How To Use Crystals to Improve Your Sleep

how to use crystals

Most people know that getting enough sleep is important for health and productivity. Even so, many people regularly have nights and even weeks where they simply don’t have the time to get sufficient sleep. Additionally, even when you finally make the time to go to sleep, the stress from the day can keep you from falling asleep or staying asleep.

Luckily, there are a variety of natural remedies you can use to promote relaxation and help you achieve better sleep, one of which is the use of crystals. Some of the best crystals for helping you achieve deeper sleep are outlined below.

Top Crystals for Improving Sleep Quality

Gemstones have formed in the Earth since its earliest beginnings. These stones each have their own unique vibrations, and this energy can flow through you and help balance your vibrations. This can ultimately help you achieve a deeper and more restful sleep.1


When you lay down but can’t go to sleep because of all the chaotic thoughts racing through your mind, this is a great crystal to use. Celestite is a calming stone that helps push chaotic thoughts out of your mind and promotes serenity. This crystal is associated with the third eye which will provide insights that allows you to reach a state of calm while quieting the mind.


This stone is not only known for its ability to resolve overactive minds, but it also instills feelings of security while alleviating stress.


Selenite is sometimes referred to as “liquid light.” It helps bring about a state of calmness and clears the mind. Its energy will flow through you and balance your mind while relaxing the nervous system.

Rose Quartz

Most people who are interested in the use of crystals believe that rose quartz projects an aura of love and protection. This produces a sense of contentment and calm. If someone feels restless or anxious, this stone and its qualities will help balance some of those feelings. Some crystal experts believe that using two pieces of this stone near your bed will produce optimal effects.2

Pairing Crystals with Essential Oils

Getting a good night’s sleep is largely connected with living a healthier and happier life. When your life is filled with stress and anxiety will spill over into the nighttime and negatively affect your sleep. This, in turn, will add to the daytime stress and anxiety in a never-ending cycle. One way to supercharge the effect of crystals is by pairing them with appropriate essential oils.

When these two powerful remedies are paired together you can maximize the results by filling your surroundings with beautiful visuals, positive energy, and calming aromas. Pair Sleepy with one of the crystals mentioned above, and you’ll be on your way to a good night’s sleep.


The combination of crystals and essential oils can prove to be the perfect fix to your sleeplessness after a long and hectic day. While the vibrations of the crystals interact with those in your body, the aromatic plant compounds in the essential oils interact with the brain—both provide relaxation that can help you fall asleep faster or finally sleep through the night.

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