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customer reviews about using monq to unwind


Customers Talk About How MONQ Helps Them Unwind

"My experience using SLEEPY, VIBRANT, HAPPY"

"I LOVE MONQ personally! It's GREAT! I use SLEEPY to unwind from work when I get off at 7 am from working a night shift. I use VIBRANT on my way to work, it gets me ready and helps me get more into work mode. When I feel stressed... OR I gotta take a breather I use HAPPY!" —Melissailenelopez Any 7 Blends

"Arrived very quickly! They"

"Arrived very quickly! They smell amazing !! Zen is great to unwind and de-stress" —Hayli D. Any 4 Blends


"I love my MONQ! Depending on which ones you use, it's a great way to unwind and relax or get energized and motivated. I highly recommend this product!" —Riley M. Any 4 Blends


"These are amazing! Vibrant gets me ready for a long day at work and zen helps me unwind after!" —Brittany M. Any 4 Blends

"I love it!"

"My first MONQ purchase was simple and easy, and I received it quicker than I expected. I truly enjoy Forest as my first purchase as it helps me unwind and relax after a busy and chaotic day. I have already made a group order for more and cannot wait to try all of them." —Crecia H. Forest

"A perfect way to take"

"A perfect way to take a moment for yourself to relax and unwind! It provides both oral and mental well-being satisfaction at the same time. Also great if you're trying to curb your appetite. I've been using "happy" and am looking forward to trying a few more variations. Happy monqing!" —Linda T. Happy

"Happy made me totally unwind."

"Happy made me totally unwind. It's that feeling that makes you go Ahhhh..." —Lauren W. Happy

"It actually works!"

"At first I was a little hesitant to purchase this but I am glad I did! It takes two inhales to really feel that my muscles are starting to unwind and relax. Great for after working out!" —Shelby N. Healthy

"Works really well. A few"

"Works really well. A few seconds after I breathe in I feel calm and relaxed. I have very tense shoulders and after a few seconds, they seem to relax and unwind a bit. Overall I like this product and excited to try the other blends (:" —Jaqueline R. Healthy

"Great blend"

"The blend was so relaxing. It was great for after a long day to unwind and relax." —Erin G. Mountain


"I like the mixture. It soothing and helps me unwind a bit." —RoseAnn M. Ocean

"Ocean is amazing!!!"

"I love the eucalyptus in Ocean! It is so refreshing and takes me to that happy place when I can't physically go to unwind and clear my mind..the ocean!! I love it! Iove them all!! My collection is now complete! Well, I just need the new Sleepy formulation." —Veronica G. Ocean

"Love it!!"

"I tried my friends MONQ and loved it so I needed my own! On my way home from work everyday I use it to unwind and it makes me relax! I highly recommend purchasing a MONQ!" —Faith S. Ocean


"really helps me unwind and relax, and very pleasing aroma. will definitely buy again" —Jacob D. Ocean

"I love it!"

"Helps me unwind after a long day!!! —Julie M. Sleepy


"I love these! "Active" may be my favorite one yet. As a night shift worker, I do also love "Sleepy" since it helps me unwind and get to sleep after a long night at work." —Christina G. Sleepy

"Love it!!"

"I will say the blends in this is not agreeing with my taste buds but everyone has a different taste you love. Now with that said I will say this definitely helps me relax and unwind before bed. It helps ready my mind for sleep. I usually have difficulties sleeping because my mind won't stop. But since using this sleep comes more naturally." —Jasmine N. Sleepy

"Very relaxing"

"Love the Sleepy blend, definitely helps me unwind from a long day and get ready for bed." —Susan L. Sleepy

"Great product"

"Really helps me unwind and start a good meditation." —Leasha C. Sleepy

"Really works"

"This is my fav without a doubt I go for my sleepy MONQ every night before bed. Really does help me shut off and unwind to be able to sleep" —Paula F. Sleepy

"Thank you MONQ!"

"I really love this product. It is nice to have a healthy way to unwind. They have great customer service and re-sent my whole order plus an extra when my first order came damaged. My favorite is Zen! Lovely :)" —Grace B. Vibrant


"A great way to unwind after a long day, or even if I have only a few minutes between all the things on my agenda. Works as advertised. Definitely purchasing again!" —Victoria P. Zen

"Zen's Oils"

"I absolutely love the fragrances that assemble this useful tool for my everyday needs to unwind. I will definitely buy more of the other blends as well as zen again. :)" —amayora1 Zen

"Zenned me out"

"I live a pretty stressful life, and the Zen Monq is a nice way to unwind after a hard day. I tried it not expecting much, but after just one puff, I felt completely calm and zenned out. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who lives a hard life and needs to relax." —Max A. Zen

"Just Fantastic!!"

"I recently purchased Zen, Happy, and Sexy and I am in love!! The drag is smooth and all of the blends that I have seem very pleasant. I can see how some of the blends may not be for everyone, but keep trying. I use Zen and Happy while at work to keep me calm and upbeat. I use Sexy at home to unwind before bed. They all improve my mood by calming and/or increasing positivity." —Joy W. Zen

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