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Reinvent Yourself-Small Changes with Big Results in Life

Allow me first to say, I am not suggesting you are broken and need to be fixed. No no no no. My purpose here is to remind us that all through life, there are opportunities to assess where we are, how we’re doing and make adjustments. Just as your employer might give you an annual review or you choose to sit down with your investment advisor to assess the state of your funds, I am suggesting that you owe it to yourself to take some time on a regular basis to check in with you.

You change, learn, grow and evolve every day. So, your life, your goals, your habits, and your activities should change accordingly but old habits can keep us stuck doing the same old things. Sometimes life deals us a surprise, like an ended relationship or a career detour. When life gets shaken up, it’s a particularly good time to sit down with yourself and assess your state of affairs .

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Reinventing yourself doesn’t mean throwing your life out the window and beginning again. It doesn’t have to mean dramatic changes. You can reinvent yourself in small ways… in fact, it is easiest to make changes in small ways. Small changes are more manageable and build confidence and insight as to how fun change can be. You can reinvent yourself with your partner and your kids. Maybe your family needs to re-assess its joy, goals, and role in the world. You may have always thought the kids should go to Disneyland but maybe they’d rather go on an archeological dig or be involved in some service project?

The point is, take a look at life and make some adjustments. We live in a rapidly changing, chaotic world but changes also bring new opportunities and ideas. Stop, ponder and dream.

Some questions to consider:

Am I (we) happy?

Are there changes in my life that I’ve meant to address but haven’t yet?

Have I allowed some dreams and passions to get tucked away?

This list could go on… my role is just to get you started. Write down ideas and thoughts. The grand plan will come later.

Steps in the Reinvention Process:

1- First remember that you are responsible at this point in your life. Not mom, dad, childhood experiences, your ex… all those things have a bearing on who you are but you are responsible at this point for deciding what changes you wish to explore

2- Consider why you want to change? Just keep it simple… be a reporter. I want to change to improve well-being, increase joy, find time for my passions.

3- What would I have to let go of to make these changes? Listing ideas doesn’t mean you HAVE to let go… just considering the concepts at this point.

4- Imagine if you accomplish these changes you’re considering- how will that affect your life next year, in 5 years?

5- Make a plan 1

woman writing a list

Ideas to Help You Succeed in Your Reinvention

- Start small. You may want to improve fitness so take a walk. Signing up for the marathon might come much later.

- Write down your plan. Include in your writing the small steps and the grand goal. Write down the whys and hows. Write down encouraging words to help yourself along the way.

- Share your plan. Chat with someone close to you about your ideas for change. They might offer encouragement or join you. Sharing with your family gives them a heads up so they’re not wondering, “What’s up with mom?” Those we love can support us if they understand what our goals are.

- Encourage yourself regularly. Start the day by rereading your written plan. Consider posting your goals or encouraging words on the refrigerator or near your desk. You are changing habits so you have to help yourself remember these new goals.

Be kind to yourself. Not every day will go well. You won’t reinvent yourself in a day. You might have to revamp your plan along the way. All those things are good. Just reading this article is a great beginning of you becoming aware of dreams that are important to you. You can do this. Have fun!

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