Pairing Crystals and Essential Oils for Health and Happiness

crystals and essential oils for health and hapiness

Pairing—putting two wonderful things together to generate an even better result.

Certainly, you’ve enjoyed pairing wine with the perfect entree or coffee and tea with dessert. But the pairing discussed below can prove even more beneficial than a delicious dinner: crystals and essential oils for building a happier and healthier life.

Happy person

Characteristics of Healthy, Happy People

The idea of living a long and happy life isn’t anything new. In 1938, during the Great Depression, Harvard researchers began a study they hoped would reveal keys to health and longevity. The study continues today, having recruited new generations as time goes on.

Based on the findings from the Harvard study, it’s not really money, fame, intelligence, or even genes that control our life’s path.1 Rather, happiness and health are supported by physical activity, avoiding smoking and alcohol abuse, weight management, having the skills to cope with life’s ups and downs, and the ability to build a healthy relationship.

Pairing crystals and essential oils can help individuals better achieve these supporters for health and happiness, leading to better health and well-being overall.


How To Use Crystals and Essential Oils

Crystals and essential oils are beautiful additions to any space. Their presence changes the experience of the surroundings both visually and aromatically. They also significantly shift the energy and vibration in a space in subtle ways. Put crystals in a place that is near you or easy to see. Small crystals can be placed in your pocket, near a computer keyboard, or worn as jewelry.

Just having a crystal near you allows you to share its energy. The vibration from many of these stones is high and healing. Take time to learn about the stones and crystals you use. Some are water-soluble, so don’t soak them in water as it may damage them. Most crystals need to be recharged. They do so in sunlight and also by the full moon.

Essential oils can be used in many ways. Whether it’s topically after dilution with a carrier oil, aromatically in a room diffuser or portable essential oil diffuser, or added into a bath.

Happy, Healthy Pairings

Here are some of my the best crystal and essential oil pairings geared towards promoting a more fulfilling, long, and healthy life. As you begin to use these powerful aides from nature, you’ll find that some crystals and aromatherapy essences resonate more with you than others.

With time, you’ll develop the ability to intuitively know what will heal and support your body. Consider this article a starting point from where the rest of your journey can begin.

Positive Attitude and Optimism

Positivity and an optimistic point of view are inborn for some people. For others, these important life skills can be cultivated.


  • Sugalite protects against the harsher side of life and helps keep you in the present. This stone works to curb negative emotions and resentments.
  • Citrine promotes positive feelings from within, brightening your perspective.
  • Pyrite is said to protect from negativity on all levels.

Essential Oils

Believing in Yourself and Your Intrinsic Value

Knowing your strength and power can help you move quickly towards your dreams and aspirations. You can’t wait for others to tell you how amazing you are; you have to cultivate these powers yourself.


  • Chrysocolla can help build great inner strength and release negative emotions.
  • Jade is sometimes called the “dream stone,” bringing clarity to your potential and purpose.
  • Moonstone helps in sustaining certainty of purpose and stimulating confidence.

Essential Oils

  • Ylang-ylang bolsters self-esteem, self-love, confidence, joy, and peace.
  • Bergamot is uplifting and refreshing.
  • Other essential oils for this purpose include vetiver, jasmine, geranium, and cedarwood.

Develop Interest in Enjoyable Physical Activities

We all are so busy that sometimes we don’t make time for exercise, but it’s proven to be an important factor for health, longevity, and stress reduction. Perhaps you’ll find the motivation you need with these natural helpers.


  • Chrysocolla promotes and enhances physical vitality.
  • Mexican lace agate is thought to bring your physical energies to higher and more balanced states.

Essential Oils

Establish a Healthy Diet

Try these healthy allies to help you make smart food choices.


  • Apatite can suppress appetite.
  • Malachite is a healing and beautiful stone. It is also thought to help individuals stay on course, see cause and effect clearly, and help you accept change for the good.

Essential Oils

  • Peppermint is an amazing fresh scent that calms the nerves and can curb appetite.
  • Vanilla, while not a true essential oil, has been known to satisfy a craving for sweets.
  • Other oils that could help include black pepper, jasmine, and neroli.

Make Time for Fun

You know what they say about all work and no play? Not only can it make you dull, but it’s not good for the body, mind, and spirit. You might be “all grown up,” but allow the spontaneity and freedom of playback into your life.


  • Kunzite is a versatile stone. One of its strengths is that, while it encourages mature thought and action, it also inspires the openness of a child.
  • Dalmatian jasper encourages grounding, loyalty, and brings a sense of fun to life.

