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Paleo Air - and Why Should I Care?

Paleo Air®

And Why Should I Care?

Our ancestors breathed healthy air and we should do the same. This Paleo Air had essentially no pollution, and it had a tremendous number of Secondary Metabolites, those wonderful compounds released by plants that have been proven to be beneficial to humans.

Because it is virtually impossible to remove ourselves from the polluted environment that we call home, it is important to look for ways to improve our lifestyle as best we can. The best way to do this is by regularly exposing yourself to the same kind of air that our ancestors breathed during the Paleolithic era.

Secondary Metabolites

If you think about plants from a biological perspective, it becomes obvious that one of their main characteristics is that they grow. Their growth is dependent upon photosynthesis, in which carbon dioxide from the air is combined with nutrients found, in general, in the soil, and plant material is produced.

forest with sun

However, if you consider the fragrance found within a forest, it becomes very apparent that not all of the compounds produced by a plant lead to plant growth. This is because if you are smelling a fragrance, those molecules have left the plant itself.

Note that the plant growth material is called primary metabolites, and the fragrances, which are compounds released by the plant, are called secondary metabolites.

We call the air that is filled with secondary metabolites Paleo Air®, and it provides a tremendous number of benefits, such as promoting well-being and encouraging positive feelings. It is our belief that paleo air, is a meaningful component of forest bathing. Forest bathing also known as Shinrin-Yoku, named by the Japanese Forest Service in 1982, contains secondary metabolites that lead to amazing benefits. Essentially, forest bathing is exposing yourself to the forest atmosphere by immersing yourself in a natural forest. It is not to be mistaken for hiking nor doing a physical activity in a forest. Instead, it is simply being in nature and taking it all in through each of your senses. MONQ Personal Aromatherapy Diffusers can be considered to provide Paleo Air and have been shown to help in promoting a positive mindset in tens of thousands of our customers.

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