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|customer reviews about cinnamon in healthy & pumpkin spice|


Customers Love the Cinnamon in MONQ's Pumpkin Spice


"As a girl who loves pumpkin spice, I knew I needed this, and so far it's my favorite! You can really taste the cinnamon and it puts me in a mood ready for Halloween! I'm definitely buying another one before it goes away!" —Allison J. Pumpkin Spice


"I got “love,” and honestly, it was amazing. The smell wasn't too strong or weak—it was perfect. (Tbh smelled like a little bit of cinnamon)" —Jazmin S. Love

"Awesome new MONQ Product"

"Great cinnamon smell, and can smell the nutmeg and allspice" —Laura H. Pumpkin Spice

"Fall in the Palm of My Hands!"

"I absolutely love my pumpkin spice diffuser because it tastes exactly like fall. With my diffuser, I feel as though I actually have fall in the palm of my hands, and it's such a smooth scent that just flows right out my nostrils. Another great thing that would really feel like fall is if there was apple cinnamon or an apple cider diffuser to pair with the pumpkin spice, then we would really have fall flowing." —Breannya J. Pumpkin Spice


"I absolutely love this blend, and this got me in the fall mood. I feel like with the cinnamon I was focused a lot more at work and school." —Janna P. Pumpkin Spice

"Pumpkin Spice"

"I actually enjoyed this particular blend since it truly has a cinnamon taste to it." —Armani G. Pumpkin Spice


"Pleasant cinnamon kick to it, a very nice orange color, even fun to be next to someone using it
Only complaint: the light doesn't match the color of the diffuser like a lot of other's do" —Hannah M. Pumpkin Spice

"Fav Zen and Sexy"

"I keep Zen in my purse for those moments throughout the day when I need a little help during the day. It has a warm freshness to it. Sexy reminds me of warm cinnamon. I simply enjoy the scent and use it before bed because it makes me feel good." —Tanya H. Zen and Sexy

"Warm Spice Scent"

"If you like chai tea or warm spicy scents like cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg you will like this. I would grab for this one any time of year." —Corey Pumpkin Spice

"Really good!"

"I'm not a big fan of pumpkin spice blend in general, but this blend was really nice. I love the cinnamon and nutmeg!" —Shayla L. Pumpkin Spice

Love this flavor. It's nice to sit back, relax, and absorb this autumn season." —Briana B. Pumpkin Spice R POD

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