Essential Oils

  • Orange is uplifting, fresh, and brings joy to the heart.
  • Lemongrass gets oxygen flowing through the body and lifts the spirit.
  • Helichrysum is a powerful oil. Attributes include being uplifting and helping release emotional blocks so one can more fully enjoy life.

Go into Nature

Whether you are a tree hugger, a forest bather or more of a homebody, studies are irrefutable. Everyone needs to get outdoors and into nature, connecting with the earth and enjoying a bit of sunshine for a healthy body, mind, and spirit.


  • Sunstone, as you might guess, is thought to be connected to the power of the sun. It also is wonderful for clearing chakras, allowing energy to flow more freely through the body.
  • Septarian, sometimes called dragon egg, is a combination of calcite, aragonite, limestone, and barite. It can bring uplifting feelings of joy and connects individuals to Earth.

Essential Oils

  • Pine brings irresistible memories of the forest and perhaps holiday trees. Its freshness and invigorating qualities will get you moving.
  • Vetiver’s rich earthy scent will call you out to dig your toes into the soil and commune with mother nature. It is also naturally grounding and calming.
  • Other helpful oils include myrtle, cypress, and lemon

Build Deep Relationships and Enjoy Them

Whether you’re single, partnered, or married, relationships are so important to long-term health and happiness. Follow the path that’s right for you, but make time to share yourself with others and be there to learn about them.


  • Jade brings the energy of fidelity, harmony, balance, and attention to needs of others.
  • Garnet is a gem of devotion, commitment, and love of others. It encourages expressions of warmth and understanding.

Essential Oils

  • Ylang-ylang enhances relationships. It brings a sense of calm and relaxation plus enhances self-love and confidence.
  • Petitgrain helps with emotional balance. It can be uplifting, refreshes the senses, clears confusion, reduces mental fatigue, and stimulates the mind.
  • Other oils to help include rose, lavender, and bergamot.

Do Things for Others

Sometimes our lives get so busy that we lose focus on the fact that we are part of something larger than ourselves. Taking the time to help others goes a long way to broaden your sense of purpose and satisfaction with life.


  • Chalcedony is a stone which encourages kinship with all, strengthening benevolence and goodwill.
  • Jasper reminds us that we are not just here for ourselves but also to bring joy and support to others.

Essential Oils

  • Elemi calms and centers, bringing balance to body, mind and spirit.
  • Rosewood is a balancing and opening oil, appeasing the mind, relaxing the body, and creating feelings of peace and gentleness.
  • Others helpful oils include cypress, geranium, and yarrow.

Cultivate Gratitude and Contentment

Sometimes, the news is focused so much on problems that individuals forget there is so much that goes right in the world. Remembering our reasons to be grateful and happy can bring you great joy.


  • Moss agate encourages agreeability, positivity, balance, and the ability to see beauty in all things.
  • Kunzite radiates peace, love, dissolves negativity, and supports maturity in thought and action.

Essential Oils

  • German chamomile brings on feelings of calm, peace, and patience.
  • Geranium brings joyful memories, lifts the spirit and fills individuals with peace, well-being, and hope.
  • Other great essential oils for this include spruce, marjoram, and sandalwood.

Explore the Spiritual Realm in Ways That Resonate with You

Life may feel so busy and perhaps even chaotic. Turning within, you may be able to find more peace and a deeper wisdom to help bring more meaning, peace, and purpose to your life.


  • Turquoise is a beautiful gift from Earth honored by people all over the world. This stone is a healer and cleanser but also seems to help provide a loving connection to higher energies and the spiritual realm.
  • Rutilated quartz can add support to your insight and understanding of your higher self.

Essential Oils

  • Frankincense seems to help individuals feel more open to the spiritual world.
  • Myrrh is another spiritual connection oil.
  • Other oils to try include cedarwood, tsuga, and spruce.


The power of crystals paired with the vibration of essential oils offers a wonderful boost of positive energy to help you achieve your best life. The only way individuals can really make affirmative changes in life and in happiness and health is to take real action.

Of course, change takes work, but generally, it’s just a matter of forming some new habits. Keep your vision on your goal, and let that new hope of a better future carry you through the challenges. The changes will be easier with all these natural tools guiding you forward.

Suni Moon

By Suni Moon

Agent of happiness, healing and light. Suni is a writer, therapist and meditation guru to corporations, schools, conferences and workshops.

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