable diffuser with you can make it easy for you to upgrade the quality of the air you breathe by providing a healthy balance of secondary metabolites such as terpenes.

Everything You Need to Know about MONQ Portable Air Diffusers

MONQ® is the latest and perhaps the best portable essential oil diffuser in the market. The creators of MONQ® have introduced the benefits of aromatherapy wherever you are and whenever you need it by creating something that’s light, affordable, and easy to carry.

The diffuser is shaped like a canister. In fact, it’s often mistaken for an e-cigarette, perhaps more than any other conventional diffuser that you might be familiar with. However, unlike e-cigarettes, there’s no nicotine, harsh chemicals, or artificial flavorings.

Instead, the MONQ® portable aromatherapy devices are recyclable, and are designed to help improve your energy levels, boost your mood, lower stress, and enhance concentration, just to name a few benefits. All of this is achieved through their custom blend of essential oils that are designed to suit different situations and purposes.

Woman Breathing Ocean Diffuser Under TreeHow to Use MONQ Diffusers

You should have no trouble using this simple aromatherapy device, even if you have no experience with essential oils. You don’t have to know the exact scents to combine, the exact quantities of each oil to put into a mixture, or even have to buy lots of different essential oils to achieve the effects you want. Why? Well, MONQ® has already taken care of all that for you.

The device comes in 11 different, organic, and ready for use blends without any nicotine, tobacco, or other artificial components. You only need to choose your blends based on the kind of effect you want, open the container, and start breathing in your mouth and out your nose. These portable diffusers turn their custom blends of organic essential oils and organic vegetable glycerin into vapor for easy usage. And, since it is designed to directly stimulate the olfactory bulb, which is, after all, the most effective method of gaining the benefit from aromatherapy, MONQ is incredibly effective, even when using only a tiny amount. It is recommended to use MONQ by taking 2-3 gentle breaths, 2-3 times a day.

Aromatherapy does a lot more than provide a pleasing fragrance. It has many physiological and psychological benefits such as improved libido, reduced stress levels, and enhanced energy. Although aromatherapy can be enjoyed in so many ways, most of the techniques are not portable. That’s where the MONQ portable diffusers have an advantage; you can use them whenever and wherever you want.

Is it Safe?

MONQ® therapeutic air is safe to use. The heated vapor delivery system and the essential oil blends are safe to use as directed, although people suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma, chronic bronchitis, or acute respiratory infections should avoid it. Nursing and pregnant should also not use MONQ.

Since MONQ products use vegetable glycerin derived from plant oils and don’t contain any synthetic substances or artificial flavors, they are considered much safer in comparison to other vaporizers in the market, and should not be thought of as in the same category. MONQ also doesn’t contain controlled substances like THC, marijuana, or anything else of that nature. The products are legal to use in 50 American states and in most countries worldwide.

Active Oil Diffuser On Cutting Board With Sage Black Pepper and OrangeHow MONQ is Different

MONQ® portable diffusers promise an intimate experience with aromatherapy. Although you can apply the essential oil on your skin and put it in your food, the experience is most effective when the particles are diffused. With MONQ, you will be benefiting from the therapeutic air®.

There’s really no special way of using the MONQ portable device, so don’t worry even if you’ve never used anything like this before. Breathe gently into your mouth and out through your nose without inhaling into your lungs. 

All you need to do is remove the diffuser from its protective case and place the tiny circular opening to your lips. You only need to breathe the vapor into your mouth, without necessarily letting it get to the lungs. Just enjoy the high-quality aromatherapy experience.

You may or may not experience the effects immediately. So you may not experience a sudden change right away. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not working. Your body may need some time to react to the terpenes. A few gentle breaths are usually more than enough. 

Since there’s no burning involved, you don’t actually smoke MONQ. The visible mist is water vapor, which is similar to the steam you get when boiling water. The liquid in the device is usually heated modestly, and the casing does a good job of protecting you from any burns or overheating injuries.

While it is safe to use it as often as you’d like, it is recommended that it be used starting out with once or twice a day and then adjusting your usage, up to three times a day based on your preferences. Although there are many aromatherapy products that use blends of only a few plants at a time, MONQ products usually have more complex blends, which bring a myriad of aromatherapy benefits.

Who Can Use MONQ?woman and man with Mountain diffusers

Almost anyone can use MONQ portable diffusers for various uses including relaxation, energy, and enhanced concentration. The product will not only help you to relax better but is also useful in providing relief to people suffering from stress.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that the product is not intended for people under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing women, nor for people who have respiratory conditions or diseases.


Although MONQ works provide more than the regular benefits of a conventional standard desktop diffuser, it can easily fit in your pocket, meaning it will stick with you throughout the day. Rather than emitting essential oils all over a room like a nebulizing or ultrasonic diffuser, MONQ lets you breathe in the same compounds, though they are delivered straight to your nose and mouth. Thus you will not be interfering with the air that your roommates, officemates, family, or anyone else for that matter will be breathing.

MONQ is extremely easy to use. You don’t need to mix any oils, change batteries, charge the device, or even press a button to turn it on. And, as above, All the plant materials used in the device are organic.

Most of the oils are derived from carbon dioxide extraction or steam distillation, and alcohol is not used in any step of the process. The oils are then mixed into a homogenous coconut-based, organic, vegetable glycerin. The end result is a 100% natural, organic product.

