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reviews about feeling joy while using monq


Customers Find Joy in Using MONQ

"I absolutely love them all!"

"I absolutely love them all! they bring me so much joy :)" —Lydia G. Any 7 Blends


"My wife and I truly love using them my wife's favorite is using Zen personally I really enjoy ocean they bring us to a very calming relaxing state of mind or weekend Joy this hectic life we all have during this busy season" —John I. Any 10 Blends

"Relaxing joy"

"Great smell, makes you feel more positive and ready for the day." —Caroline V. Happy

"Love it!"

"Happy has improved my mood on those days when I'm not feeling it! Brings light joy naturally and I love this product as well as the other blends!" —Azure F. Happy


"I really love the concept and packaging and the smell of happy is really pleasant I feel joy with it" —Melinda Schmitt Happy

"Amazing product!"

"I use this product one a day and I can really feel the warmth immediately, filled with happiness and joy!" —Rebecca L. Healthy


"Love them so much I've shared them with all my family." —Angie L. Healthy

"In love with Love!"

"I am a regular user of Monq, so obviously, I had to try the limited edition Love! It exceeded my expectations. Feelings of love and joy wash over me! Cannot wait to see what other limited edition blends come out in the future!" —Ashley A. Love

"I couldn't stop smiling!"

"I really like the sexy blend. It evokes joy in me when I use it and I naturally start smiling!" —Adrienne B. Sexy


"I'm obsessed with MONQ :joy: I love them. Active is my favorite! I just got zen and I'm loooving that one too!" —Cecilia R. Sleepy

"Loving it!"

"If this didn't already naturally make me feel "vibrant" by the aromatherapy mix, it does by the pure joy of using it. The sleek colorful tube that distinctly states which MONQ it is and what oils are in it is really nice for me, and when people ask what it is it's nice to be able to point directly to that." —Alicia P. Vibrant

"I LOVE Zen"

"I LOVE Zen. Its a little piece of joy in an otherwise crazy day." —Natasha M. Zen

"Pure joy"

"Love the way this works! Every inhale and exhale of the product calms me" —Tara G. Zen

"Zen Monq"

"Loved it til my boyfriend accidentally washed it lol Turns out it doesn't make it through a wash cycle :joy:" —Brynn G. Zen

"Such a joy to use!"

"Such a joy to use! This really helps me relax." —Kristin S. Zen


"I really enjoyed all of them, they each had a unique smell to them and all worked really nicely I do feel more awake and happy idk if it's just my head or it actually just works like that but I do feel better. I wish it wasn't so expensive so I could buy more but I really enjoyed the experience and my friends wanna buy them now :joy: so I mean it helped me and my friends and family so it was a win" —Aislin Any 7 Blends

"Happy Experience"

"I love the blends in this one. So sweet and satisfying. Smooth and invigorating. I feel settled and a hint of joy in my overall being!" —Michele P. Happy

"Great Product But"

"Love this, the light on the bottom is so lovely and very bright. The refills last surprisingly long and worth the price. But your friends will love this and breathe all of it so be careful :joy:" —Gisele J. Vibrant MONQ R

"Monq never ceases to fail me"

"Monq is a great product and if you have the opportunity to try any of their blends do so. Focus has a minty type refreshing smell it's not too strong or nor too weak it's just right" —Brianna W. FOCUS R POD

"One of my favs"

"I ordered a few pods but Vibrant is one of my favorites. I like the smell and burst of joy I feel when using. If you’re thinking of skipping Vibrant, don’t! It makes a huge difference for me daily." —Megan W. Vibrant R POD

"Beautiful product design and experience"

"As a first impression, Monq is a beautiful, well-crafted product. The design is sleek and clean. But the Monq goes well beyond pure design; the experience is relaxing and the oils smell delicious. I find joy and peace in using my Monq and can't wait to try them all!" —Nicole M. Active

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