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If you’re looking for a long-term lifestyle change rather than simply a diet, Paleo might just be the way to go

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Long-Term Benefits of the Paleo Diet

You’ve probably heard of the Paleo Diet by now, but if you haven’t, it’s a diet that encourages individuals to eat how humans ate during the Paleolithic era. 1 As it gains increased awareness and popularity in the public eye, many individuals have questioned whether or not the Paleo diet is sustainable in the long-term.

You’ll be happy to know that unlike many other diets, the Paleo Diet is considered sustainable. Not only is the diet itself sustainable, but the lifestyle can provide many inherent health benefits.

In fact, a long-term study conducted on postmenopausal women concluded that the Paleo Diet significantly decreased total fat while maintaining better triglyceride levels than low-fat diets. 2

One of the reasons why the Paleo Diet is a safe diet and lifestyle to adhere to long-term is because it is almost completely reliant on fresh, whole foods including meat, vegetables, and fruits. Additional reasons why Paleo is a healthy choice for a long-term lifestyle change are highlighted below.

Why the Paleo Diet Is More Sustainable Than Other paleo diet Diets

Not Overly Restrictive

While the Paleo Diet surely has its fair share of restrictions, it’s not overly-restrictive to the point where you’re limited to a specific food group. A lot of the diets that you will typically find are specifically designed to end at some point. Thus, they typically restrict you to very few food groups. With the Paleo Diet, you are encouraged to consume a variety of foods from different food groups, which should keep you much more satisfied.

You Won't Go Hungry

At the same time, a lot of diets are similarly restrictive in caloric intake. After all, the key to achieving weight loss is taking in fewer calories than you are burning throughout the day. However, the Paleo diet is different. You are encouraged to eat as much as you’d like (within reason) until you are full and satisfied each day.

Therefore, it is a much easier diet and lifestyle to follow as you are not going to be constantly hungry throughout the day. Additionally, studies show that a Paleo diet is more satisfying per calorie than a Mediterranean-style diet. 3

paleo diet You Can Eat Carbohydrates

Unlike the Keto diet, the Paleo Diet allows for limited carbohydrate consumption which makes it more sustainable for those looking for a long-term lifestyle change. Being able to incorporate foods like sweet potatoes into your diet can really open up the number of recipes that you will be able to create while adhering to a Paleo diet and lifestyle.

You Can Eat Fruits

Unlike a lot of diets, the Paleo Diet allows for some consumption of fruit. This is important because it can satisfy sweet cravings and offer you a great dessert substitute. If you are following a diet that limits the amount of tasty food that you can consume, you are likely going to have a more difficult time sticking to it.

However, if you have a lot of tasty options that satisfy your sweet tooth with natural sugars alone, you’ll be able to stick to the diet more successfully.

Nutrient-Dense Diet paleo diet

Unlike some of the diets that you might be thinking about following, the Paleo Diet is not going to leave you void of nutrients. The entire diet is full of nutrient-dense foods that you can incorporate into your daily life.


If you’re looking for a long-term lifestyle change rather than simply a diet, Paleo might just be the way to go. Also, remember the importance of pairing this new healthier diet with changes like increased exercise, meditation, or aromatherapy sessions. By implementing these lifestyle changes, you’ll not only be able to look better and feel better, but you’ll also move closer to creating a better you.

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