For easier understanding, each of the blends outlines the 3 major base oil components, though each is actually made from around a dozen or more ingredients. In case you are allergic to certain plants or essential oils, make sure that you go through the full list of ingredients before using the product.

MONQ diffusers happy healthy sleepy active vibrant zen sexyThe MONQ Blends

Here is a list of the ingredients for individual blends, and how they can help you.


This blend consists of thyme, fennel, and vanilla as the main ingredients, along with clary sage, caraway, parsley seed, mandarin, petitgrain, marjoram, and thyme. The Happy blend is aimed at keeping you blissful and optimistic by promoting a sense of positivity with positive vibes all around you.


The major ingredients in this blend are lavender, valerian, lemongrass, as well as some mandarin, copaiba, petitgrain, and tarragon. Just as the name suggests, MONQ’s Sleepy blend is aimed at helping you get a restful, good night’s sleep.


The key ingredients in this blend are ginger, lemon, and spearmint, as well as some bitter orange, basil, copaiba, dill seed, black pepper, geranium, oregano, rosemary, clary sage, hyssop, peppermint, bergamot, orange sweet, sage, and fennel. Due to the extensive list of oils infused in this blend, it’s no wonder that this Vibrant blend is effective in improving concentration levels.


The main ingredients here are turmeric, cinnamon leaf, and marjoram, along with caraway, basil, dill seed, copaiba, and lemon. The Healthy blend is specially formulated to promote good health and wellness.


Black pepper, orange, and sage are the main ingredient of the Active blend, with some anise, allspice, copaiba, bitter orange, frankincense, mandarin yellow, rosemary, orange sweet, lemon, spearmint and parsley. This blend of herbs helps you to be more productive throughout your day.


The Zen blend is made using frankincense, orange, and ylang-ylang, as well as black pepper, clary sage, dill seed, bitter orange, lemon, spearmint, sage, rosemary, eucalyptus, and tea tree. This blend is helpful in encouraging feelings of relaxation and calm by reducing stress levels. It is MONQ’s most popular blend.


The main ingredients in the Sexy blend are jasmine, patchouli, and lime. The extra ingredients include caraway, allspice, copaiba, cinnamon leaf, Manuka, lemon, vanilla, orange sweet, and ylang-ylang. This might be just what you need to add some spice to a boring sex or love life with this blend, which is an aphrodisiac.

Pros of MONQ:

  • The signature therapeutic air diffusers from MONQ offer various health benefits as discussed above. You have the option of choosing a blend based on what you need.
  • The product comes pre-packaged with blends and is easy to use. You don’t need to mix or infuse anything manually to reap the benefits.
  • The blends are re-purposed for the most common needs, including helping you relax, brightening your mood, or providing an energy boost.
  • The device is battery powered, meaning you don’t need to worry about plugging or charging the diffuser anywhere while traveling or while you’re on the move.


  •  There are some users who’ve raised some complaints about getting a headache after using their diffusers.  This is mostly due to not being familiar with vapor or being allergic to essential oils.
  • Some people have claimed that they don’t enjoy the taste or scent of certain blends.

How Much MONQ Costs

MONQ comes in11 different blends, which can be bought individually or as a package. Each of the diffusers costs around $20 – $25. In case you want to try out more than one blend at a given time, there are a few different packs that you can purchase often at discounted prices. And, there are discounts available when you subscribe for monthly delivery.  This can be the best way to enjoy MONQ!

It’s a good idea to try out as many blends as you can to see the one you like the best. For such a high-quality product, the prices are generally considered affordable. Keep in mind that while buying MONQ, you won’t be buying another toy or item, you are actually investing in your health. Is there really a price you can put on that?

Laughing Woman Holding Happy MONQ Essential Oil Diffuser Near PierHow Long MONQ Lasts

One diffuser will on average give out about 200 – 250 breaths. This amounts to nearly a month of daily use. Of course, this can change based on how often you use the device. In general, the more you use the device, the quicker the oil will be depleted.  It’s possible to use up the product with 100 strong puffs a day, but this kind of use is not recommended by the manufacturer.

Due to the robust nature of the blends and efficiency with which they are delivered, most users find taking just 2 to 3 breaths every few hours satisfying. As such, you can enjoy a single MONQ device for a relatively long time and even switch between different blends, as you like.

MONQ® recommends 2 to 3 breaths, about 2 to 3 times a day. This way, every breath will be like your first breath. You will suddenly get a rush from the active ingredients, a spike you’ll notice via your brain and nose.

And now, see how your personality affects your choice of MONQ blends!

Taylor James

By Taylor James

Taylor is an aromatherapy enthusiast who’s favorite use of essential oils is through a portable diffuser created by MONQ. In her spare time you can find her enjoying nature whether it be on a lake or in a forest.

Favorite MONQ blend: Forest

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The above information relates to studies of specific individual essential oil ingredients, some of which are used in the essential oil blends for various MONQ diffusers. Please note, however, that while individual ingredients may have been shown to exhibit certain independent effects when used alone, the specific blends of ingredients contained in MONQ diffusers have not been tested. No specific claims are being made that use of any MONQ diffusers will lead to any of the effects discussed above.  Additionally, please note that MONQ diffusers have not been reviewed or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. MONQ diffusers are not intended to be used in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, prevention, or treatment of any disease or medical condition. If you have a health condition or concern, please consult a physician or your alternative health care provider prior to using MONQ diffusers. MONQ blends should not be inhaled into the lungs.

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